Choose the one choice that best complete the sentence or exchange:


1. Your father was very kind……….Ann.

      A. to                            B. with                                    C. toward                    D. for

2. Hurry or you will be late……….the meeting.

      A. at                            B. to                            C. from                       D. for

3. Were they present………..the party?

      A. in                            B. on                           C. at                            D. from

4. Mary was confused………the time.

      A. on                           B. about                      C. from                       D. in

5. Her dress is different………mine.

      A. from                       B with                         C for                           D. of

6. Your intention is similar……….his.

            A. to                            B. with                                    C. for                          D. about

7. Miss Lan is very popular……..her colleagues

      A. about                      B. to                            C. with                                    D. for

8. The girl was afraid………the tiger.

      A. about                      B. in                            C. on                           D. at

9. The room was crowded………students.

      A about                       B. for                          C. of                            D. with

10. They have been absent ……..school very often lately.

      A. at                            B from                        C. to                            D. in

11. Attending all the lectures is important………university students.

      A. in                            B. with                                    C. about                      D. to

12. Mary and John don't appear interested………buying the car

      A. in                            B. on                           C. at                            D. about

13. Do you believe ………God?

      A. in                            B. on                           C. at                            D. to

14. Who does this dress belong to………?

      A. in                            B. on                           C. at                            D. to

15. It depends………..the weather.

      A. on                           B. in                            C. of                            D. with

16. A strange thing happened……….him the other day.

      A. on                           B. of                            C. about                      D. to

17. Everyone will laugh……….her.

      A. on                           B. at                            C. about                      D. to

18. We spent the evening listening ……….classical music.

      A. on                           B. at                            C. about                      D. to

19. They didn't have enough money to pay………the room.

      A. for                          B. on                           C. at                            D. about

20. I am waiting………….the rain stop.

      A. at                            B. about                      C. for                          D. from

21. This book is divided……….three parts.

      A. into                         B. in                            C. about                      D. on

22. I prefer tea………coffee.

      A. than                        B. to                            C. for                          D. with.



1. Spring………..winter.

      A. follows                   B. is following           C. will follow             D. has followed

2. Paulo ……………English for five years.

A. learned                  B. has learned                        C. learns                     D. had learned.

3. Look, the bus………………..

A. left                         B. has left                   C. leaves                     D. is leaving

4. Robert………………tomorrow morning on the 10:30 train.

A. arrived                   B. has arrived             C. would arrive          D. is arriving

5. When I arrived at the party, Martha………….home already.

A. went                       B. has gone                 C. had gone                D. was going

6. Is it raining? – No, it isn't but the ground is wet. It ………………

A. rained                    B. had rained              C. has rained              D. has been raining

7. Her family…………….to America before 1975.

A. had gone                B. has gone                 C. would go                D. went

8. We'll get wet if we…………………out.

A. had gone                B. went                       C. didn't go                D. go

9.  The nurse……….her parents every day.

      A. visits                      B. is visiting               C. will visit                D. visited

10. She …………up early.

      A. gets usually           B. usually gets            C. get usually             D. usually get

11.  He ………..home late yesterday.

      A. comes                     B. came                      C. come                      D. was coming

12. What would you do if you…………………a million dollars?

      A. would win              B. win                         C. won                                    D. had won

13. Someone …………….at the door. Can you answer it?.

      A. knocked                 B. has knocked           C. knocked                  D. is knocking

14. I ……………..4 chairs so far this morning.

      A. painted                   B. was painting          C.have painted           D. had painted

15. I …………….TV at 8:30 last night

      A. watch                     B. watched                 C. had watched          D. was watching

16. Henry……………for 10 years when he finally gave it up.

      A. had smoked           B. has smoked            C. has been smoking  D. had been smoking

17. We often go ……….at weekend

      A. to fish                     B. fish                         C. fishing                    D. to fisher

18. Soan ……………..English in Britain from 1990 to 1999.

      A. was studying          B. had studied                        C. has studied             D. studied

19. Each of you ……….a share in the work.

      A. have                       B. having                    C. going to have         D. has

20. Yesterday morning I got up and looked out of the window. The sun was shining but the ground was very wet. It…………….

      A. rained                    B. has been raining    C. had rained              D. had been raining

21. Look at those black clouds! It……………….

      A. will rain                 B. is going to rain      C. would rain             D. can rain

22. If I ……………a camera, I would have taken some pictures.

      A. have                       B. had                         C. would have                        D. had had

23. Many people would be out of work if that company………………down.

      A. closed                     B. closes                     C. had closed              D. would close

24. What exactly ……………when I came to your office yesterday?

      A. did you do              B. do you do               C. were you doing      D. have you done

25. David…………….Japanese food before, so he knew what to order.

      A. ate                          B. had eaten               C. has eaten                D. was eating

26. The Philippines………a group of islands.

      A. be                           B. are                          C. is                             D. all are correct.

27. There ………………so much rain last week that several roads ……………..

      A. was/ was flooded  B.were/ was flooded C. was/ were flooded            D. were/ were flooded

28. Stephen was talking on the phone when I …………in.

      A. came                      B. was coming            D. come                      D. am coming

29.  Where ………you from?

      A. come                      B. do                           C. so                            D. are

30. My grandfather……………...my friends for a long time.

      A. know                      B. knew                      C. have known           D. has known

31. They ……………to school an hour ago.

      A. go                           B. are going                C. went                       D. were going

32. He ………..in his office for ten years by next Monday.

      A. will be working     B. will work               C. would be working D. will have been working

33. If you had come to the party, you………….the President of the club.

      A. would meet           B. had meet                C. would have met     D. met

34. We…………..up the room as soon as the guests had left.

      A. were cleaning       B. cleaned                  C. have cleaned         D. clean

35. My parents …………………married in Hanoi.

      A. get                          B. will get                  C. got                          D. have got

36. She asks me where ………….

      A. do I live                 B. I do live                 C. do you live?           D. I live

37. If the weather…………….bad, we will delay our trip to Dalat.

      A. was                         Bwere                         C. is                             D. had been

38. Nobody……………in the room yesterday.

      A. was                         B. wasn't                    C. were                       D. weren't

39. Your shirts are new but mine………..old.

      A. is                            B. isn't                                    C. are                          D. aren't

40. My little sister ………"Sleeping beauty" several times

      A. watches                  B. is watching                        C. has watched           D. watched

41. Old Ted……….twenty cigarettes a day till he gave up.

      A. had smoked           B. has smoked            C. smoked                   D. smokes

42. He ……….for Chelsea this season.

      A. played                    B. is playing               C. would play             D. has played

43. John………at the moment, so he can't answer the phone.

      A. works                     B. will work               C. has worked                        D. is working

44. This morning, I ……………a newspaper and a magazine.

      A. bought                    B. buy                         C. buyed                     D. have bought

45. We………..our examination next month.

      A. have                       B. shall have              C. will have had         D. will be having

46. Oh! I've cut my finger. It…………

      A. bleeds                    B. has bled                  C. had bled                 D. is bleeding

47. I ………………English this time last Monday.

      A. learned                  B. have learned          C. were learning        D. had learned

48. I ………………English this time next Monday.

      A. learn                      B. will learn               C. am learning           D. will be learning

49. She ………us last night.

      A. visited                    B. has visited              C. had visited             D. would visited

       50. I …………your telephone number.

      A. don't know                        B. didn't know           C. won't know            D. haven't known

51. He ………..the book before his next birthday.

      A. will finish              B. will have finished C. finished                  D. had finished

52. When the electricity failed, he………..a match to find the candles

      A. scratched               B. was scratching       C. had scratched         D. was

53. In recent years, more and more people………..for things with credit cards.

      A. are paying             B. paid                                    C.have been paying   D. pay

54. " How many pages………..so far?" – "Ten"

