Đề Cương Ôn Tập Môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 9 - HK


Choose the word (A, B, C or D) that best completes the sentence.
  1. 1.   If you study at the Brighton Language Center, you can live in a ______ on campus.
          A. dormitory           B. hotel                        C. private room             D. house
  1. 2.   How much time do you spend __________the web a day?
          A. posting               B. to surf                      C. surfing                       D. surfed
  1. 3.   There is a small bamboo ___________at the entrance to the village.
          A. tree                     B. forest                       C. street                         D. mountain
  1. 4.   The next stage in the development of television is ________TV.
          A. cooperative         B. interactive                C. expensive                  D. convenient
  1. 5.   I wish you __________us some day.
          A. visit                    B. will visit                   C. would visit                D. visited
  1. 6.   If anyone call me, please tell__________to leave a message.
          A. him                     B. her                           C. them                          D. they
  1. 7.   She said that she__________learning English with you.
          A. liked                    B. liking                       C. to like                        D. likes
  1. 8.   A daily newspaper was published in Germany in 1550, ________?
          A. was it                  B. wasn’t it                  C. didn’t it                     D. isn’t it
  1. 9.   It’s quite easy to get access ___________the Internet.
          A. in                        B. on                            C. to                               D. for
  1. 10.             What aspect _________learing English do you find the most difficult?
          A. in                        B. on                            C. of                               D. at
  1. 11.             _________________ is a large building on campus where students live.
          A. A Hall                 B. An Institute             C. A dormitory              D. A house
  1. 12.             Television, radio, newspapers are the______________.
          A. big media            B. mass medium           C. mass media               D. large media
  1. 13.             They often go to the ___________ to pray.
          A. market                B. dormitory                C. shrine                        D. school
  1. 14.             It’s quite easy to get ___________ to the Internet.
          A. together              B. access                      C. entrance                     D. manage
  1. 15.             The church _________ about 100 years ago.
          A. was built             B. is built                     C. has been built            D. will be built
  1. 16.             Nam said that he ____________ there with his parents.
          A. lived                    B. live                           C. lives                           D. have lived
  1. 17.             I can complete a _____________ Vietnamese test if necessary.
          A. speak                  B. spoken                     C. spoke                        D. speaking
  1. 18.             You have read this article on the website, _______________?
          A. have you             B. haven’t you             C. you have                   D. haven’t I
  1. 19.             I am intersted ____________ learning English.
          A. on                       B. in                             C. at                               D. at
  1. 20.             I am looking forward _______________ meeting you.
          A. to                        B. at                             C. for                             D. on
Choose the words or phrases that needs correction.
  1. 21.             Tom uses to wear glasses, but he does not now.
               A                    B                   C          D
  1. 22.             She wishes she can speak English as fluently as her brother.
                A            B                                 C     D
  1. 23.             Bill and me are in the same class, we are in class 9A.
                   A            B     C                       D
  1. 24.             Malaysia is divided in three regions.
                     A    B      C             D
  1. 25.             This school was build ten years ago.
               A         B      C           D
Complete the following passage by choosing the best answer A, B, Cor D.
(26)________my opinion, the Internet is a very fast and convenient way for me to get information. I can also (27)________with my friends and relatives by (28)________of e-mail or chatting. However, I don’t use the Internet very often because I don’t have (29)________time. For me, the Internet is a wonderful invention of modern life. It (30)________our world a small village.
      26. A. On                       B. At                               C. In                         D. For
      27. A. communication                                     B. communicating          C. communicate D. communicates
28. A. means                B. mean                        C. meant                        D. meaning
29. A. most                  B. many                       C. more                          D. much
30. A. do                      B. make                        C. makes                        D. help
Use the words provided to write sentences.
31.Internet / be / very fast and convenient way / get information
32.Yesterday / beautiful day / so / my friend / I / go / picnic.
33.Hoa / wish / she / can visit / parents.
   @. ______________________________________________________________________
34.Daisy / said / want / improve / writing.
35.My mother / like / watch / folk music / news / VTV1 channel.
Rewrite the second sentence so that it has the similar meaning to the first.
36.“ How many languages can you speak?” the examiner asked.
   @ The examiner asked me____________________________________________________
37.“ I’m having a good time here.” said Maryam.
   @ Maryam said____________________________________________________________
38.“ What is your name?” she asked me.
   @ She asked me____________________________________________________________
39.Everybody uses the Internet all over the world nowadays.
   @ The Internet_____________________________________________________________
40.My brother is sorry that he can’t be there with you.
   @ My brother wishes________________________________________________________

