Thi Thử Đại Học môn tiếng anh



    ĐÈ THI THỬ ĐẠI HOC NĂM HỌC 2009-2010

                      MÔN : TIẾNG ANH

                      Khối :  D

 Thời gian làm bài:     90 Phút (Không kể thời gian phát đề)


                                                                                     MÃ đề : 119


Choose the word whose underlined part has a different pronunciation from the others in each group :

1.A. sacrifice                         B. applicant                C.April              

2.A. primary                         B.confide                    C.decisive                  D.subsidy

3.A. enterprise                        B.intervene                            C.reject                                   D.domestic

4. A.tomb                              B.solemn                      C.horror                    D.popular

5.A.hatred                             B.sacred                      C.wicked                   D.beloved

 Choose the word whose stressed syllable is different from the others in each group :

6.A. infrequent                      B.scenario                  C.insecure                  D.inaccurate

7.A. extended                         B.precede                   C.compliment D.congratulate

8.A.appreciate                       B.respectful                C.informality             D.maintain

9. A.oblige                              B.precede                   C.confident                D.determine

10.A.temperature                  B.agriculture             C.vulnerable              D.contaminate

 Which underlined part needs to be corrected :

11.That product that you bought  (A) at the lower price is the more inferior (B) to the one  (C) that we sell at a slightly (D) higher price.

12.She intends to move  (A) that the committee suspends  (B) discussion  (C) on  (D)this issue.

13.The teachers and the administrators are having such difficult  (A) time agreeing  (B) on a contract  for the forthcoming year  (C) that the teachers may go on strike. (D)

14.Even though(A)she looks(B)very young ,she is twice older than(C)my twenty-year-old (D)  sister.

15.That novel is definitely  (A) a dense-packed  (B) narrative ,but one which requires (C) a vast knowledge of cultral background or an  (D) excellent encyclopedia.

 Choose the correct answer to each of the following questions :

16.She …..about the time, her friend was also late.

A.needn't worry        B.didn't need to worry      C.needn't have worried        D. needn't worrying

17. One -third of the students in the class ........from Japan .

A. comes                                 B. has come                C. come                      D. is coming

18.I always spend .......... my monthly pocket money on books . -second               half                  C.half of                    D. A & B are correct  

19."  I am very much obliged to you for helping my family." -  "……………………."

A.My plearure.                      B.That all right.        C. You welcome        D.B& C are correct.

20.  " Would you mind turning your stereo down ? "

        " ……………….."

A . I 'm really sorry ! I 'm not paying attention .               B . Oh , I 'm sorry ! I didn't realize that .

C . No , I don't .                                                                     D . Yes , I do

21.Bricks baked in a kiln are much harder ………that are dried in the sun.

A.those                                   B.than those               C.than do those         D.ones

22.Whatever happens,your father and I will always …

A.stand over                          B.stand by                  C.stand in for            D.stand for

23.John is ………a magic trick .                                  B.doing                       C.making                   D.going

24.I can't recall ………that old film,but maybe I did many years ago.

A.having been seen      have seen   see                       D.having seen

25.People all over the world are starving ……… more numbers               B.greater in numbers greater numbers      D. more numerously

26.At the end of the winter ,the price of winter clothes in the shop ………..

A.reduces                               B.lowers                     C.sinks                        D.drops

27……the information of the universe began with an enormous explosion called the Big Bang .

A.Believed that                      B.That is believed      C.It is believed           D.What is believed

28." Shall I collect the tickets for you ?"       "…………"

A.Yes ,I think you will.         B.Yes, I'd love to      C.That is helpful.      D.That would be a great help.

29.She wondered ………….her father looked like after so many  years away.                                     B.what                        C.whether                  D.that

30. A ban was given……… all trade in ivory in 1989.

 A.with                                    B. on                           C.for                           D.from

31.Joe,remember that I'm ………… to see that there's no trouble at the party on Sunday.

A.depending on                     B.believing in              C.waiting for             D.relying on

32.Some ………….back workers were working hard in the sunshine.

A.naked                                 B.empty                       C.vacant                    D.bare

33. Before eating,………thoroughly with soap and clean water.

A. you should wash your hands                               B.your hands should be washed

C. you need washing your hands                             D. your hands need washed

34.Not until …….himself seriously ill.