      A. do you read            B. did you read           C. have you read        D. have you been reading

55. Who ……….your best friend?

      A. is                            B. are                          C. be                           D. Þ

56. How……..have you known each other?

      A. many                      B. much                      C. often                       D. long

57. Please let me….….your decision as soon as possible

      A. to know                  B. know                      C. knows                     D. knowing

58. We don't want anybody….……that we are here.

      A. to know                  B. know                      C. knows                     D. knowing

59. He made me….…..it all over again.

      A. to do                       B. does                        C. doing                      D. do

60. I'm very delighted…….…the letter from you.

      A. to hear                   B. to meet                   C. to see                      D. to receive

      61. We heard the cock………..in a neighbouring village.

            A. shout                      B. crow                       C. talk                         D. sing

62. My most embarrassing experience happened some months………..

      A. ahead                     B. before                    C. ago                         D. past

63. I phoned you last night but you were out. Where ………..you go?

      A. did                          B. do                           C. are                          D. were

64. Who were you talking on the phone as I …………in?

      A. come                      B. am coming             C. came                      D. was coming

65. When he returned home after 20 years, everything…………completely.

      A. has changed           B. had changed           C. is changing             D. was changing

66. Do your parents celebrate…………wedding anniversary each year?

      A. his                          B. her                          C. our                          D. their

67. Do Vietnamese women often………..traditional clothes ( ao dai ) at the wedding party?

      A. put                          B. show                       C. take                                    D. wear

68. I'm glad you decided…………to my party.

      A. to come                  B. coming                   C. came                      D. come

69. Everyone seems …………a good time at her party.

      A. have                       B. to have                   C. having                    D. had

70. We've arranged…………outside the school at 5 o'clock

      A. to meet                  B. meeting                  C. meet                       D. met

71. She doesn't allow us……………personal phone calls.

      A. making                   B. make                      C. to make                  D. tobe made

72. He tried to avoid……………my questions.

      A. to answer               B. answer                   C. answered               D. answering

73. Do many people in your country…………..take care of people?
            A. voluntarily             B. voluntary               C. volunteerism         D. volunteer

74. Do volunteers often spend time…………..other people in hospitals, orphanages or homes for the ages?

      A. help                        B. to help                    C. helped                    D. helping

75. How ……………times have you taken part in volunteer work?

      A. much                      B. long                                    C. often                       D. many

76. It's no good……………to him, he never answers the letters.

      A. write                      B. writing                   C. to write                  D. being written

77. Ask hom to come in. Don't keep him…………….at the door.

      A. to stand                  B. standing                 C. stand                       D. being stood

78. Many students in the poor families cannot even……………textbooks to study.

      A. buy                         B. to buy                     C. be bought               D. buying

79. Linda…………….me to wait for her at the school gate.

      A. said                                    B. told                         C. says                                    D. tell

80. The librarian asked us ………………noise in the library.

      A. not make                B. not making             C. not to make            D. not to be made

81. My mother told me ………………to write her a letter every week.

      A. not to forget          B. to forget                 C. not forget               D. not to be forgotten

82. Are they used  …………….TV?

      A. to watch                 B. to watching                        C. to seeing                D. to see

83. We used……………… up early.

      A. to get                      B. getting                    C. get                          C. got

84. I enjoy………………alone

      A. be                           B. being                      C. to be                       C. to have been

85. Would you like………………..to the party?

      A. to come                  B. come                      C. coming                   D. to have come

86. Please remember……………….this letter.

      A. posting                   B. post                         C. to post                    D. to have posted

87. Someone must have taken my bag. I clearly remember………………it by the window and now it has gone.

      A. leave                      B. to leave                  C. leaving                   D. to have left

88. I'm very glad …………….you

      A. meet                       B. meeting                  C. to be meeting        D. to meet

89. It's nice ……………..you.

      A. to know                  B. know                      C. knowing                 D. to be known

90. Have you ever considered……………..English in England?

      A. learn                      B. learning                 C. to learn                  D. learnt.

91. I hope………….to university next year.

      A. to go                       B. go                           C. going                      D. went

92. Would you like……………an orange juice?

      A. have                       B. having                    C. to have                   D. had

93. Mary's children are used to………….to school on foot.

      A. go                           B. going                      C. walk                       D. walking

94. it's no good …………….video games

      A. play                        B. to have played       C. to play                    D. playing

95. It's no use…………….with him.

      A. working                 B. work                       C. to work                   D. to have worked

96. I forbid you…………….my letter.

      A. to read                   B. read                        C. to have read           D. reading

97. we can't stand………………her cry.

      A. to have seen          B. to see                      C. see                          D. seeing

98. The child admitted………………a lie

      A. tell                         B. telling                    C. to tell                     D. to be telling

99. Many countries have considered……………..the victims of the tsunami.

      A. to have helped       B. to help                    C. help                                    D. helping

     100. We can't go on………………like this.

            A. live                         B. to live                     C. living                      D. to have lived




1. Somebody cleans the room every day.

            A. The room every day is cleaned.                       B. The room is every day cleaned

            C. The room is cleaned every day                        D. The room is cleaned by somebody every day

2. They cancelled all flights because of fog

      A. All flights because of fog were cancelled       B. All flights were cancelled because of fog

      C. All flights were because of fog cancelled       D. All flights were cancelled by thembecause of fog

3. Somebody is using the computer at the moment.

      A. The computer is being used at the moment    B. The computer at the moment is being used

      C. The computer is used at the moment               D. The computer is being used by s.b at the moment

4. They have built a new hospital near the airport.

      A. A new hospital has been built near the airport 

B. A new hospital near the airport has been built

      C. Near the airport a new hospital has been built

D. A new hospital has been built near the airport by them.

5. People don't use this road very often.

      A. This road is not used very often.              B. Not very often this road is not used

      C. This road very often is used                     D. This road not very often is used

6. Somebody accused me of stealing money.

      A. I was accused of stealing money             B. I was accused by somebody of stealing money

      C. I was accused stealing money                  D. I was accused of stealing money by somebody

7. No one has asked me that question before.

      A. That question has ever been asked me by no one before.

      B. That question has never been asked me before by anyone

C. I have not ever been asked that question before.

D. I have never been asked that question before.





1. The girl…………eyes are blue is Mr.Tom's daughter.

      A. whose                     B. who                                    C. which                     D. that

2. Venice, ………..was built on water, is a city in Italy.

      A. where                     B. that                         C. who                                    D. which

3. Opposite our house is a nice park…………..there are trees and flowers.

      A. which                     B. where                     C. whose                     D. that

4. My classmate,……….father has been in hospital for a month, looked depressed this morning

      A. which                     B. who            se                     C. of whom                 D. who

5. Is David, ……….works I respect highly, still a doctor ?

      A. whose                     B. which                     C. what                       D. who's

6. The man…………we met on the train was the headmaster.

      A. who                                    B. whom                     C. which                     D. whose

7. Do you know Paris,………has been considered as the " cradle of fashions" ?

      A. which                     B. that                         C. where                     D. when

8. We saw many soldiers and tanks………were moving to the front.

      A. who                                    B. which                     C. that                         D. None is correct

9. Do you know the reason ……….he didn't come?

      A. whether                 B. which                     C. that                         D. why

10. Is there any place in London………..it is legal to drive on the right?

      A. which                     B. that                         C. when                      D. where

11. Bill Gates, ………is the president of Microsoft Company, is a billionare.

      A. whom                     B. that                         C. who                                    D. whose

12. The police questioned the woman…………handbag was stolen.

      A. whose                     B. whom                     C. who                                    D. of which

13. The time ………..he'll start is not know.

      A. where                     B. when                      C. which                     D. how

14. Mexico City, ……..has a population of over 10 million, is probably the fastest growing city in the world

      A. which                     B. where                     C. that                         D. who

15. He has just gone to his friend's house………….there is a party today

      A. who                                    B. which                     C. whom                     D. where

16. The man…………I saw last week said something totally different.

      A. who                                    B. whom                     C. that                         D. All are correct

17. They have invented a television set …………is as small as a watch.

      A. which                     B. that                         C. of which                 D. A & B are correct

      18. The candidate …………I voted for lost the election.

      A. who                                    B. whom                     C. Þ                            D. that

19. The company………employees are on strike is closing down for two weeks.

      A. which                     B. whose                     C. that                         D. both A & C

20. The house …….. I  live as a child has been plled down now.

      A. when                      B. which                     C. where                     D. whom

21. Aunt Joan, ……….is a bit deaf, didn't hear the phone.

      A. who                                    B. whom                     C. that                         D. All are correct

22. Is that the button ………you press?

      A. that                         B. Þ                            C. which                     D. All are correct



Unit 1                                      FRIENDSHIP



Exercise 1: Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

1. A.loyalty                         B. constancy                     C. quality                             D. by

2. A. enthusiasm                 B. despite                         C. residential                      D. secrect

3. A rumor                           B. unselfish                      C. number                            D. up

4. A. incapable                    B. life                               C. suspicious                        D. friendship