------THE END------
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest.
  1. 1.                       A. roofs                B. tickets                     C. books                        D. chickens
  2. 2.                       A. prayed             B. impressed               C. designed                    D. arrived
  3. 3.                       A. city                  B. century                    C. official                       D. notice
  4. 4.                       A. gather              B. healthy                    C. thirdly                       D. thankful
  5. 5.                       A. character          B. chemistry                C. school                        D. exchange
Choose the correct answer to complete each following sentence by circling A, B, C or D.
  1. 6.     Her religion is Islam, so she often goes to the _________to pray.
            A. church             B. pagoda                    C. temple                       D. mosque
  1. 7.     It’s very kind of you _________so!
            A. to say              B. saying                     C. say                            D. to saying
  1. 8.     I wish Susan _________harder for her coming examination next week.
            A. will work         B. worked                    C. has worked                D. would work
  1. 9.     What were you doing when he _________?
            A. comes              B. to come                   C. came                          D. coming
  1. 10.      I _________English here since I graduated from university.
            A. teach                B. taught                     C. have taught               D. am teaching
  1. 11.      Look! cattle and sheep are _________in the meadow.
            A. cutting             B. swimming               C. grazing                      D. talking
  1. 12.      It rains heavily, _________I can’t go to the movies with you.
            A. and                  B. but                          C. because                      D. so
  1. 13.      She said that she _________learning English a lot.
            A. like                  B. liked                        C. liking                         D. to like
  1. 14.      I asked Ann _________she knew how to use a computer.
            A. whether           B. unless                      C. if                                D. A&C
  1. 15.      The church looks very old. When _________?
            A. was it built      B. is it built                 C. has it built                 D. did it build
  1. 16.      We have never_________any experience of living in the city.
            A. wish                 B. done                        C. had                            D. made
  1. 17.      They have to take that English course, _________they?
            A. haven’t            B. don’t                       C. needn’t                      D. mustn’t
  1. 18.      Nam cannot earn money_________he has no job.
            A. unless              B. until                        C. if                                D. without
  1. 19.      This shirt is different _________the one I saw last Sunday.
            A. from                B. at                            C. on                              D. in
  1. 20.      I wish that I _________how to mend this suit.
            A. know               B. knows                     C. knowing                    D. knew
Find one mistake in each sentence by circling A, B, C or D.
  1. 21.      John used to going to school by bus, but now he goes by bike.
                              A                   B         C                D
  1. 22.      It has been a long time since I have visited New York.
               A                   B     C              D
  1. 23.      new school is going to build in my neighborhood.
             A            B                C                        D
  1. 24.      He wishes that he has a radio to listen to the news.
                         A       B                   C                D
  1. 25.      The exercises were such difficult that no one could do them.
        A                             B                          C                     D

Read the text and then choose the correct answers by circling A, B, C or D.
Singapore is an island city of about three million people. It’s beautiful (26)_______with lots of parks and open spaces. It’s also a very clean city.
Most of the people (27)_______in high rise flats in different parts of the island. The business district is very modern with lots of high new office buildings. Singapore also has some nice older sections. In China town, there (28)_______rows of old shop house. The Government buildings in Singapore are very (29)_______and date from the colonial days. Singapore is famous (30)_______ its shops and restaurants. There are many good shopping centers. Most of the goods are duty free. Singapore’s restaurants sell Chinese, Indian, Malay and European food, and the prices are quite reasonable.

