You're UNBELIEVABLE outrage at Vince Vaughn for talking to Trump

The video was uploaded by a former Deadspin employee, Timothy Burke, who captioned it, "I'm very sorry to have to share this video with you. All of it, every part of it."

The social media reaction was swift and called for him to be "canceled." It is not the first time a celebrity faced social-media odium for their decision to interact with a Republican politician. Ellen DeGeneres faced backlash when video emerged of her sitting with ex-President George W. Bush during a Cowboys game.  
"Jan 13, 2020: the day Vince Vaughn has been canceled," one user said, while another wrote, "Ladies & Gentlemen, I regret to inform you Vince Vaughn is CANCELLED."
The national championship is about to commence and they sure do love them some President Trump and first lady Melania Trump.

That’s sure to trigger more than a few liberals.



Ah. Well anyway, ya’ll have an open thread about the national championship game. Are you an LSUzer or a Clemson or Clemdaughter? I have no idea what either of these teams are, sorry.
A very short statured LSU fan sent me this however:

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