UNBELIEVABLE: Rachel Maddow’s ratings PLUMMETED after Mueller Report!

Rachel Maddow shows a pattern in behavior by the Trump administration of making dramatic announcements without following through to make sure the thing they announced ends up being real, and expresses caution about the announcement of the Mueller report happening without actually sharing the Mueller report.

There may still be hope for America yet.
Rachel Maddow, who was crying Friday night after initial reports showed that Trump had been vindicated by the Mueller investigation, was more than likely crying yesterday when her ratings came in for Monday night.
According to the Daily Beast, they plummeted:
Here’s more:
Within MSNBC, there’s an acknowledgement that the Trump-Russia narrative on which the cable network—and especially its primetime star Maddow—built monster ratings has fizzled for the moment.
Insiders also claim not to be surprised that the conclusion of the long-awaited Mueller report—or at least the Trump-appointed attorney general’s summary—was a whimper, not a bang for an outlet that has invested so much time and energy, in primetime and throughout its dayparts, in the notion that Trump is unworthy of the Oval Office and might at some point be forced to give it up.
And it’s also possible that the Mueller disappointment drove loyal viewers away in much the same way that people avoid looking at their 401(k)s when the stock market is down. Maddow, who has consistently vied for the first or second top-rated cable news program, was sixth on Monday evening, down almost 500,000 total viewers from the previous Monday, as was MSNBC’s second top-rated program in primetime, The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell.
500,000 is a big chunk of viewers!
I can only hope that trend continues now that the truth is out. The media had vilified Trump to the point of ‘treason’ and now narrative is dead.
But don’t worry about MSNBC. They say they aren’t panicking yet…
Conversely, “It was obviously a big couple of nights for Fox,” said one network insider, claiming, however, that nobody at MSNBC is panicking.
I’ll be looking forward to Tuesday night to see if the trend continues. I’m crossing my fingers!

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