President Trump’s lawyers accused Adam Schiff of lying to the American people

Trump lawyers Pat Cipollone and Jay Sekulow repeatedly ripped into Democrats, especially Schiff, on the first day of arguments in the Senate impeachment trial, as the House Intelligence Committee chairman -- who is serving as the top Democratic impeachment manager -- sat up straight in his chair and didn’t take his eyes off his accusers.
The lawyers invoked Schiff’s name over and over again, accusing him of hiding documents, conducting an unfair impeachment inquiry and fabricating the text of the July 25 phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine.
Just as Schiff sat down from making a lengthy opening case for new witnesses and documents, Sekulow took over and with a booming voice accused Schiff of telling falsehoods and “put[ting] words into transcripts that did not exist.”
Schiff kept his eyes wide open and glued on Sekulow, possibly aghast that Trump’s lawyers were putting him on trial.
“Mischaracterized” is just a diplomatic way of saying Schiff lied about the identity of “Mr. Z“, which he clearly knew because he would have had the unredacted text messages.
I’d say I’m shocked about the whole thing, but Schiff has a long history of lying. His most notable recent lies are that he lied about meeting with the whistleblower and he lied about Trump’s phone call in one of his hearings. Now he’s lying again with these Parnas text messages. Let’s not forget the lies he told during the Mueller investigation where he claimed that there were no problems with the FISA applications.
What a lying putz.

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