Anh Văn Lớp 11 - HKII - Nguyễn Thượng Hiền


ÑEÀ THI HOÏC KYØ II  (2010 – 2011)
ANH VĂÊN KHOÁI 11           MAÕ ÑEÀ 468
        Thôøi gian: 60 phuùt

 Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of other words:
1. a. scatter                            b. nature                     c. danger                                d. race
2. a. practiced                       b. indulged                c. stamped                             d. accomplished
3. a. athlete                            b. appreciate             c. wrestling                            d. freestyle
Choose the best answer among A , B , C   or D that best completes each sentence .
4. What exactly is the influence of air pollution ______________ human beings?
a. to                                         b. with                             c. for                              d. on
5. Which one would you choose, the pink dress or the white dress? – “ ______”. They’re terrible.
a. Neither                               b. Both                            c. Either                        d. Not only
6. It is ____________ we will have a long holiday.
a. May when                          b. in May that                 c. May in that               d. May in when
7. The school has been given 40 computers, ______________ are brand new.
a. half of that                          b. those of half              c. half of which            d. which of half
8. ____________ the police had rescued from the fire.
a. It is the baby who             b. The baby that            c. The baby whom      d. It was the baby that
9. It is a new school that _________ in our village next week.
a. is going to be built                        b. was built                c. is built                     d. is going to build
10. My wife had never been to Hue,and _____________I
a. never have                                    b. neither have          c. neither had                        d. neither did
11. The film____________by the time we get there.
a. will have ended                   b. will end               c. ends                          d. is ending
12. The Massachusetts State House, ____________ in 1978, was the most distinguished building in the United States at that time.
a. completing                        b. which completed           c. to complete          d. which was completed
13. They are all at work doing some research _______________ alternative sources of energy.
a. on                                       b. for                               c. in                               d. with
14. My father never indulges ____________ smoking and drinking at home.
a. with                                     b. in                                 c. on                              d. to
15. The health of our children is being _____________ by exhaust fumes.
a. danger                               b. endanger                   c. endangered             d. dangerous
16.The first nuclear reactor in Japan releases __________ which is dangerous to the environment.
a. heat                                    b. energy                        c. carbon dioxide        d. radiation
17. __________ is the way of life, especially of the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time.
a. Culture                               b. Friendship                 c. Solidarity                 d. Event
18. She is a very accomplished pianist.
a. admired                             b. skilled                        c. beautiful                   d. interesting
19. All fossil fuels are ______________ resources that can’t be replaced after use.
a. renewable                         b. unlimited                    c. non-renewable       d. available
20. My brother doesn’t like cycling, and my sister doesn’t _____________.
a. neither                                b. too                              c. so                              d. either
1. Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from the others.
a. decision                       b. recreation                 c. important                      d. improvement
2.   Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.
a. appliance                    b. biology                      c. dictionary                     d. blind
3.   Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.
a. liked                             b. played                       c. called                           d. admired
Multiple choice
4. I can’t remember the name of the hotel ______.
a. that we stayed at         b. where we stayed    c. at which we stayed    d. All are correct
5.   ______ is the part of the world in which plants and animals can live.
a. Biosphere                   b. Biomass                    c. Biotech                         d. Biodiversity
6. Arizona, ______ to be a useless desert, is today a rapidly growing industrial and agricultural state.
a. being once thought    b. once thought            c. to be once thought     d. once thinking
7. ______ the schedule, the boxing event lasts 2 days.
a. From                             b. According to             c. In                                   d. On
8. Those toys are dangerous ______ the children. Are you ______ me?
a. to / on                            b. towards / against    c. for / with                       d. with / beside
9. My mother gave me this camera on my 18th birthday.
      a. It was this camera that was given to me on my 18th birthday.
      b. It was on my 18th birthday that I gave this camera to my mother.                    
      c. It was me that gave this camera to my mother on my 18th birthday.                
      d. It was my mother that was given this camera on my 18th birthday.
10. ______ oxygen, people would be incapable ______ breathing.
a. With / for                      b. Inside / with              c. In / to                             d. Without / of
 11. The fire spread through the hotel quickly, but everyone ______  get out.
a. had to                                 b. would                        c. could                            d. was able to
12.  _ Is that Bob’s brother standing with him in the cafeteria line?
_ It ______ be, I suppose. It does look a little like him.
a. mustn’t                          b. could                         c. will                                d. is able to
13. Excuse me! Could I have my EMS ______ in the shortest possible time.
      a. delivered                     b. delivering                 c. to deliver                      d. deliver
14. ______ are in the kitchen now.
a. Both Tom and Mary                                          b. Not only Tom but also Mary
c. Either Tom or Mary                                           d. Neither Tom nor Mary
15. Mount Everest is known ______ the highest mountain ______ the world.
a. as / in                           b. to / of                         c. for / around                  d. by / over
16.  ______ now very happy with the results.
a. Not only Tom but also his parents are                 b. Both Tom and his parents has been
c. Either his parents or Tom are                                d. Not only his parents but also Tom are
17. It was David who ______.
a. were sent abroad              b. sent abroad             c. was sent abroad         d. could send abroad
18. That artist doesn’t ______ in oil. There’s no painting of that kind in his latest ______.
a. draw / display                b. work / collection    c. paint / exhibition                     d. use / works
19.  –“Is it all right if I use your bike?” –“ ______.”
a. Please accept it with my best wishes            b. Sure, go ahead
c. Sorry, no, I won’t do it                                       d. I don’t want to use your bike
20.  Hours of practice each day ______ him skillful.
a. have made            b. is made      c. are made   d. has made.
II. READING COMPREHENSION: Read the text carefully and fill in each blank space with one appropriate word from the box.
discover                        that                                           whose                                             take                
death                             application                              estimated                                         medical
Today, many drugs influence in only sixty percent of the people who (21) ______________ them. Worse, it is (22) ____________ that adverse drug reactions kill 100,000 patients per year, making them the fifth leading cause of (23) _____________ in America. So, when you have got a disease, you should go to see a doctor and have a  (24) ____________ test. You had better take the medicines as the prescriptions instruct you. You also should check or even double check the drugs (25) _____________ a pharmacist dispenses.

