Đề Thi Tiếng Anh Lớp 11 - Lê hồng Phong - Ban D

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CODE 112

Pick out the word whose stress pattern is different
1. A. retreat                   B. contest
C. object                       D. decline
2. A. familiar                  B. sensitive
C. attractive                   D. athletic
3. A. repentance            B. ancestor
C. previous                    D. festival
4. A. opportunity            B. remedial
C. interpersonal             D. volunteer
5. A. sympathetic           B. indifferent
C. comparative              D. conservative

Identify the mistake in each of the following sentences:
6. I am going to my room to bring my glasses; I’ll be back in a minute.
A. am going                   B. bring
C. glasses                      D. in a
7. I regret telling everybody the truth which makes them more worrying.
A. telling                        B. the
C. which                        D. worrying
8. Working late into the night too frequently, your health is harmed.
A. Working                    B. into
C. too                            D. harmed
9. The man whom the police questioned denied to have come to the bank that night.
A. whom                       B. questioned
C. to have come             D. that night
10. I know you are a heavy smoker, but you have to refrain off smoking in the meeting room.
A. I know                      B. heavy
C. but                            D. off

Choose the best answer to fill in each blank:
Healthy eating is undoubtedly the key (I)______ general well-being. Our bodies are made up of what we eat, so our fitness and vitality cannot possibly escape the effects of bad diet. Sweets, chocolate and cake are fine (II)_______, but trouble arises when people just can’t leave them alone, greedily (III)_______  every possibly sticky item that comes their way. Treatment is available for serious problem but avoidance is normally better than cure. (IV)_______ a careful choice when it comes to desserts, and have a good selection of fruit to round off a meal. A reduction in your sugar intake may well (V)_______ at first but you’ll feel better for it.
11.  (I)
A. by                             B. for
C. to                             D. in
12.  (II)
A. on average                B. little by little
C. in moderation            D. at least
13.  (III)
A. eat                            B. having eaten
C. to eat                        D. eating
14.  (IV)
A. Take                         B. Do
C. Make                                    D. Give
15. (V)
A. damage                     B. spoil
C. hit                             D. hurt

Choose the best word or phrase to complete the following sentences:
16. She is ________ for voting; she is just 16.
A. inedible                     B. incredible
C. ineligible                    D. indelible
17. The last contestant was _________ for his rowdy behavior.
A. unqualified                 B. disqualified
C. not qualified               D. disqualifying
18. You can never _______ the time you have lost.
A. make up for               B. do up to
C. get on with                D. bring forward
19. Healthy food is now increasing __________.
A. on average                B. on amount
C. in importance D. in popularity
20. Beauty contests for teenagers are _________. Many detest them, while others support them.
A. disagreeable              B. controversial
C. degrading                  D. indifferent
21. _________ interests have brought the members of my team together.
A. Sharing                     B. Common
C. Normal                      D. Popular
22. Bad events are avoided at New Year so that life will not be __________ by bad luck.
A. haunted                     B. brought
C. celebrated                 D. deemed
23. There are more golf ______ in the South than in the North.
A. pitches                      B. courses
C. courts                       D. grounds
24. Water _____of hydrogen and oxygen.
A. is composed              B. contains
C. is consisted                D. comprises
25. There was a long ________ in the conversation, and then suddenly everybody burst out laughing.
A. interruption                B. pause
C. stop                          D. cease
26. _________ the deposit, the man complained why he could not get the order.
A. He paid                     B. Having paid
C. Paying                       D. Being paid
27. Don’t worry about the lunch. I’ll ______ it.
A. go through                 B. see to
C. work into                   D. look into
28. __________ at the audience, the speaker raised the first question.
A. Having looked            B. Looked
C. Being looked              D. Looking
29. The yellow socks won’t ______ your sweater and anyway yellow won’t ______ you.
A. match – suit               B. fit – suit
C. match – fit                 D. suit – match
30. The Jewish Rosh Hashanah is a _________ holiday for fasting.
A. mental                      B. ornamental
C. solemn                      D. silent
31. Late arrivals for theatres are not allowed to come in until the ______.
A. break                        B. pause
C. half-time                   D. interval
32. They ________ our attention to the stage by ringing the bells.
A. made                        B. paid
C. took                          D. drew
33. The new policy has _______ the development of small businesses.
A. edged its way in
B. put down its name for
C. given way to
D. made room for
34. The yoghurt must have _______ by now. You should not eat it.
A. gone off                    B. come out
C. put off                       D. brought about
35. People going to work tend to think they are ______ while employers always think their employees are ________.
A. undercharged – overdone
B. overpaid – underpaid
C. underpaid – overpaid
D. overdone – undercharged

Read the following passage and choose the correct answers:
At midnight of 31st December throughout Great Britain people celebrate the coming of the New Year, by holding hands in a large circle and singing For Auld Lang Syne. ‘For auld lang syne’ means ‘in memory of past time’ and the words were written by Scotland’s most famous poet, Robert Burns. He wrote much of his poetry in the Scots dialect.
New Year’s Eve is a more important festival in Scotland than it is in England, and it even has a special name. It is not clear where the word ‘hogmanay’ comes from, but it is connected with the provision of food and drink for all visitors to your home on 31st December. In addition, many people believe that you will have good luck for the coming year if the first person to enter your house after midnight is a ‘tall dark stranger’. It is also thought lucky if this person brings a piece of coal and some white bread. Most Scots take part in a dance on New Year’s Eve until the early hours of the morning.

36. What is wrong about the New Year’s Eve in Scotland and England?
A. A piece of coal and white bread means luck
B. Food and drink is provided for all visitors
C. People dance until early in the morning
D. People hold hands in a queue and sing
37. New Year’s Eve is
A. important in neither Scotland nor England
B. as important in both England and Scotland
C. more important in England than in Scotland
D. more important in Scotland than in England
38. Who do Scottish people expect after midnight on December 31st?
A. A tall dark stranger
B. Some people bringing white coal
C. Many people to come to dance
D. Robert Burns
39. What is ‘hogmanay’?
A. good luck
B. food and drink
C. New Year’s Eve
D. in memory of past time
40.  ‘For Auld Lang Syne’ 
A. means ‘in memory of past time’
B. was originally written in English
C. was about Robert Burns
D. was sung by a famous singer

MÃ ĐỀ 112

1.      B
2.      B
3.      A
4.      B
5.      A
6.      B
7.      D
8.      A
9.      C
10. D
11. C
12. C
13. D
14. C
15. D
16. C
17. B
18. A
19. D
20. B
21. B
22. A
23. B
24. A
25. B
26. B
27. B
28. D
29. A
30. C
31. D
32. D
33. C
34. A
35. C
36. D
37. D
38. A
39. C
40. A

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