A.he had completed the task did he find.                B.had he completed the task did he find.              

C.had he completed the task  he found.                  D. did he completed the task  he had found.

35.On the table ………

A.did a newspaper lie           B.a newspaper lay     C.lay a newspaper    D.lays a newspaper

36…..there was nowhere to eat.

A.The restaurant having closed                               B.With the restaurant having closed

C. A&B are correct                                                   D. A&B are incorrect

37.The difference between the figures was ……. be insignificant.

A.too negligible to         negligible to        C.enough negligible to negligible as to

38….. did he play in your life ?

A.How a significant role       B.How significant      C.How significant a role  D.What significant role

39.As the drug took ………the patient became quieter.

A.force                                   B.effect                       C.action                      D.influence

40.His father prefers ………

A.that he attends a different university                  B.that he attend a different university

C.he attends a different university                          D.he attend a different university   

Choose the item among A,B,C or D that best answer the questions about the passage :

    Although they are an expensive supplier of vitamins, minerals, and high – quality protein, eggs also contain a high level of blood cholesterol, one of the major causes of heart disease. One egg yolk, in fact, contains a little more than two-thirds of the suggested daily cholesterol limit. This knowledge has caused egg sales to plummet in recent years which in turn has brought about the development of several alternatives to eating regular eggs. One alternative is to eat substitute eggs. These egg substitutes are not really eggs, but they look somewhat like eggs when they are cooked. They have the advantage of having lower cholesterol rates, and they can be scrambled or used in baking. One disadvantage, however, is that they are not good for frying, poaching or boiling. A second alternative to regular eggs is a new type of eggs, sometimes called "designer" eggs. These eggs are produced by hens that have low fat diets consisting of ingredients such as canola oil, flaw, and ice bran. In spite of their diets, however, these hens produce eggs that contain the same amount of cholesterol as regular eggs. Yet, the producers of these eggs claim that eating their eggs will not raise the blood cholesterol in humans.

            Egg producers claim that their product has been portrayed unfairly. They cite scientific studies to back up their claim. And, in fact, studies on the relationships between eggs and human cholesterol levels have brought mixed results. It may be that it is not the type of eggs that is the main determinant of cholesterol but the person who is eating the eggs. Some people may be more sensitive to cholesterol derived from food than other people. In fact, there is evidence that certain dietary fats stimulate the body's production of blood cholesterol .Consequently, while it still makes sense to limit one's intake of eggs, even designer eggs;it seems that doing this without regulating dietary fat   will probably not help reduce the blood cholesterol level .

41. What is the main purpose of this passage? inform people about the relation between eggs and cholesterol . convince people to eat "designer" eggs and egg substitutes .

C. to persuade people that eggs are unhealthy and should not be eaten .

D. to introduce the idea that dietary fat increases the blood cholesterol  level .

42. According to the passage, what has been the cause of changes in the sale of eggs is…….

A.dietary changes in hens .                                B. decreased production.

C.concerns about cholesterol.                            D. increased production.

43. Which of the following is a cause of heart disease according to the passage?

A. minerals                 B. cholesterol                   C. vitamins                       D.canola oil

44. As used in line 8, which of the following could be best replaced the word "somewhat"

A.indefinitely             B. in fact                           C. a little                           D. a lot

45. According to the passage, one egg yolk contains approximately what fraction of suggested daily limit for human consumption of cholesterol?

 A. 1/3                         B.1/2                                 C.2/3                                 D.3/4

46. The word " portrayed" in line 19 could bets be replaced by which of the following ?

A. described               B. studied                         C.destroyed                      D. tested

47. As used in line 20, what is the meaning of the phrase "back up" ?

A. reverse                   B. advance                       C. support                        D. block

48. What does the author mean by the phrase "mixed results" in line 22?

A. the results are blended                                     B.the results are inconclusive

C. the results are a composite of things               D. the results are mingled together

49. According to the passage, egg substitutes can not be used to make any the following types of eggs EXCEPT…..

A. scrambled              B.fried                                           C.poached                       D. boiled

50.According to the author,which of the following may reduce blood cholesterol ?

A.reducing egg intake but not fat intake.           B.increasing egg intake but not fat intake.

C.increasing egg intake and fat intake.               D.decreasing egg intake and fat intake.