  1. 26.                  A. district             B. town                       C. city                            D. village
  2. 27.                  A. live                  B. lives                        C. are living                   D. lived
  3. 28.                  A. is                     B. will be                     C. were                          D. are
  4. 29.                  A. beauty             B. beautiful                  C. beautify                     D. beautifully
  5. 30.                  A. in                     B. on                           C. at                               D. for
  6. 31.                   
Read the text carefully and answer the questions below.
Last Sunday, Nam went on an excursion to Oxford. He got up early and took a bus, so he arrived there on time. In the morning, he visited the National Gallery, Big Ben and the Hyde Park. In the afternoon, he bought a dictionary and a small disc with the words “Oxford University”. He met some English students in the bookshop. He was very happy to practice speaking English with many foreigners. Although he felt tired, he had a nice day.
  1. 31.      Where did Nam go last Sunday?
     @ He went on an excursion to Oxford._______________________________________
  1. 32.      What did he visit?
     @ He visited the National Gallery, Big Ben and the Hyde Park.____________________
  1. 33.      Where did he meet some English students?
     @ He met them in the bookshop.____________________________________________
  1. 34.      What did he buy ?
     @ He bought a dictionary and a small disc with the words “Oxford University”________
  1. 35.      Was he tired after the trip ?
     @ Yes, he was.___________________________________________________________

Rewrite these sentences as directed
  1. 36.      Mary said to Tim, “When will you finish your work?”
     @ Mary asked Tim when he would fininh his work._____________________________
  1. 37.      They have built two department stores recently.
     @ Two department stores have been built recently.______________________________
  1. 38.      I can’t go to his party, but I’d love to.
     @ I wish I could go to the party._____________________________________________
  1. 39.      I last saw her 10 years ago.
     @ I haven’t seen her for 10 years.____________________________________________
  1. 40.      Tuan often went fishing when he lived in the country.
     @ Tuan used to go fishing when he lived in the country.__________________________

