1. - “__________.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        - “Oh, it’s great!”          (Unit 9, tuần 20/ mức 2)
       A. How is the journey like?                            B. Would you like the journey?
       C. What do you like about the journey?         D. What do you think of the journey?
                                              Đáp án: D
2. - “A motorbike knocked Tom down”.                                                                                                                                                          - - “__________.”(Unit 9, tuần 20/ mức 1)
       A. What is it now?      B. Poor Tom!              C. How terrific!          D. What a motorbike!
                                              Đáp án: B
3. - “You look nice today. I like your new coat”                                                                                                       -    -- -“__________.”(Unit 9, tuần 20/ mức 2)
       A. It’s nice of you to say so.                           B. Shall I? Thanks.
       C. Oh, well done!                                           D. I feel interesting to hear that.
                                              Đáp án: A
4. - “Would you like to go for a drink with me?”
    - “Yes, __________.” (Unit 10 / tuần 21/ mức 2)
       A. I like                       B. I go                         C. I can’t                     D. I’d love to.
                                                                                    Đáp án: D.
5. - “Would you mind lending me your dictionary?”
    - “__________.” (Unit 10 / tuần 21/ mức 2)
            A. Yes. Here it is        B. Not at all                C. Yes, let’s                D. Great
                                                                                    Đáp án: B
6. - “You don’t work at weekends, do you?”
    - “__________.” (Unit 12/tuần 26/mức 3)
            A. Yes, please             B. No problem            C. Of course not         D. Never mind
                                                                                    Đáp án: C
7. - “Why do they warm their bodies up before swimming?”  (Unit 12/tuần 26/mức 3)
    - “__________.”
A. To avoid cramp                                                 B. So as to get cramp
C. In order not to prevent cramp                           D. So that preventing cramp
                                                                                    Đáp án: A
8. - “I’m afraid I can’t go for a swim with you.” (Unit 12/tuần 26/mức 3)
    - “__________.”
A. What a pity!                                                      B. Patience!
C. How a shame!                                                    D. That’s shame!
                                              Đáp án: C
9. - “I’m taking my diving contest tomorrow” (Unit 12/tuần 26/mức 3)
    - “__________.”
A. Luck!                             B. Best wishes!           C. Good luck!             D. Good chance!
                                              Đáp án: C
10. - “I like scuba diving”   (Unit 12/tuần 26/mức 1)
      - “__________.”
A. Me too!                          B. Also me                  C. For me the same     D. I also
                                              Đáp án: A
11. - “Jane, it’s too dark in here.”
      - “Well, what can I do for you?”
      - “ __________.” (Unit 14 / tuần 29/ mức 1)
            A. Can you turn off the light?                        B. Oh, I can’t
            C. Can you help me?                                       D. Turn on the light, please.
                                                                                    Đáp án: D
12. - “Look out!”
      - “Why?”
      - “__________.”(Unit 14 / tuần 29 / mức 2)
       A. You look happy.                                        B. I’m going out.
       C. A snake is behind you!                               D. I’m looking out
                                              Đáp án: C
13. - “Your cousin is very beautiful, Paul.”
      - “Of course. __________. Her mother used to win a beauty contest in her city.”
         (Unit 14 / tuần 29 / mức 2)
            A. She takes in her mother                              B. Her mother looks after her.
            C. She takes after her mother                         D. She names after her mother.
                                                                                    Đáp án: C
14. - “What does it mean when a tag question takes a falling tone, Jenny?”
      - “__________.”(Unit 14 / tuần 29/ mức 3)
            A. Well, it’s a surprise.                                    B. Well, it’s an exclamation.
       C. I’m not sure. Maybe it is a real question.   D. Well, it is not a real question.
                                              Đáp án: D
15. - “My brother’s coughed a lot recently.” 
      - “Does he smoke?”
      - “Yes, a lot.”                   
      - “__________?” 
      - “Well, it’s a good idea. I’ll tell him about that.” (Unit 14 / tuần 29/ mức 3)
       A. Why doesn’t he give up smoking?”           B. Why does he stop smoking?
       C. He shouldn’t go on coughing.                    D. He shouldn’t give up smoking.
                                              Đáp án: A
16. __________. I haven't written to you for a long time. (Unit 15/tuần 32/ mức 1)
            A. Repeat                    B. Sorry                       C. Excuse me              D. Pardon
                                              Đáp án: B
17. - “I think men are usually stronger than women.” (Unit 15/tuần 32/ mức 2)
      - “I’m afraid __________.”
            A. I can                       B. I am                        C. I do                         D. I disagree
                                              Đáp án: D
18. - “What are ___ between women in old times and women in modern times?”                                                                - “Well, _____ women in modern times, women in the past didn’t work outside the home.”
            (Unit 15/tuần 32/ mức 3)
            A. the differences/like                                     B. different /like        
            C. the differences /unlike                                D. differences /unlike
                                              Đáp án: C
19. - “I think married women should not go to work.” (Unit 15/tuần 32/ mức 1)
      - “_________. If they stay at home, they will have more time to look after their children and husbands.”
            A. I quite agree.          B. What rubbish!         C. That’s not wrong.   D. I’m right.
                                                                                    Đáp án: A
20.  - “__________, women are usually more sympathetic than men.”
      - “That’s right!” (Unit 15/tuần 32/ mức 2)
            A. According to me                                        B. In my opinion
            C. For my point of view                                 D. As you see it
                                              Đáp án: B

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