Graham calls for swift end to impeachment trial - “If we call one witness, we’re going to call all the witnesses,”

The Senate trial is set to begin Tuesday. Graham had previously floated the idea that the GOP majority could immediately vote to dismiss the case before hearing any arguments, but now he states that this does not appear to be a possibility given the lack of sufficient Republican support for such action.

“Yeah that’s dead for practical purposes,” Graham told “Fox News Sunday,” explaining, “the idea of dismissing the case early on is not going to happen; we don’t have the votes for that.”
Graham remains confident that Republicans are still united enough to acquit Trump at the conclusion of the trial. How long the trial goes is still up in the air. Graham would neither confirm nor deny reports that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell plans on keeping the Senate in session for 12 hours a day so that House Democrats would be done presenting their arguments Wednesday.
Well this is interesting. There is a report that Mitch McConnell has arranged for a kill switch so that he can dismiss the impeachment trial if it becomes a “circus.” And guess who gets to define what a “circus” is? Cocaine Mitch. From the Daily Wire:
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has reportedly created a “kill switch” for President Donald Trump’s upcoming Senate impeachment trial that would allow for the president’s legal team to either seek an immediate verdict or a dismissal of the case if the trial descends into a circus spectacle.
“I am familiar with the resolution as it stood a day or two ago,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) told Axios. “My understanding is that the resolution will give the president’s team the option to either move to judgment or to move to dismiss at a meaningful time…”
“Hawley added that in the most recent draft of the organizing resolution he saw there was an option for the president’s counsel to make a motion in multiple places, including at the beginning of the proceedings,” Axios reported. “Hawley added that if the final resolution does not allow Trump’s lawyers the option to dismiss or move to judgment at a ‘meaningful point’ in the trial, he would be ‘very, very surprised,’ and might not vote for the organizing resolution.”
Wow. I could see this almost being a bluff just to pressure Dems into staying in line. On the other hand, McConnell is known as a master of legislative procedure, and Dems failed in their attempt to control the terms of the trial. On the other other hand, I could also see this being politically difficult for Republicans to use unless they show conclusively that the Dems are acting inappropriately…

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