'The View co-host Meghan McCain argues that 'any other Republican candidate would have done this very well'

"The View" co-host Meghan McCain argued Wednesday that President Trump gave an "undisciplined" performance Tuesday when he used a speech in the Rose Garden to, among other things, attack presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's campaign platform.
"Any other Republican candidate would have done this very well, but we have someone who can’t even discipline themselves in three seconds, and then it’s just frustrating to watch," she said. "It’s why electing a complete outsider with no political experience in this swamp will probably end up making him a one-term president."
McCain added that Trump's remarks in the sedate Rose Garden setting included "things that you would traditionally only see in a campaign rally," though she added that "there was also some interesting policy."
"He started hitting China extremely hard ... and I actually think if he had the discipline that any other candidate has to hit China in this moment ... in the coronavirus pandemic moment, it’s actually something that’s statistically very impactful and very effective among Democrats as well," McCain said.
"The problem is, and it’s a huge frustration for, you know, I think any student of politics, is that he has a lot of opportunities here that he could be using, but he just can’t ... stop himself from making these stupid, undisciplined comments that become hot topics on shows like this," she added.
"And I’m at the point where, if he and his team just can't in any way bring out any kind of cohesive message, maybe you should just wrap it up, because there’s some interesting things to say about China right now and talking about White people getting shot right now is not only tone deaf, but it's just -- I just don’t understand."

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