5. A. acquaintance              B. alone                            C. apartment                       D. attitude

Exercise 2: Choose one word whose stress pattern is different.  Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

6. A. brighten                      B. friendship                    C. arrive                              D. rumor

7. A. acquaintance              B. unselfish                      C. enthusiasm                      D. confidence

8. A. benefit                        B. principle                      C. incapable                        D. constancy

9. A. physical                      B. important                     C. personal                          D. critical

10. A. sincere                      B. number                         C. helpful                            D. generous


Choose from the four given options marked A, B, C and D one best answer to complete each sentence by circling the correcponding letter A, B, C or D:

11. -------------- many friends do you have?

   A. Who                                B. When                            C. Why                                 D. How

12. Who---------------your best friend?

   A. is                                     B. are                                C. be                                    D. x

13. How---------------have you known each other?

   A. many                               B. much                            C. often                                D. long

14. What qualities do you admire-----------------your best friend?

   A. at                                     B. with                              C. in                                     D. on

15. Does your best friend always-----------------you out of difficulties?

   A. make                               B. help                              C. do                                    D. work

16. Do you and your best friend have a lot of---------------in common?

   A. work                                B. time                              C. hobby                              D. things

17. ------------is your best friend have sense of humour?

   A. Is                                     B. Are                               C. Does                                D. Do

18. Can you ------------your best friend's physical characteristics?

   A. describe                          B. say                                C. talk                                  D. do  

19. My best friend is not only -------------but also outgoings.

   A. height                              B. clever                           C. length                              D. slow

20. My best friend and I -------------that friend's should share thoughts and knowledge.

   A. know                               B. show                             C. see                                   D. agree

21. In spite of the fact that my friend is an extrovert and I am not, we-----------------still such close friends.

   A. be                                    B. be                                 C. am                                   D. are

22. In my opinion, there are five most important----------------which are necessary for true friendship to exist.

A. quantities                           B. qualities                       C. characteristics                D. grades

23. The differences-----------------your best friendand you are significant.

A. between                             B. in                                  C. of                                     D. on

24. Her best friend is quiet------------------------she is very talkative.

A. why                                    B. which                           C. but                                   D. when

25. A friend needs-----------------------honest.

A. to have                               B. to do                             C. to know                           D. to be

26. For a friendship to be close and everlasting,-----------------------must both the friend have?

A. why                                    B. what                             C. which                              D. how

27. Can a person who is------------------------only with his own interests and feelings be a true friend?

A. thought                               B. said                               C. concerned                       D. known

28.------------------------changeable and uncertain people incapable of a lifelong friendship?

A. Is                                        B. Are                               C. Be                                    D. To be

29.-------------------------the people who are easily infuenced by rumors be good friends?

A. Do                                      B. Is                                  C. Are                                  D. Can

30.--------------------------can't people who are talkative keep a friend long?

A. what                                   B. why                              C. who                                 D. which

31. Why must there-------------------------a mutual trust between friends?

A. is                                        B. are                                C. be                                    D. to be

32. Can friendship which is all give on one side and take on the other---------------------------long?

A. take                                    B. keep                             C. hold                                 D. last

33.--------------------------friendship a two-sided affair?

A. Is                                        B. Are                               C. Be                                    D. To

34. Should two close friends understand each other so well that----------------------------can be no suspicion between them?

A. this                                     B. there                             C. where                              D. which

35. Should you think---------------------------of a friend who readily believes rumors and gossip about you?

A. many                                  B. lot                                 C. much                               D. any

36. Can you feel safe--------------------------telling your close friend your secrets?

A. which                                 B. why                              C. what                                 D. when

37. Do you ------------------------there must be a perfect sympathy between friends ?

A. think                                   B. see                                C. need                                  D. understand

38. Do you think your close friend should ------------------------joy and sadness with you?

A. to have                               B. share                            C. sharing                            D. shared

39. I am very delighted-----------------------the letter from you.

A. to hear                               B. to meet                         C. to see                               D. to receive

40. He has just moved to a new house so there must be a lot of-------------------------for him to do.

A. job                                      B. work                             C. homework                       D. thing

41. It is very important for him-------------------------this.

A. to understand                     B. understand                   C. understands                     D. understanding

42. He was the first man----------------------------.

A. arrive                                 B. to arrive                       C. arrives                             D. arriving

43. He is strong enough---------------------------this box.

A. to hold                                B. to keep                         C. to carry                           D. send

44. Please let me --------------------------your decision as soon as possible.

A. to know                              B. know                            C. knows                              D. knowing

45. How dare you-----------------------my letter!

A. to open                               B. open                             C. opens                               D. opening

46. We don't want anybody------------------------that we are here.

A. to know                              B. know                            C. knows                              D. knowing

47. He made me----------------------it all over again.

A. to do                                   B. do                                 C. does                                 D. doing

48. We let him------------------------party early as he could catch the last bus home.

A. go                                       B. come                            C. leave                               D. travel

49. He should know how---------------------the film projector

A. to use                                 B. use                                C. uses                                 D. using

50. He heard a cock-------------------------in a neighbouring village.

A. shout                                  B. talk                               C. sing                                  D. crow






Unit 2                      PERSONAL EXPERIENCES



Exercise 1: Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

1. A. affect                          B. appreciate                    C. attitude                        D. acquaintance

2. A. cofidence                    B. protect                          C. clock                             D. constancy

3. A. embrace                      B. embarrassing               C. enthusiasm                   D. memorable

4. A. idol                              B. side                               C. brighten                       D. activity

5. A. treasure                      B. scream                         C. sneaky                          D. cheat

Exercise 2: Choose one word whose stress pattern is different.  Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

      6. A. embrace                      B. affect                           C. brighten                          D. protect

7. A. menmorable               B. appreciate                    C. embarrassing                  D. apartment

8. A. floppy                         B. outlook                         C. loyalty                             D. protect

9. A. enthusiasm                 B. residential                   C. acquaintance                  D. unselfishness

            10. A. sneaky                       B. brighten                       C. idol                                  D. protect      


Choose from the four given options marked A, B, C and D one best answer to complete each sentence by circling the correcponding letter A, B, C or D:

            11. --------------you ever had any embarrassing experiences?

               A. Have                            B. Has                               C. Do                                   D. Did

12. Yes, my most embarrassing experience happened some months-------------

   A. ahead                           B. before                          C. ago                                  D. past

13. Do you have any idols--------------you really love and imitate in many ways?

   A. which                           B. who                              C. what                                D. why

14. Last year I went to a party alone. I didn't know any people there except the host. I felt very----------

   A. embarrass                    B. embarrassed                C. embarrassing                  D.  embarrassingly

15. She broke a glass of wine at the party and the wine poured into a strange man sitting next to her.

She was in a very--------------situation.

   A. embarrass                    B. embarrassed                C. embarrassing                  D.  embarrassingly

16. I don't like that man. He has a -------------behaviour.

   A. clever                           B. good                             C. interesting                      D. sneaky

17. The woman living next my door is always making--------------. She complains and talks noisily about

everything she doesn't like.