Read the passage and choose the the option that best fits each space :

            Attention Deficiency Disroder (A.D.D) is a neurobiological problem that affect 3-5 % of all children ……(51).include inattentiveness and having difficulty getting organized ,as well as easily becoming ………..(52).Sometimes  ,A.D.D is accompanied by hyperactivity.In these cases ,the sufferer exhibits ………(53) physical activity.

             Psychostimulant drugs can be ……(54)to A.D.D sufferers to assist them with the completion of desired thought processes ,although they might cause ………(55).Current theory states that medication is the only ……….(56) action that has a sound scientific basis.This action should only be taken after an accurate diagnosis is made.

              Children with A.D.D do not ………..(57) have trouble learning ;their problem is that they involuntarily ……….(58) their attention elsewhere.It is not only children that are ……….(59) by this condition.Failure to treat A.D.D can lead to lifelong emotional and behavioural problems.Early diagnosis and treament ,however ,are the key to successfully overcoming learning difficulties …………(60) with A.D.D.

51.ASymtoms             B.Signs                       C.Signals                    D.Sights

52.A.dim                     B.distracted                C.divulged                  D.unattended

53A..exaggerated       B.over                         C.excessive       

54.A.given                  B.handed                    C.drunk                     D.taken

55.A.disadvantages   B.damage                   C.side-effects             D.pain

56.A.remedial            B.medical                               D.cure

57.A.eternally            B.absolutely               C.always                     D.necessarily

58.A.switch                B.move                       C.bring                       D.carry

59A.worsened            B.spoiled                     C.caused                     D.affected

60.A.associated          B.combined                C.supplied                  D.made


 Read the following passage and choose the best options

                    Sea otters dwell in the North Pacific. They are the largest of the mustelids, a group of which also includes freshwater otters, weasels, and badgers. They are from four to five feet long, and most weigh from 60 to 85 pounds. Large males may weigh 100 pounds or more.

            Unlike most marine mammals, such as seals or dolphins, sea otters lack a layer of blubber, and therefore have to eat up to 30% of their body weight a day in clams, crabs, fish, octopus, squids, and other delicacies to maintain body heat. Their voracious appetites do not create food shortages, though, because they are picky eaters, each animal preferring only a few food types. Thus no single type of food source is exhausted. Sea otters play an important environmental role by protecting forests of seaweed called kelp, which provide shelters and nutrients for  many species. Certain sea otters feast on invertebrates like sea urchins and abalones that destroy kelp.

            Sea otters eat and sleep while floating on their backs, often on masses of kelp. They seldom come on shore. Sea otters keep warm by means of their luxuriant double-layered fur, the densest among animals. The soft outer fur forms a protective cover that keeps the fine underfur dry. One  square inch of underfur contains up to 1 million hairs. Unfortunately, this essential feature almost led to their extinction, as commercial fur hunters drastically reduced their numbers.

            Under government protection, the sea otter population has recovered. While elated by the otters return, scientists are concerned about the California sea otter population growth of 5% a year, lagging behind the 18% a year rate among Alaska otters. Sea otters are extremely sensitive  to population. In 1989 up to 5,000 sea otters perished when the Exxon Valdez spilled oil in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

61. According to the passage, what are mustelids?

A. A family of marine mammals that have blubber.

B. A type of sea otter.

C. A group of mammals that contains sea otters.

D. A kind of sea animal that includes clams, crabs, and many other creatures.

62. It can be inferred from the passage that, if a large male sea otter weighs 100 pounds, approximately how many pounds of food must it eat a day to maintain its body heat?

            A. 5 pounds                B. 15 pounds              C. 30 pounds              D. 60 pounds

63. The author refers sea otters as "picky eaters" (line 7 ) because _______

            A. all sea otters eat many types of food.

            B. each sea otter eats only one type of food.

            C. all sea otters have voracious appetites .

            D. each sea otter eats only a few kinds of food.

64. The word "exhausted" in the sentence "Thus no single type of food source is exhausted" (paragraph 2) is closest in meaning to _______