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced diffirently from that of the others.
  1. 1.                  A. publish                     B. cut                                   C. bury                                D. but.
  2. 2.                  A. fly                             B. scenery                           C. slowly                             D. usually
  3. 3.                  A. what                          B. who                                 C. where                              D.which
Choose one word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others.
  1. 4.                  A. country                    B. cousin                             C. polite                              D. borrow
  2. 5.                  A. business                   B. departure                       C. arrival                             D. convenient
Choose A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.
  1. 6.      I used to__________money by delivering vegetables to the city.
            A. earn                          B. get                                   C. make                               D. A&C
  1. 7.      It is wonderful__________the weekend in the countryside.
            A. spend                        B. spending                        C. to spend                         D. spent
  1. 8.      There is a meeting__________9 a.m and 4 p.m on Sunday.
            A. at                               B. between                          C. to                                     D. on
  1. 9.      Would you like__________now or shall we wait until the end?
            A. go                              B. to go                                C. going                               D. went
10. When I entered the room, the baby __________quitely.
            A. is sleeping               B. was sleeping                  C. slept                                D. were sleeping
11. I have a lot of pets, but I prefer dogs__________cats.
            A. from                          B. over                                C. to                                     D. than
12. I hate__________T.V, but I like__________ books.
            A. watch/reading         B. watching/reading          C. watching/read               D. watch/read
13. I remember __________her somewhere.
            A. see                            B. seeing                             C. saw                                  D. to see
14. You don’t play computer games, __________?
            A. do you                      B. don’t you                       C. did you                           D. didn’t you
15. I wish the coming exam__________easier than we are expecting.
            A. are                             B. will be                            C. can be                             D. would be
16. He made an appointment with his friend at 11. 40, so he had to return home __________ 11. 40.
            A. before                       B. at                                     C. after                                D. till
17. He often does his homework __________ the morning.
            A. on                              B. at                                     C. in                                     D. for
18. No one knows why the man __________, do they?
            A. killed                        B. kills                                 C. is killed                          D. was killed
19. Students __________to smoke.
            A. don’t allow              B. are allowed                    C. doesn’t allow                D. aren’t allowed
20. Vietnam __________into three regions : the North, the Center and the South.
            A. divides                     B. divided                           C. is divided                       D. are divided
21. Did he __________live in the country when he was young?                                
            A. use to                        B. used to                            C. get used to                     D. be used to
22. We__________a good holiday last year.                                                                 
            A. made                         B. passed                            C. had                                  D. spend
23. Buddhism is a (n) __________.                                                                                 
            A. association              B. religion                           C. group                              D. imagination
24. She asked me __________I came from.          
            A. where                       B. what                                C. who                                 D. which
25. She asked me how I __________use English in the future.             
            A. will                           B. won’t                              C. would                             D. wouldn’t
Choose the underlined word or phrase ( A, B, C or D ) that needs correcting.
26. When he was a little boy, he used to going swimming.
                          A                        B                  C            D
27. You don’t like teado they?
                 A               B   C   D
28. They spent all morning to learn English yesterday.
           A      B                              C                           D
29. Swim every day is a good way of keeping fit.
           A                     B            C                  D
30. There are different magazines in this newsagent, aren’t they?
                    A                                    B                                  C      D
Choose A, B, C or D to complete the passage.
 Television is one of man’s most important means of communication. It brings events and sounds (31)_______around the world into millions of homes. A person with a television set can sit in his house and watch the President making a speech or visit foreign country. He can see a war being fought and watch statesmen try (32)_______about peace. Through television home viewers can see and learn about people, places, and things all over the world. TV even takes its (33)_______out of this world. It brings them coverage of America’s astronauts as the astronauts explore outer space. In addition to all these things, television brings its viewers a steady stream of programs that are (34)_______to entertain. In fact, TV provides (35)_______entertainment programs than any other kinds. The programs include action-packed dramas, light comedies, sporting events and motion pictures.
  1. 31.             A. from                          B. at                                     C. in                                     D. to
  2. 32.             A. bring                         B. brought                           C. bringing                          D. to bring
  3. 33.             A. viewers                    B. seers                               C. lookers                           D. watchers
  4. 34.             A. made                         B. designed                         C. did                                   D. built
  5. 35.             A. many                        B. much                               C. more                               D. most
Read and choose the best answer ( A, B, C or D )
 News media are the means or method by which people learn what is happening in the city, in the country and in the world. The news media can be classified into two general categories: the categories of print media and electronic media. Print media use the written material to communicate news to reader. Electronic media use air waves to send news into homes, offices and public places. Print media are usually divided into magazines and newspapers. Most newspapers print news daily. The electronic media are generally divided into radio and television. Radio news is the one that you listen to. In the United States, many radio stations broadcast five minutes of news every hour. Television news is the one that you not only listen to but also watch. In Canada and the United States, for example, many people watch an hour of news on TV at six o’clock in the evening. In the future new categories of news media will develop. Even today computers are beginning to influence the transmission and reception of news. 
36. People learn what is happening in the world by __________.
            A. news media             B. newspapers                    C. television                       D. radios
37. How many groups can the media be classified?
            A. five                           B. four                                 C. three                               D. two
38. Television and radio are __________.
            A. print media              B. broadcast media           C. visual media                  D. audio media.
39. In the United States, five-minute news __________.
            A. is broadcasted widely by both radio and television
            B. is broadcasted every hour.
            C. is only read at six o’clock in the evening
            D. is usually transmitted live
40. In the U.S.A and Canada, people can watch an hour of news __________.
            A. at 6 P.M                    B. at five A.M                    C. at 5 P.M                          D. at 6 A.M