   A. something                    B. a fuss                            C. acquaintance                  D. stories

18. He entered the class, sat on the second row and-------------at the girl sitting next to him.

   A. saw                               B. talked                           C. said                                  D. glanced

19. Have you ever---------------a fire?

  A. see                                B. saw                               C. seeing                              D. seen

20. The fire--------------some years ago at Dong Xuan Market.

   A. happen                         B.happened                      C.happening                        D.happens

21. Did the firemen----------------in time?

   A. comes                           B. come                            C. coming                            D. came

22. The fire was great and it--------------a lot of things there.

  A. destroy                          B. destroys                        C. destroyed                        D. destroying

23. The businessmen---------------many things in the fire.

  A. to lose                           B. lose                               C. lost                                  D. losing

24. Can you write an article telling about one of your most memorable past----------------?

  A. experiences                  B. experience                   C. experiencing                   D. experienced

25. How did the experience----------------you?

  A. affects                           B. affect                           C. affected                          D. affecting

26. I was going home when I----------------an accident.

  A. see                                 B. was seeing                   C. saw                                  D. seen

27. My sister wrote the first article for the Pioneer Newspaper when she----------------10 years old.

  A. be                                  B. is                                   C. are                                   D. was

28. I phoned you last night but you were out. Where---------------you go?

  A. do                                  B. are                                C. did                                   D. were

29. When I got to the airport, the plane----------------taken off.

  A. had                                B. have                             C. has                                   D. having

30. The police---------------no attention to her complaint because she always made a fuss.

  A. pay                                B. paid                              C. pays                                 D. paying

31. The house was in great disorder because he------------------it.

  A. was redecorating         B. was redecorate            C. redecogated                    D. redecorates

32. Who were you talking to on the phone as I----------------in?

  A. come                             B. am coming                   C. came                               D. was coming

33. Where---------------when you saw him last?

  A. dose he live                  B. he live                          C. did he live                       D. was he living

34. The traffic was making so much noise that I couldn't hear what he---------------.

  A. said                               B. say                                C. says                                 D. was saying

35. When I arrived at the meeting the first speaker---------------speaking and the audience was clapping.

  A. just finishes                  B. had just finished          C. has just finished             D. just finished

36. -----------------I was looking for my passport I found this old photo.

  A. which                            B. where                           C. what                                D. when

37. I shared a flat with him when we were students. He always------------------about my untidiness.

  A. complaints                    B. conplaint                      C. complained                     D. is complaining

38. I didn't want to meet Paul so when he entered the room I-----------------.

  A. leave                             B. left                               C. am learning                    D. was leaving

39. You looked very busy when I saw you yesterday morning. What----------------?

  A. were you doing            B. were you do                 C. did you do                       D. do you do

40. I was making a cake when the light wen out. I had to----------------it in the dark.

  A. finished                         B. finishes                        C. finish                               D. finishing

41. He was watching TV when the phone----------------.

  A. rings                              B. ring                               C. ringing                            D. rang

42. As I----------------the road I stepped on a banana skin and fell heavily.

  A. crosses                          B. was crossing                C. crossed                            D. cross

43. Cathy is trustworthy. She is person upon--------------yo can always depend.

  A. who                               B. whom                           C. that                                  D. which

44. Our office needs a secretary who-----------------how to use various word processing programs.

  A. knows                            B. knew                            C. knows                              D. knowing

45. Jim is a kind of  person----------------whom one can talk about anything.

  A. with                               B. at                                  C. to                                     D. in

46. When I was a boy, I often went to school---------------foot.

  A. on                                  B. by                                 C. with                                 D. of

47. I----------------the restaurant wold be expensive but it was reasonably cheap.

  A. think                              B. was thinking                C. thought                            D. am thinking

48. He looked at me angrily when I--------------him.

  A. interrupt                       B. was interrupting          C. am interrupting              D. interrupted

49. I wasn't a serious accident. Only the car was badly----------------.

  A. damage                         B. damaging                     C. damaged                         D. to damage

50. When I retuned home after 20 years, everything---------------completely.

               A. has changed                 B. had changed                 C. is changing                      D. was changing




Unit 3                                          A PARTY



Exercise 1: Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

1. A. celebrate                    B. helicopter                    C. memorable                  D. refreshment

2. A. anniversary                B. attitude                        C. affect                           D. clap

3. A. silver                           B. icing                             C. idol                               D. time

4. A. cosy                             B. constancy                     C. hostess                          D. host

5. A. childish                       B. children                        C. chamber                       D. chemistry

Exercise 2: Choose one word whose stress pattern is different.  Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

6. A. refreshment                B. memorable                  C. unselfishness                  D. appreciate

7. A. affect                          B. idol                               C. sneaky                             D. cosy

8. A. loyalty                        B. floppy                           C. embrace                          D. childish

9. A. constancy                    B. confidence                   C. celebrate                         D. acquaitance

10. A. anniversary              B. enthusiasm                   C. apartment                       D. embarrassing


Choose from the four given options marked A, B, C and D one best answer to complete each sentence by circling the correcponding letter A, B, C or D:

11.---------------people in your country celebrate their birthdays?

  A. Does                              B. Do                                C. Doing                              D. Did

12.------------------do teenagers in your country give their friends on their birthday?

  A. What                             B. Which                           C. When                               D. Why

13. Do your parents celebrate----------------wedding anniversary each year?

  A. his                                 B. her                                C. our                                   D. their

14. Do people in country often have wedding party at home-----------------at the restaurant?

  A. with                               B. or                                  C. between                          D. maybe

15. How-------------------have your parents been married?

  A. far                                 B. time                              C. age                                  D. long

16. What do people-------------------the 25th wedding anniversary? Is it "silver anniversary"?

  A. speak                             B. say                                C. call                                  D. talk

17.-------------------the 50th wedding anniversary called the "golden anniversary"?

  A. Is                                   B. Are                               C. Do                                   D. Does

18. Are you going-----------------your 25th wedding anniversary?

  A. celebrate                      B. to celebrate                 C. celebrating                     D. celebrated

19. Have you ever-----------------to a wedding party?

  A. been                              B. gone                             C. visited                             D. seen           

20.------------------sort of food and drinks do they often have at the wedding party?

  A. Which                           B. How                             C. What                               D. Where

21. Do vietnames women often---------------------traditional clothes (ao dai) at the wedding party?

  A. put                                 B. show                             C. take                                 D. wear

22. Are there------------------people at the wedding party?

  A. a lot                               B. many                            C. any                                  D. much

23. Do you---------------------your birthday each year?

  A. get                                 B. celebrate                      C. have                                D. open

24.-------------------would you like to celebrate your birthday, at the day time or in the evening?

  A. Where                           B. When                            C. What time                       D. While

25. Do you-------------------your birthday cake or you buy it?

  A. make                             B. do                                 C. made                               D. did

26. Who are usually--------------------to your birthday party?

  A. to invite                        B. invited                          C. inviting                           D. to be inviting

27. What activities often--------------------place at the party?

  A. to take                           B. take                              C. took                                 D. taken

28.-------------------you often dance at the birthday party?

  A. Do                                 B. Are                               C. Did                                  D. Were

29. Last nigh I---------------------to my close friends birthday paarty.

  A. go                                  B. went                             C. to go                                D. going

30. There-------------------a lot of fruit and drinks at the party yesterday.

  A. is                                   B. are                                C. was                                  D. were

31. My close friend invited a lot of people--------------------her party.

  A. to                                   B. in                                  C. with                                 D. on

32. I am glad you dcided----------------------to my party.

  A. come                             B. coming                         C.came                                D. to come

33. Everyone seems--------------------a good time at her party.

  A. have                              B. to have                         C. having                             D. had

34. I like------------------, but also enjoy meals out at restaurants.

  A. to cook                          B. cook                              C. cooked                             D. cooking

35. I cant imagine not--------------------a television.

  A. to have                          B. have                             C. having                             D. had

36. I shall never foget-------------------her for the first time.

  A. to meet                         B. meeting                        C. meet                                D. met

37. Alice didn't expect-------------------to Jims party.

  A. inviting                         B. being invited               C. to invite                          D. to be invited

38. As yousre so tired, I don't think you need-------------------tonight.

  A. come                             B. coming                         C. to come                           D. came

39. Most people don't need---------------------financially once they have found reasonable jobs.

  A. support                          B. supporting                    C. to support                        D. supported

40. We've arranged------------------outside the school at 5 oclock.

  A. to meet                         B. meet                             C. meeting                           D. met

41. He doesn't  allow us---------------------personal phone calls.

  A. to make                         B. make                            C. making                            D. to be made

42. He tried to avoid---------------------my questions.

  A. to answer                      B. answer                         C. answering                       D. to be answered

43. Have you ever considered--------------------English in England?

  A. learn                             B. learning                       C. to learn                           D. learnt

44. I hope------------------to university next year.

  A. to go                              B. go                                 C. going                               D. went

45. Would you like------------------an orange juice?

  A. have                              B. having                          C. to have                            D. had

46. instead of---------------------about the good news, Tom seemed to be indifferent.