III. Read the following passage and choose the best option for each blank
Scientists around the world have been studying the warming of waters in the Pacific Ocean known as El Nino. The appearance of El Nino is known to affect the weather around the world. Scientists still do not completely understand it. Yet they now find they can use it to tell about the future in different areas of the world.
  One example is the work of two scientists at Columbia University in New York. Mark Cane and Gordon Eshel. A scientist of Zimbabwe, Roger Buckland worked with them. They have found that when El Nino appears, Zimbabwe has little or no rain. This means corn crops in Zimbabwe are poor. The last El Nino was in 1991 to 1993. That was when southeastern Africa suffered a serious lack of rain.
   The scientists wrote about their recent work in the publication Nature. Their computer program can tell when an El Nino will develop up to a year before it does. They suggest that this could provide an effective early warming system for southern Africa, and could prevent many people from starving.

26.What does the word “this” in the line 10 mean?
a .Their computer program         b. The scientists                  c. An El Nino       d. Nature
27. Scientists study El Nino in order that they can _______________________.
a. tell why Zimbabwe has little or no rain.
b. provide a kind of  early warning to the place that will suffer from drought.
c. do some research work in this field.
d. put all this information into their computer.
28. Which of the following is NOT true according to the article?
a. The computer is used in this research work.
b. Scientists know when an El Nino appears by means of a computer program.
c. Nature is the name of the article written recently by the scientists.
d. The scientists published their results of the research work.
29. Choose the best title for this article.
a. Weather in Africa.                                                    b. Drought in Zimbabwe
c. Early Warning System.                                            d. Appearance of El Nino Predictable
30. El Nino is known as __________________.
a. the warming of the waters in the Pacific Ocean.
b. the changing of the weather in the southern Africa.
c. the weather which brings drought to Africa.
d. the weather phenomenon that brings heavy rains to Africa.
IV. Rewrite the following sentences.
31. The library doesn’t have the books I need. The bookstore doesn’t have the book I need.
-> Neither ______________________________________________________________
32. We went to the Rex hotel restaurant. I once had lunch with my husband there.
-> We went to ____________________________________________________________
33.The president makes the important decisions.( Using cleft sentence with the underlined phrase).
-> It _____________________________________________________________
34. The bed has no mattress. I sleep on this bed.
-> The bed on _____________________________________________________________
35. The last student that leaves the room must turn off the lights.( Reduce relative clause)
-> The last student __________________________________________________________
36.The neighbors who are living in the house next  door are both college professors.
-> The neighbors ___________________________________. (reduce relative clause)
V. Make sentences based on the given words.
37. It / Peter / punish / by/  the teacher / last Monday.
38. Both / Tom / Ann / be  / late / school /yesterday.
39. It / Nha Trang /we /would like / spend /our summer holiday.
40.  People / interested /  not only / watch / take part / sports.
LISTENING  Hoïc sinh nghe 3 laàn vaø laøm baøi ôû khoaûng nghæ giöõa caùc laàn nghe treân phieáu traû lôøi.

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