------THE END------
                                                            TEST 4

Choose the best option to complete each of the following sentences.
1. The program was so ________that half of them fell asleep.
            A. boring                            B. bore                                C. bored                               D. boredom
2. Last night, I was watching T.V        my mother was cooking in the kitchen.
            A. then                               B. and                                 C. when                               D. while
3. The bridge________in 2000.
            A. was built                       B. built                                C. has been built                  D. builds
4. If a disaster ________ in an area, people from other areas will offer their help.
            A. happen                          B. happened                        C. is happened                     D. happens
5. They________ in that company for five years.
            A. work                              B. have worked                  C. worked                            D. are working
6. She likes watching the stars________night.
            A. at                                   B. on                                   C. for                                   D. in
7. My father suggests________a trip to the countryside on Saturday.
            A. to have                          B. had                                 C. have                                 D. having
8. He loves his parents very much and wants them to be________.
            A. happily                          B. happiness                        C. happy                              D. happiest
9. He’s never gone to school on Sunday, ________?
            A. has he                            B. is he                                C. hasn’t he                          D. isn’t he
10. Islam is the country’s official________ in Malaysia.
            A. region                            B. currency                         C. religion                            D. capital
11. She can’t go to the party because she will have to________her little sister.
            A. look up                          B. look for                          C. look after                         D. look at
12. John: Shall we go out to choose a birthday gift  for Marry? Peter: ________.
            A. That’s a good idea        B. Happy birthday              C. Yes, please do                 D. Are you sure?
13. Lan is very tired. ________, she has to finish her work before going to work.
            A. So                                  B. Although                        C. However                         D. Therefore
14. We’ll meet David, ________comes from England.
            A. whom                            B. that                                 C. which                              D. who
15. “Where is Linh now?”
“She________ be in the school library.”
            A. may                               B. should                            C. will                                  D. ought
Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from that of the rest.
16.       A. expensive                      B. domitory                        C. agreement                        D. vacation
17.       A. plumber                         B. teacher                            C. engineer                           D. poetry
18.       A. reputation                      B. difficult                          C. possible                           D. excellent
Choose the underlined part that needs correcting.
19. We had better to review this chapter carefully because we will have some questions on it.
                                       A                                 B                              C                  D
20. The news about some recent disasters have been shown on T.V
                           A                   B                             C                    D
Fill in each blank with a suitable word in the box.
(Thí sinh chỉ ghi câu trả lời tương ứng với số thứ tự đã cho sẳn)

            what .............. ....... crowded ......         shelter .........        with ............         glad .......... .... strangely.......
            gathered ........ ....... scared ..........         shining ........        happily ......         around ..... .... playing..........

It was a beautiful day. The sun was (21)____, the sky was blue, and the weather was perfect. Lan was outside (22)____with her dog, Skippy. All of a sudden, the dog began behaving (23)____. She kept running (24)____in circles. Lan ran home with the dog to tell her mother (25)____ Skippy was doing. Lan’ mother Mrs. Quyen (26)____her family and told them to find (27)____ in the home. Suddenly, the sky became very dark. The storm came (28)____strong winds and heavy rain. Mrs Quyen and her family were (29)____ . But soon the storm finished and everyone was (30)____. What a clever dog Skippy is. She saved Lan from being caught in the typhoon.
Note: shelter: nơi ẩn náu; strangely: một cách lạ lùng; scared: hoảng sợ; gather: tập họp
Use the given word to make sentences.
31. they/enjoy/watch action  films.
32. Chistmas Day/people/receive/greeting cards/friend.
33. Do you mind/turn on/the light?
34. Nam/love/play/games.
Rewrite the sentences as directed.
35. She doesn’t have time to revise the lesson.
    @ She wishes________________________________________________________________________________
36. Ha Noi will be partially cloudy. It is the capital of Vietnam.
    @ Ha Noi___________________________________________________________________________________    
37. They have just produced a new kind of plants.
    @ A new kind of plants_______________________________________________________________________
38. “What will you do to help your mother?”, they asked him.
    @ They asked_______________________________________________________________________________
39. They started playing tennis  in 2003.
    @ They have________________________________________________________________________________
40. If she had time, she would visit her friend.
    @ She won’t ________________________________________________________________________________
-------THE END-------

. Read the passage and fill in each blank with a suitable word from the box

            working           doing               sound               scientific          adults
            writers             universities      angry               computers        have