  A. exciting                         B. to excite                       C. being excited                  D. to be excited

47. Jack got into trouble when he refused--------------------his briefcase for the customs officers.

  A. opening                         B. being opened               C. to open                            D. to be opened

48. We cant count on-------------------by our parents every time we get into financial officers.

  A. rescuing                        B. being rescued              C. to rescue                         D. to be rescued

49. The nurse suggested--------------------two aspirins.

  A, to take                           B. taking                           C. to be taken                      D. being taken

50. Mary's children are used to--------------------up after school every day.

  A. picking                          B. pick                              C. be picked                        D. being picked




Unit 4                                VOLUNTEER WORK



Exercise 1: Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

1. A. charity                        B. gratitude                      C. craft                             D. attitude

2. A. donation                      B. remote                         C. cosy                              D. minority

3. A. residential                  B. refreshment                 C. remote                         D. remember    

4. A. issue                            B. minority                       C. childish                        D. brighten

5. A. clear                            B. near                              C. bear                              D. hear

Exercise 2: Choose one word whose stress pattern is different.  Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

6. A. remote                        B. hostess                          C. sneaky                             D. floppy

7. A. issue                            B. martyr                          C. cosy                                 D. affect

8. A. minority                      B. refreshment                 C. constancy                        D. enthusiasm

9. A. brighten                      B. loyalty                          C. donation                          D. wounded

10. A. gratitude                   B. acquaintance               C. apartment                       D. appreciate


Choose from the four given options marked A, B, C and D one best answer to complete each sentence by circling the correcponding letter A, B, C or D:

11. Do many people in your country--------------------take care of others?

  A. voluntarily                    B. volunteer                     C. voluntary                        D. volunteerism

12.------------------do the volunteers often do?

  A. What                             B. Which                           C. When                               D. Why

13. Do volunteers often spend time--------------------other people in hospitals, orphanages or homes for

 the aged?

  A. help                               B. helping                         C. to help                             D. helped

14. Do you volunteers in your country go and work------------------the homes of sick or old people?

  A. for                                 B. at                                  C. on                                    D. in

15.-----------------young volunteers do the work, such as: cleaning up the house, doing the shopping and

 cooking meal for the sick and old people?

  A. Does                              B. Do                                C. Did                                  D. To do

16. In my country, young university and college volunteers often------------------in helping the people

who have special circumstances.

  A. participating                 B. participated                 C. participate                      D. to participate

17.------------------summer vacations, the students voluntarily go and work in remote or mountainous

 areas to provide education for children.

  A. At                                  B. Of                                 C. By                                    D. During

18. Do you think that if youbring------------------to others, you are also a happy person?

  A. happy                            B. happiness                     C. happily                            D. happiest

19.What kind of volunteer work------------------you participating in?

  A. do                                  B. are                                C. have                                D. can

20. We are-----------------the poor people in the remote areas.

  A. help                               B. to help                          C. helped                             D. helping

21.-------------------exactly are you doing?

  A. Which                           B. When                            C. What                               D. Who

22. We-----------------helping the poor people to mow the lawns, repair the roofs of their house, teach

their children how to read and write in the evenings.

  A. is                                   B. are                                C. be                                    D. to be

23. How do volunteers help disadvantaged and handicapped children---------------------their difficulties?

  A. to get                             B. to overcome                 C. to know                           D. to pass

24.------------------do many people do volunteer work?

  A. What                             B. Why                              C. Which                              D. Who

25. Do you------------------volunteer work?

  A. enjoy                             B. enjoys                           C. enjoying                          D. enjoyed

26. Have you ever------------------part in volunteer work?

  A. take                               B. took                              C. taken                               D. to take

27. How--------------------times have you taken part  in volunteer work?

  A. much                             B. many                            C. long                                 D. often

28. This is informal school. It--------------------classes to disadvantaged children in my town.

  A. provides                        B. provide                         C. providing                        D. provided

29. About 150 children with special difficulties---------------------attend classes.

  A. regular                          B. usual                             C. frequency                        D. regularly

30. Children in these classes often take part-----------------fundraising performances.

  A. on                                  B. at                                  C. in                                     D. of

31. They raisemoney-------------------their study and expand their school activities.

  A. to continue                    B. continue                       C. continuing                       D. continued

32. Volunteers are---------------------to help organise the great events.

  A. require                          B. requiring                      C. required                          D. to require

33. Which kind of volunteer work do you-------------------? Helping the poor or helping the sick?

  A. require                          B. requiring                      C. required                          D. to require

34. Have you---------------------supported charities?

  A. always                          B. sometimes                   C. usually                            D. ever

35. Whats the best way of--------------------money to support charities?

  A. raise                              B. to raise                         C. raising                             D. raised

36. Do you think that the best way of raising money to support charities---------------------through fundraising activities?

  A. is                                   B. are                                C. was                                  D. were

37. She is looking forward to-------------------you again.

  A. meet                              B. meeting                        C. met                                  D. be met

38.---------------------photographs of the place, I had no desire to go there.

  A. Have seen                     B. Had seen                      C. Having seen                    D. To have seen

39.--------------------the museum, we decided to have lunch in the park.

  A. Visited                          B. Having visited             C. Have visited                   D. Visiting

40.--------------------the story before, she didn't want to hear the story again.

  A. Heard                            B. To hear                        C. Having heard                  D. Hearing

41. You cant prevent him from---------------------alcohol.

  A. drink                             B. to drink                        C. drinking                          D. drank

42. In spite of-----------------------extremely tired, I went to school.

  A. to be                              B. be                                 C. being                               D. am

43. He got good marks at his exams because he spent almost his time---------------------his lessons.

  A. revise                            B. revising                        C. to revise                          D. to be revised

44. I saw her-------------------the staff room.

  A. to enter                         B. enter                             C. entering                          D. entered

45. Would you mind---------------------the window?

  A. open                              B. opening                        C. to open                            D. opened

46.----------------------all his money, he decided to go home and ask his father for a job.

  A. Having spent                B. Spent                            C. Spending                         D. Have spent

47. We saw the first star---------------------in the sky.

  A. twinkling                      B. twinkle                         C. to kwinkle                       D. twinkled

48. Its no good----------------------to him, he never answers letters.

  A, write                             B. being written               C. writing                            D. to wirte

49. Ask him to come in. Don't keep him--------------------at the door.

  A. to stand                         B. standing                       C. stand                                D. being stood

50.--------------------the money, they began quarrelling about how to divide it.

