State Trooper puts idiot protesters in their PLACE after they claim racial profiling!

Here’s a great video for you to enjoy.

A state trooper in Arizona confronted a protester for approaching one of his officers while in a traffic stop. He gave the female with the video camera fair warning that if she ever did that again he would arrest her.

And that’s when it got good:

Person: "That individual is being racially profiled for being brown."

Police Officer: "Wow, you are about as ignorant as I've ever met. Oh my God, go do something else. Go have fun. It's Friday night, man. Don't be such an idiot. Put that on your website."
I love the trooper’s initial reaction when the girl holding the camera claims that there’s a lot of ‘racial profiling’ going on and that’s why she needs to know why they are stopping this specific person:

“Oh shut up with that crap!”

And when he engages them again, the protester in the background claims the man being detained is “for being brown.” The Trooper then calls them out for being the idiots that they are:

“Wow, you are about as ignorant as I’ve ever met. My goodness. Oh my god, go do something else. Go have fun. Go do something – it’s Friday night, man. Don’t be such an idiot. Put that on your website.”

BOOM! I Love how he said “put that on your website” as he was walking away. State Troopers are the best!

Okay, consier this your open thread for the night! Enjoy!

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