Joy Reid brought on a “body language expert” to accuse Bernie of lying because his physical posture resembles that of a turtle

The guest on Reid's show "AM Joy" was Janine Driver, who promotes herself as an "international communications expert" and the owner and president of the Body Language Institute. The segment sparked howls of criticism aimed at Driver, Reid, and the network.
"So now the slant is that he's physically intimidating too, oh and sexist," said writer and activist Malaika Jabali. "Totally cool, normal interpretation of someone being spontaneously confronted on national TV. It's getting outrageous."
While both the Warren and Sanders camp have appeared desirous to put the dust-up about what was or wasn't said during a private 2018 meeting behind them, Day—who openly supports Sanders as the better and more progressive candidate—was among those unwilling to disarm so long as the corporate media outlets continue to air such blatant and irrresponsible attacks to their massive audiences.
"I know there's a big push to move on but if the mainstream media is gonna broadcast this fraudulent garbage," said Day, "then I don't feel particularly compelled to drop it."
She was hardly alone.
"MSNBC is a fucking disgrace," said journalist Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept. Greenwald said the use of "bullshit charlatan body language analysis" to call Sanders a liar was "appalling but typical" of the network.

“He turtles!” LOL! What a dope. But don’t worry there are plenty of dopes on the other side too!

And Vaccines!

There are accusations of anti-semitism:

And just general absurdity:
Yes, feel the hatred course through your veins..

They’re so angry, they’re actually figuring out the media is biased!

Welcome to the party! We have booze, but no paper straws, sorry…

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