  A. Have found                   B. Found                           C. Having found                  D. Finding




Unit 5                                    ILITERACY



Exercise 1: Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

1. A. effective                     B. eradicate                      C. enthusiatic                   D. effort

2. A. campaign                    B. clap                              C. craft                             D. gratitude

3. A. mutual                        B. universal                      C. usual                             D. survey

4. A. strategy                       B. gerneral                       C. geography                    D. great

5. A. minority                      B. martyr                          C. cosy                              D. loyalty

Exercise 2: Choose one word whose stress pattern is different.  Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

6. A. campaign                    B. performance                C. brighten                       D . donation

7. A. illiteracy                     B. disadvantage               C. anniversary                  D. residential

8. A. acquaintance              B. embarrassing               C. co-operate                   D. helicopter

9. A. expand                        B. hostess                          C. outlook                         D. sneaky

10. A. universal                   B. activity                         C. minority                       D. enthusiam


Choose from the four given options marked A, B, C and D one best answer to complete each sentence by circling the correcponding letter A, B, C or D:

11. The rate of literracy in Vietnam in 2000---------------------94%.

  A. is                                   B. are                                C. was                                  D. were

12. Much work----------------------to eradicate illiteracy in my country in 2000.

  A. is                                   B. was done                      C. are done                          D. has been done

13. Many students spent their summer vacations teaching illiterate people-----------------------in 2001.

  A. to read and write         B. reading and writing    C. read and write                D. to be read and written

14. If more and more people take part in the fight against illiteracy, illiteracy will soon---------------------.

  A. eradicate                      B. be eradicated               C. eradicated                       D. be eradicating

15. Many people in the remote areas now-------------------------.

  A. can be read and written                                         B. can to read and write

  C. can read and write                                                 D. can reading and writing

16. What should we do--------------------the students from the low-income families to continue their


  A. to help                           B. help                              C. helping                            D. helped

17. The Government should----------------------more boarding schools for the children who live far

 from school in the remote and mountainous areas.

  A. build                              B. built                              C. building                           D. be built

18. Many students in the poor families cannot even---------------------textbooks to study.

  A. to buy                            B. be bought                     C. buy                                  D. buying

19. The children whose parents can't afford to buy them textbooks---------------------books from libraries.

  A. can borrow                   B. be borrowed                C. can be borrowed             D. borrowing

20.-----------------------did Vietnam complete the programs of "Universalisation of Primary Education"

and "Illiteracy Eradication"?

  A. Where                           B. When                            C. What                               D. Who

21.-----------------------was the effective way to help people in remote and mountainous areas to read and


  A. When                            B. How                             C. Why                                 D. What

22. Linda----------------------me to wait for her at the school gate.

  A. said                               B. told                               C. says                                 D. tell

23. The librarian asked us-----------------------noise in the library.

  A. not make                       B. not to make                  C. not making                      D. not to be made

           24. She encouraged me-----------------------the exam.

  A. to take                           B. take                              C. taking                              D. took

25. John asked me not------------------------anyone the news.

  A. tell                                B. to tell                           c. telling                              D. told

26. Mary----------------------her brother not to touch the electric wires.

  A. warn                              B. to warn                         C. warning                           D. warned

27. My mother told me------------------------to write her a letter every week.

  A. not to forget                 B. to forget                       C. not forget                        C. not to be forgotten

28. He instructed me------------------------it on, then to wait for 2 minutes.

  A. switch                           B. to switch                      C. switching                        D. switched

29. He promised-------------------------too late again.

  A. go out                            B. not to go out                 C. not go out                        D. not to be going

30. She-----------------------to tell us her experience how to learn English well.

  A. was asked                     B. asks                              C. asked                               D. is asking

31. Your son is really intelligent. He should-----------------------to take part in this competition.

  A. encourage                     B. encouraging                 C. be encouraged                D. to be encouraged

32. Many students expected their teachers-------------------------and interested in what they were doing.

  A. to be motivated            B. be motivated               C. to motivate                     D. motivated

33. Almost students believed that learning should------------------------on important life skils.

  A. centered                        B. be centered                  C. be centering                    D. center

34. My mother advised me not------------------------to bed late.

  A. go                                  B. going                            C. went                                D. to go

35. She invited me-----------------------to her birthday party.

  A. come                             B. to come                        C. coming                            D. came

36. Tome wanted me---------------------to the seaside with him.

  A. to go                              B. go                                 C. going                               D. went

37. The librarian reminded me------------------------the book back to the library.

  A. to gve                            B. give                              C. giving                              D. to be given

38. She agreed------------------------me with my English.

  A. to help                           B. help                              C. helping                            D. to be helped

39. He------------------------us not to swim in that pond.

  A. warn                              B. warning                        C. warned                            D. was warned

40. My mother wanted me---------------------a doctor.

  A. become                         B. becoming                     C. to become                       D. became

41. His sister asked him-----------------------too fast.

  A. not drive                       B. not to drive                  C. not to be driven              D. not driving

42. My father told me-----------------------him when he was talking with his friends.

  A. not to interrupt             B. not interrupting           C. not be interrupted          D. not interrupt

43. My friend warned me not to tell anyone or I--------------------------sorry.

  A. would be                       B. would                           C. will be                             D. am

44. "Please------------------------your shoes before entering the house".

  A. to put off                       B. put off                          C. putting off                       D. to be put off

45. At last, he admitted------------------------that box.

  A. to open                          b. open                              C. to be open                       D. opening

46. The volunteers helped the children in that village------------------------their difficulties.

  A. overcame                      B. to overcame                 C. to be overcame               D. overcoming

47. He gave her an opportunity-------------------------in his office.

 A. to work                          B. work                             c. working                            D. worked

48. He-----------------------to join the football team of his school.

 A. was encouraged            B. encouraged                  C. was encouraging            D. encourages

49. His mother reminded him-------------------------the door before going out.

  A. lock                               B. to lock                          C. locked                             D. to be locked

50. She invited me---------------------and stay with her whenever I visited Da Lat.

  A. come                             B. coming                         C. to come                           D. came




Unit 6                                    COMPETITIONS



Exercise 1: Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

1. A. activity                       B. annual                          C. annoucement               D. anniversary

2. A. spirit                           B. stimulate                      C. maximum                    D. childish

3. A. society                        B. remote                         C. hostess                          D. cosy

4. A. representative            B. general                         C. refreshment                 D. celebrate

5. A. marathon                    B. enthusiastic                  C. ethnic                           D. smoothly

Exercise 2: Choose one word whose stress pattern is different.  Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

6. A. marathon                    B. maximum                    C. formally                       D. effective

7. A. patter                          B. spirit                             C. announce                      D. survey

8. A. disappoited                 B. activity                         C. eradicate                      D. unselfishness

9. A. windowpane               B. stimulate                      C. society                          D. confidence

10. A. representative          B. disavantaged               C. anniversary                  D. enthusiastic


Choose from the four given options marked A, B, C and D one best answer to complete each sentence by circling the correcponding letter A, B, C or D:

11. Do you like---------------------in competitions?

  A. take part                       B. to take part                  C. being taken part             D. taking part

12. Last month, I took part in the Math competition-----------------------by The Ha Noi Survey of  Education and Training.

  A. organized                      B. was organized             C. organizing                       D. to organized

13.------------------------do you think of the Math Competition? – Oh, it's great. It's an opportunite to test my knowledge of Math.

  A. where                            B. What                            C. Why                                 D. Which

14. Where is the Boston Marathon----------------------every year?

  A. hold                               B. holding                         C. held                                 D. to hold

15. When were women officially allowed--------------------in the Boston races?

  A. to participate                B. participate                   C. participating                   D. to be participated

16. The aim of the English Speaking Competition organized by our school next week is---------------------

the spirit of learning English among students.

  A. stimulate                      B. to stimulate                 C. stimulating                     D. stimulated

17. My close friend congratulated me on-----------------------the first prize in the Math competition.

  A. win                                B. won                              C. winning                           D. to be won

18. Tom apologized his teacher for----------------------his Math exercises

  A. not do                            B. not doing                      C. not to do                          D. not done

19. My brother has always dreamed---------------------a job in that company.

  A. of getting                      B. on getting                     C. at getting                        D. in getting

20. Linda insisted-----------------------me a lift of her motorbike.

  A. in giving                       B. on giving                      C. of giving                         D. at giving

21. She prevented her daughter-----------------------to the seaside with her friends.

  A. from going                    B. on going                       C. of going                           D. in going

22. The old woman accused the boy-----------------------her window.

  A. on breaking                  B. at breaking                  C. in breaking                     D. of breaking

23. Mary thanked me------------------------her to my birthday's party.

  A. for inviting                   B. of inviting                    C. in inviting                       D. on inviting

24. she was looking forward to----------------------to Nha Trang with her parents that summer.

