Impeachment manager Rep Hakeem Jeffries reacts on FOX News Sunday: "We don't dislike this president...but we do love America."

McConnell and other Republicans used the precedent set by the Clinton impeachment in arguing against Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when they pushed for approving additional witnesses before the trial started. In the Clinton case, the subject of witnesses was discussed after both sides presented arguments, but Jeffries noted that this resulted in key witnesses being called.

“There were three additional witnesses, including Monica Lewinsky -- who was at the center of the impeachment in 1998 -- who did not testify before the House proceedings but was called to be present as it relates to what took place in the Senate," Jeffries recalled on "Fox News Sunday."
"If Senator McConnell is saying that we’re going to follow the Clinton model, then let’s just follow the Clinton model.”
Jeffries down’t really answer. I have to say I’ve never been impressed with this guy because he always offers canned responses to questions and doesn’t really seem to offer any original thought of his own. And this was no different. He just rambled on and on about the reasons for the impeachment and mostly ignored the substance of Wallace’s question.
But even other Democrats cringed when they saw how happy those politicians were to impeach Trump. And that is not gonna help their cause…

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