Joe Rogan CRUSHES transgender arguments on hormones for kids

This video is going viral, and it’s for a very good reason. Joe Rogan absolutely obliterates the doofus from “Adam Ruins Everything” and his pro-transgender arguments.

In the first part, he talks about transgender athletes in sports and whether it’s fair, but he really really goes hard on whether hormones for kids is a smart idea. Spoiler alert: it’s not.

Just watch the whole thing: 

WOW. So Rogan is definitely not coming from a conservative point of view, but he hits everything with plain common sense. And he absolutely destroys the notion that is proper or reasonable to inject kids with hormones because they say they’re another gender from the one God and nature assigned to them.

By the end, Adam is reduced to anecdotal evidence and feel-good emotions about what he wants to be true about transgender policy, and not what is actually true. Kudos to Rogan on this one….

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