  A. go                                  B. going                            C. be going                          D. be gone

25. Anna suggested-----------------------to the beach on the weekend.

  A. in going                         B. going                            C. on going                          D. of going

26. His father was----------------------buying a new computer for him.

  A. thinking of                    B. thinking on                   C. thinking in                      D. thinking at

27. My neighbours-----------------------making so much noise.

  A. apologized of               B. apologized for             C. apologized in                  D. apologized at

28. His mother------------------------coming to see me.

  A. prevented him in          B. prevented him of         C. prevented him on           D. perevented him from

29. He forgave me for not-------------------------to him.

  A. write                             B. writing                         C. to write                           D. written

30. I forgot to thak them-----------------------me.

  A. in helping                     B. for helping                   C. at helping                        D. of helping

31. They warned us against----------------------that car.

  A. buying                           B. buy                               C. to buy                              D. bought

32. The police stopped everyone-----------------------the building.

  A. in leaving                     B. on leaving                    C. at leaving                        D. from leaving

33. They-------------------------telling lies.

  A. accused him of             B. accused him at             C. accused him on               D. accused him in

34. the man who had been arrested was suspected--------------------------a false


  A. in having                       B. of having                      C. on having                        D. at having

35. She-----------------------Tom for being so rude to him.

  A. apologized to                B. apologized at               C. apologized on                 D. apologized for

36. He decided-------------------------to London. He didn't  want any changes.

  A. against moving             B. in moving                     C. of moving                       D. at moving

37. They wouldn't dream of------------------------a house in Hanoi.

  A. buy                                B. buying                          C. to buy                              D. to be bought

38. They suspected the man--------------------------a spy.

  A. at being                         B. in being                        C. on being                          D. of being

39. She succeeded------------------------a good job in a big city.

  A. in finding                      B. on finding                    C. of finding                        D. at finding

40. She insisted-----------------------for the cinema tickets.

  A. in paying                       B. of paying                      C. on paying                        D. at paying

41. Some parents didn't approve------------------------a lot of television.

  A. in their children watching                                     B. on their children watching

  C. of their children wayching                                    D. at their children watching

42. I wanted to go out alone but he------------------------going with me.

  A. insisted on                    B. insisted in                    C. insisted of                       D. insisted at

43. She---------------------staying at the hotel near the airport.

  A. warned Jim against      B. warned Jim of             C. warned Jim on                D. warned Jim at

44. Linda-------------------------not phoning earlier.

  A. apologised to me in     B. apollogised to me of   C. apologised to me on       D. apologised to me for

45. My mother warned me against---------------------------games on computer allday.

  A. played                           B. play                              C. playing                            D. to play

46. Mary--------------------------showing her around the city.

  A. thanked me for             B. thanked me in              C. thanked me on                D. thanked me of

47. The bad weather-------------------------going for a picnic last weekend.

  A. prevented us in             B. prevented us on           C. prevented us of               D. prevented us from

48. He-------------------------passing the driving test.

  A. congratulated me on    B. congratulated me in    C. congratulated me at       D. congratulated me of

49. He------------------------th rowing the stone into her house.

  A. denied                           B. denied of                      C. denied on                        D. denied in

50. He------------------------celebrating their 30th wedding anniverrsary the next  week.

  A. suggested                      B. suggested of                 C. suggested on                   D. suggested in





Unit 7                                    WORLD POPULATION



Exercise 1: Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

1. A. decrease                     B. eradicate                      C. celebrate                      D. expand

2. A. family                         B. limit                             C. activity                         D. spirit

3. A. animal                        B. annual                          C. clap                              D. affect

4. A. population                  B. probably                       C. clock                             D. remote

5. A. stimulate                    B. enthusiasm                   C. unselfishness               D. universal

Exercise 2: Choose one word whose stress pattern is different.  Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

6. A. figure                          B. limit                             C. method                         D. control

7. A. increase                      B. expand                         C. martyr                          D. remote

8. A. probably                     B. animal                          C. stimulate                      D. effective

9. A. disappointed               B. population                    C. distribution                  D. minority

10. A. maximum                 B. performance                C. handicapped                D. celebrate


Choose from the four given options marked A, B, C and D one best answer to complete each sentence by circling the correcponding letter A, B, C or D:

11. The number of accidents on highways--------------------------every year.

  A. increases                       B. are increasing              C. is increased                     D. increased

12. Experts say that the-------------------------of the world could be over 7 billion by the year 2015.

  A. number                         B. population                    C. are                                   D. quantity

13. The United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) is a(n)----------------------organisation

  A. national                        B. helpful                         C. international                   D. necessary

14. A number of safe and inexpensive birth-control----------------------are provided to reduce the overpopulation in many countries.

  A. methods                        B. types                             C. ways                                D. sorts

15. There is a(n)---------------------------of 30 kilometres per hour for driving through this town.

  A. level                              B. limit                             C. rate                                  D. control

16. Our natural-----------------------will run out if people continue wasting them.

  A. figures                          B. numbers                       C. resources                         D. population

17. If I----------------------this exam I'll go to the university next September.

  A. pass                               B. to pass                          C. passing                            D. passed

18. If Tom----------------------us, the work will only take half an hour to finish.

  A. will help                       B. helped                          C. is helping                        D. helps

19. It Jack refuses to help we-----------------------manage without him.

  A. have to                          B. will have to                 C. had to                              D. are having to

20. If she--------------------so shy she would enjoy parties.

  A. isn't                               B. not be                           C. weren't                           D.wouldn't be

21. If he took more exercise he-------------------------healthier.

  A. must be                         B. was                               C. is                                      D. would be

22. If he-------------------------hours watching television he would pass the exams.

  A. didn't spend                  B. noy spent                      C. doesn't spend                  D. wouldn't spend

23. If people-------------------------more slowly there wouldn't be many accidents.

  A. drive                             B. drove                            C. are driving                      D. would drive

24. If English people spoke more slowly I--------------------------to understand them.

  A. may be able                  B. am able                        C. might be able                 D. was able

25. If the flat---------------------------clearly numbered it would be easier for me to find it.

  A. were                              B. is                                   C. would be                         D. x

26. If they cleaned the windows the rooms------------------------brighter.

  A. will look                       B. looked                          C. look                                 D. would look

27. If we--------------------------central heaying the house would be warmer.

  A. had                                B. have                             C. will have                         D. would have

28. If I---------------------------the signal I would have stopped.

  A. had seen                        B. saw                               C. have seen                        D. see

29. I--------------------------you if I'd known your number.

  A. would ring                    B. would have rung          C. rang                                 D. will ring

30. If the lift-------------------------we wouldn't have come up by the stairs.

  A. had been working        B. have been working      C. is working                       D. would be

31. We--------------------------this mistake if we had listened carefully.

  A. mightn't make             B. may not have made     C. mightn't have made       D. didn't make

32. If they hadn't been driving so quick the accident-------------------------so terrible.

  A. wasn't                           B. won't be                       C. wouldn't be                    D. wouldn't have been

33. They----------------------their children to the beach if it hadn't been raining.

  A. would have taken         B. would take                   C. will take                         D. took

34. If I------------------------hard at school I would have got a good job.

  A. worked                          B. was working                C. had worked                     D. might work

35. If the examinner had read the passage more slowly the candidates--------------- it.

  A. would have understand                                          B. understood

              C. would understand                                                   D. will have understood

            36. If the exit doors------------------------people would have been able to escape.

              A. hadn't blocked             B. didn't block                 C. hadn't been blocked       D. weren't blocked

            37. She said if he-------------------------him she would learn English in England.

              A. were                              B. is                                   C. will be                             D. would be

            38. My friend told me that he--------------------------to the cinema with me if he got the permission from

his parents.