            A. needed                   B. used up                  C. desired                   D. tired out

65. According to the passage, which of the following best describes sea otters' relationship with kelp forests?

            A. The kelp serves as food for the otters

            B. The otters protect the kelp by eating animals that destroy it.

            C. The otters eliminate the kelp's source of nutrients.

            D. The kelp is destroyed when the otters build shelters.

66. According to the passage, the outer fur of sea otters _______

            A. keeps the underfur from getting wet.

            B. seems finer than the underfur.

            C. is more desirable to hunters than the underfur.

            D. is not as soft as the underfur .

67. According to the passage, why are scientists concerned about the population of California sea otters?

            A. It has been growing at too fast a rate.

            B. Its growth rate has been steadily decreasing.

            C. Its growth rate is not as fast as that of the Alaska sea otters.

            D. It has been greatly reduced by oil spills and other forms of pollution.

68. The word "voracious" in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to _______

           A. very greedy            B.very fierce              C. very severe                 D. very eager

69. The word "drastically" in  paragraph 3  is closest in meaning to _______

           A.essentially                B.strongly                  C.clearly                          D.apparently

70. The word "elated" in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to _______

          A.disappointed            B.shocked                    C.concerned                   D.overjoyed

  Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the following questions:

71.His irresponsible attitude is putting his career in jeopardy.

A.He is so irresponsible that he has no career.

B.His irresponsible attitude is endangering his career.

C.His career is to jeopardize irresponsible attitude.

D.A and C .

72.We could just discern the buildings through the fog.

A.We could hardly see the buildings through the fog.

B.We could imagine the buildings through the fog.

C.We could just make out the buildings through the fog.

D.The fog prevented us from seeing the buildings.

73.It never occurred to me to go by train.

A.I used to go by train.                                                         B.I was used to going by train.

C.I never thought of going by train.                                    D.I never find it boring to go by train.

74."Would you like a cigarrete ?" said one of the guests.

A.One of the guests invited me a cigarrete.                        

B.One of the guests offered me a cigarrete.

C.One of the guests would like to advise me a cigarrete.  

D.A&C are correct.

75."I'd be grateful if you 'd forward my letters while I am away," he said.

A.He asked me to forward his letters while he was away.

B.He advised me to forward his letters while he was away.

C.He reminded me to forward his letters while he was away.

D.He warned me to forward his letters while he was away.

76."You must see this exhibition." Said my all friends.

A.All my friends  strongly advised me to see that exhibition.

B.All my friends strongly warned me to see that exhibition.

C.All my friends suggested that I had to see that exhibition.

D.All my friends strongly reminded me to see that exhibition.

77.Times Square is the center of many well-known theaters in New York.

A.Many well-known theaters  are located in New York'Times Square.

B.New York is in the center of Times Square.

C.Many theaters in  central New York are open all the time.

D.Times Square is the name of many well-known theaters in New York.

78.Look out for those falling rocks !

A.Let's look for falling rocks.                                   B.Don't let those falling rocks hit you.

C.Look for these falling rocks.                                 D.Look out the window at those falling rocks.

79.As soon as we settled down in our seats in the cinema,the lights went out.

A.On settling down in our seats in the cinema,the lights went out.

B.The lights in the cinema had no sooner gone out than we settled down in our seats.

C.We had hardly settled down in our seats in the cinema when the lights went out.

D.Hardly had we settled down in our seats in the cinema did the lights go out.

80.The onset of the disease is shown by a feeling of faintness.

A.A feeling of faintness signals the final stage of the disease.

B.One fells faint if the disease is over.

C.The first sign of the disease is a feeling of faintness.

D.Faintness causes the disease.


                                                     ****** GOOD LUCK *****



KEYS (119)

1.C  2.D  3.B  4.A  5.D  6.C  7.C  8.C  9.C  10.D 

11.B  12.B  13.A  14.C  15.B  16.C  17.C  18.C  19.A  20.B

21.B  22.B  23.B  24.D  25.C  26.D  27.C  28.D  29.B  30.B

31.D  32.A  33.A  34.A  35.C  36.C  37.D  38.C  39.B  40.B

41.A  42.C  43.B  44.C  45.C  46.A  47.C  48.B  49.A  50.D 

51.A  52.B  53.C  54.A  55.C  56.A  57.D  58.A  59.D  60.A

61.C  62.C  63.D  64.B  65.B  66.A  67.C  68.A  69.B  70.D

71.B  72.C  73.C  74.B  75.A  76.A  77.A  78.B  79.C  80.C


































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