Kellyanne Conway calling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment case “rushed, specious, and historically thin.”

She also pointed out that while the Democrats lost their opportunity to summon former National Security Advisor John Bolton during the impeachment proceedings, Pelosi’s hand-picked impeachment managers are trying to make up for lack of evidence by trying to call Bolton to testify before the Senate.
“They failed to make a case [in the House] and now they want the Senate to play cleanup,” Conway said.
Conway’s comments came after Trump on Monday blasted congressional Democrats for “zero fairness” in their bid to impeach him just one day before the Senate trial officially begins.
She responded “Very little, though the president may exert executive privilege.”
When she was asked if ‘executive privilege’ was the strategy if Bolton testifies, Conway just said she’d let the lawyers file their brief today.
She went on to suggest that the House should have called Bolton to testify if Democrats were so anxious to hear from him. Rather, she says, they put forward a very rushed, specious, and historically thin case of impeachment against Trump.
Trump would agree with this, as he just tweeted about the hypocrisy of wanting Bolton to testify now:
Well they were in a rush until they weren’t, as we saw with Pelosi holding the impeachment articles for almost a month. If Trump really feels that the calls for Bolton to testify is a travesty, he may very well invoke executive privilege. I guess we’ll find out when we cross that bridge.
Trump also went after ‘Cryin’ Chuck Schumer’ for demanding fairness when he never said a world about the House refusing to give Trump the fairness he deserved in their process:

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