Today, computer companies sell many different programs for computers. First, there are programs for (1)___ math problems. Second, there are programs for (2)____ studies. Third, some programs are like fancy typewriters. They are often used by (3)____ and business people. Other programs are made for courses in schools and (4)____. And finally, there are programs for fun. They include word games and puzzles for children and (5)_____. There are many wonderful new computer programs, but there are other reasons to like (6)____. Some people like the way computers hum and sing when they are (7)____. It is a happy sound, like the sounds of toys and childhood. Computers also (8)____ lights and pretty pictures. And computers even seem to have personalities. That may (9)______ strange, but computers seem to have feelings. Sometimes they seem happy, sometimes they seem (10)______. It is easy to think they are like people.
II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes each of the following sentences.
11. They ________ Da Lat last summer.
         A. visited                         B. will visit                         C. visit                                 D. have visited
12. We have learnt English _______ 2001.
         A. in                                  B. during                             C. for                                   D. since
13. We ____ already ______ Huong Pagoda.
         A. were/seeing                B. are/seeing                      C. have/ seen                      D. will/see
14. I can’t understand the French visitors. I wish I _______ French.
         A. know                           B. have known                   C. knew                               D. will know
15. The church _________ about 100 years ago.
         A. was built                     B. is built                            C. has been built                D. will be built
16. All the houses in the area _________ immediately.
         A. have to rebuild          B. have to be rebuilt         C. had to rebuild                D. has to be rebuilt
17. If he __________ soon, he might miss the train.
         A. doesn’t come             B. isn’t coming                  C. didn’t come                   D. won’t come
18. She asked me if I ________ to school by bicycle every day.
         A. am going                     B. go                                    C. was going                       D. went
19. Mr. Long said that he _______ in Ho Chi Minh City.
         A. is living                       B. has lived                        C. lived                               D. will live
20. Your sister works in a foreign company, ________ she?
         A. isn’t                             B. doesn’t                           C. wasn’t                             D. didn’t
21. She likes watching the stars _______ night.
         A. on                                 B. for                                   C. in                                     D. at
22. She asked me if I ________ a laptop computer the following day.
         A. buy                              B. bought                            C. would buy                      D. will buy
III. Read the following passage carefully then choose the correct answer from (A, B, C or D).
The Olympic Games are important international sports events which take place every 4 years in diffrent cities. All sports men who take part must be amateur athletes. The twenty-second Olympic Games were held in Moscow in the summer of 1980. on the first day of the Olympic Games, Olga Iranov, the 18-years-old Soviet gymnast won the Gold medal.
23. What are the Olympic Games?
                  A. The Olympic Games are important international sports events.
                  B. The Olympic Games is important international sports events.
                  C. The Olympic Games is being important international sporst events.
                  D. The Olympic Games were important international sports event.
24. Who can take part in Olympic Games?
         A. Women can take part in Olympic Games.
         B. All sports men can take part in Olympic Games.
         C. Teenager can take part in Olympic Games.
         D. Adults can take part in Olympic Games.
25. Are the Olympic Games international sports events?
         A. Yes, it is.                     B. No, it isn't.                     C. No, they aren't.              D. Yes, they are.
26. When were the twenty-second Olympic Games held?
         A. They were held in the winter of 1980.                B. They were held in the Autumn of 1980.
         C. They were held in the summer of 1980.             D. They were held in the summer of 1984.
27. Where were the twenty-second Olimpic Games held.
         A. They were held in London.                                   B. They were held in Paris.
         C. They were held in Moscow.                                  D. They were held in Roma.
IV. Choose the underlined word or phrase ( A, B, C or D ) that needs correcting.
28. When he was a little boy, he used to going swimming.
                          A                        B                  C            D
29. You don’t like teado they?
                 A               B   C   D
30. They spent the whole morning to learn English yesterday
        A         B                                          C                           D
 31. Swim every day is a good way of keeping fit.
           A                        B         C                  D
32. There are different magazines in this newsagent, aren’t they ?
                    A                                     B                                 C      D
V. Choose the best answer to complete each sentence
38. My uncle John ______________.
         A. is just made the manager of the firm                   B. has just made the manager of the firm
         C. has just been made the manager of the firm       D. has just been making the manager of the firm
39. “ He couldn’t repair the broken vase” means ___________.
         A. The broken vase couldn’t repair                         B. The broken vase couldn’t be repair
         C. The broken vase could be repaired                     D. The broken vase couldn’t be repaired
40. “ Someone must meet him at the railway station ” means ___________.
         A. he must be at the railway station                         B. he must be meet at the railway station
         C. he must have been met at the railway station    D. he must be met at the railway station
VI. Use the suggested words to make sentences.
41. there / many /jeans / are / in /my /store /clothing.
    @. ______________________________________________________________________________
42. haven’t / Sue / we/ a / time / seen / for / long /.
    @. ______________________________________________________________________________
43. their / not / Browns / moved / flat / have / the / into / new / yet /
    @. ______________________________________________________________________________
44. being / it / that / unsafe / block / down /of / because / is / flats / pulled / is /
    @. ______________________________________________________________________________

45. for the last three years /she / every / on /problem / spent /of / life /this / her /has / minute /.

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