Andy McCarthy explains why it’s just DUMB that Democrats want to subpoena the FULL Mueller report

Tomorrow Democrats plan to vote in the House Judiciary Committee on subpoenaing the DOJ for the full unredacted Mueller report.

But Andy McCarthy explains why it’s just dumb that Democrats are even going down this road for two reasons.


McCarthy argues the most consequential testimonies that Democrats care about will more than likely be in the Mueller report because they aren’t protected by secrecy laws:

“What’s oddest about this whole thing is that they’re posturing over an empty bag, because the grand jury material is likely to be the least important, least significant stuff in the Mueller report,” McCarthy said. “All of the important witnesses for the Democrats who are Trump administration people cooperated with the special counsel and voluntarily sat for interviews. So their material is likely not covered by grand jury secrecy rules – they likely didn’t have to testify for the grand jury.”
Not to mention, as he points out, that the grand jury information is protected by the law and therefore can’t be released.

He suggested if they wanted to do something productive, they should try and change the law:
“If they wanted to do something useful, instead of doing all this nonsense about a subpoena, which is probably going to be completely unnecessary, if they’re so worried about it, I don’t know why they don’t just propose an amendment to rule 6E, which would allow Congress to get the grand jury material in Special Counsel investigations,” he said.
“They can issue a subpoena, but I think they’re kidding themselves if they think they can compel Attorney General Barr to turn it over. They can try to hold him in contempt, but hold him in contempt for following the law? I don’t get that,” McCarthy added.
Exactly. Barr is following the law and Democrats think they can subpoena him to break the law and the courts will honor their subpoena and compel Barr? That’s ridiculous on its face.

Lastly here’s video of Nadler, who is trying to force the FULL Mueller report to be disclosed, arguing the very opposite with regard to the Ken Starr report on Bill Clinton:

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