Lib ‘sex-worker’ goes into full meltdown with HYSTERICAL rant over Georgia’s ‘heartbeat’ bill

This is just so ridiculous.

A ‘sex-worker’ named Asuka Cortez went into full meltdown mode this weekend in a hysterical video over Georgia’s ‘heartbeat’ bill.

The video is full of inaccuracies which the Daily Wire corrects below.

But what’s crazier to me is how insane Cortez gets about this bill, saying her body anatomy (?) is being taken from her and that she shouldn’t have to have a “f—ing child” in her if she doesn’t want it a “f—ing child” in her.

She said this bill is terrifying for women all around the world!


The first time I watched this I found myself yelling at my computer screen. I’ll leave to your imagination what I may have said, but the notion that she wants to keep having sex and yet doesn’t want to have “f—ing child” in her is what made me blow my top.
I’d much rather she get herself ‘fixed’ than to murder unborn babies. And I say that knowing full well how the church views this.
But she’s sounds unwilling to have the ‘fixing’ done, yet she’s totally ok with murdering unborn babies? Absolutely evil.

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