              A. will go                          B. went                             C. is going                           D. would go

            39. My younger brother asked me what he would do with the money if he------------------------the first prize?

             A. won                                B. wins                              C. would win                       D. would go

            40. My teacher told me if I--------------------------harder I would have passed the exams easily.

             A. would learn                   B. learn                             C. had learn                         D. have learn

            41. He told me that if he-------------------------overtime he would earn as much as I did.

             A. worked                           B. works                           C. is working                       D. would worked

            42. His mother told him she would be very disappointed if he------------------------the entrance exam to university.

             A. wouldn't pass                B. won't pass                    C. doesn't pass                    D. didn't pass

            43. He didn't tell me that he was a vegetarian till halfway through the meal. If he----------------------me earlier I would have cooked him something more suitable.

             A. would tell                      B. told                               C. will tell                           D. had told

            44. He asked his parents for a loan but he didn't say what he wanted the money for, so they refused. I think if he had told them that he wanted to open a restaurant they----------------------------

              A. would have agreed      B. would have been agreed                                         

              C. would agree                  D. have agreed

            45. If he---------------------------earlier he could have left on the afternoon flight.

              A. decided                         B. has decided                  C. had decided                    D. was decided

            46. He would understand it if you-------------------------it to him more slowly.

             A. explain                           B. explained                     C. would explain                 D. are explaining

            47. They told us if they--------------------------the problem they wouldn't have asked for help.

             A. had understood              B. understood                   C. have understood             D. understand

            48. The teacher will not accept our work if we---------------------------it in late.

             A. turned                            B. turn                               C. will turn                          D.  is turning

            49. If I--------------------------the dress before Saturday I will wear it to Mary's birthday party.

             A. will finish                      B. would finish                 C. finish                               D. finished

            50. She said she------------------------- if they invited her to the party.

             A. would accept                 B. accepts                         C. will accept                      D. accepted




Unit 8                                    CELEBRATIONS



Exercise 1: Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

1. A. comment                     B. constancy                     C. longevity                      D. society

2. A. fireworks                    B. pine                              C. limit                             D. shrine

3. A. kumquat                      B. lucky                            C. stimulate                      D. plum

4. A. parade                         B. marathon                     C. maximum                    D. annual

5. A. represent                    B. remote                         C. dress                             D. general

Exercise 2: Choose one word whose stress pattern is different.  Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

6. A. parade                         B. increase                       C. decrease                       D. spirit

7. A. represent                    B. universal                      C. residential                   D. helicopter

8. A. longevity                    B. constancy                     C. windowpane                D. stimulate

9. A. agrarian                      B. society                          C. celebrate                      D. performance

10. A. comment                   B. method                         C. campaign                     D. survey


Choose from the four given options marked A, B, C and D one best answer to complete each sentence by circling the correcponding letter A, B, C or D:

            11. In Vietnam, Tet marks the beginning of spring and, for--------------------------people, the start of the New Year.

            A. peasant                           B. agrarian                       C. ethnic                              D. young

            12. The bad weather has great-------------------------on our crop.

            A. influences                       B. relies                            C. affects                             D. depends

            13. Before Tet, houses--------------------------to welcome the New Year.

            A. have redecorated           B. are often redecorated C. will be redecorated        D. often redecorate

           14. Australia Day, which is a national public holiday,-----------------------on January 26th

            A. will be celebrated          B. celebrated                    C. is celebrated                   D. is celebrating

           15. Peach blossom is--------------------------at Tet in the North of Vietnam.

            A. traditional                      B. tradition                       C. traditioning                     D. traditionalism

           16. The most-------------------------food of Tet is banh chung (square sticky rice cake).

            A. tradition                          B. necessary                     C. importance                     D. special

           17. Of all the-------------------------during a year, I like our National Independence Day most.

            A. festivals                          B. holidays                       C. days off                           D. months

           18. Our National Independence Day is a day on which our country celebrates its-----------------------from French colonists.

            A. independent                    B. independently              C. independence                 D. independency

           19.-----------------------is Mid-Autumn Festival? – It falls on the fifteenth of August according to the lunar calendar.

           A. Where                              B. When                            C. Which                              D. Why

           20. What do people give each other------------------------Vallentine's Day?

           A. on                                     B. in                                  C. at                                     D. of

          21. In Vietnam, children receive their------------------------inside red envelopes at Tet.

           A. "lucky coin"                    B. "lucky money"            C. "lucky stamp"                D. "lucky book"

          22. Do people in your country go to pagodas to-----------------------for a happy and healthy year for their family and for themselves at Tet?

           A. require                             B. pray                              C. beg                                  D. receive

         23. In what festival can you watch a------------------------?

           A. parade                              B. display                         C. performance                   D. play

         24. Tet is really a time of fun and festivals for--------------------------throughout Vietnam.

          A. only adults                        B. only children               C. only old people               D. everyone

         25. In what festival do children-----------------------masks?

          A. wear                                  B. put                                C. take                                 D. give

         26.----------------------in the class did their homework so the teacher was angry.

          A. No one                              B. Anyone                        C. Everyone                        D. All

         27.----------------------is knocking at the door. Can you answer it?

          A. One                                   B. Someone                      C. No one                            D. Anyone

         28.-----------------------in the office is given  special training for the job so all of them do the job well.

          A. No one                              B. Anyone                        C. Someone                         D. Everyone

         29. I went to the library to seek information I needed for my study but I found-----------------------there.

          A. someone                           B. no one                          C. anyone                            D. everyone

         30. Does---------------------mind if I turn on the TV?

         A. anyone                               B. someone                       C. no one                             D. everyone

        31. He didn't attend the important meeting yesterday but no one----------------------why.

         A. knew                                  B. know                            C. knowing                          D. knows

        32. Of all the cars here I like the Mercedes------------------------.

         A. one                                     B. first                              C. better                              D. more

        33. I like reading books, especially-----------------------about the science fictions.

         A. that                                     B. the ones                        C. the one                            D. this

        34. Everyone believed that he------------------------the first prize in the competition but he didn't.

         A. would win                          B. will win                       C. wins                                 D. has won

        35. On New Year's Day---------------------------tries to be nice and polite to each other because all of them want to have good luck.

         A. no one                                B. everyone                      C. someone                          D. anyone

        36. Before Tet, my mother is always busy-------------------------the traditional foods.

         A. cook                                   B. cooked                          C. cooking                           D. to cook

        37. Sometimes I go to the pagoda near my house-------------------------for good luck.

         A. to pray                               B. pray                              C. praying                            D. prayed

        38. People in this area have a special way of---------------------------the Nem Year.

         A. celebrate                           B. celebrating                  C. celebrated                       D. to celebrate

        39. Has-----------------------arrived? Can we get started now?

         A. anyone                               B. everyone                      C. someone                          D. no one

        40. There are many interesting customs in my country------------------------celebrating the New Year.

         A. for                                      B. of                                  C. with                                 D. at

        41. The boy said his parents-------------------------very disappointed if he didn't pass the exam.

         A. will be                               B. would be                      C. is                                      D. are

        42. He told me that if I-------------------------English more slowly, he would understand what I said.

         A. spoke                                  B. speak                            C. have spoken                    D. had spoken

        43. He asked me how long Tet preparations and celebrations-------------------------.

         A. will last                             B. last                               C. lasted                              D. are lasting

        44. On Thanksgiving, families' members get together. They prepare a large meal--------------------------roast turkey.

         A. with                                    B. of                                  C. on                                    D. in

        45. At Tet holidays, people in the North of Vietnam often----------------------------their house with peach flowers.

         A. decorated                           B. decorate                       C. decorates                        D. decorating

        46. On Valentine's Day, people give chocolates, flowers or gifts------------------------the people they love.

         A. for                                      B. on                                 C. with                                 D. to

        47. Which----------------------------are children very interested in? – Mid-Autumn, I think.

         A. festival                              B. performance                C. game                               D. holiday

        48. He was very sad because----------------------------remembered his birthday.

         A. anyone                               B. everyone                      C. no one                             D. none

        49. if you go on the strets in Vietnam before Tet, you-----------------------------the joyful atmosphere everywhere.

         A. will find                             B. would find                   C. find                                  D. found

        50. Christmas is the time for children-----------------------------the gifts from Santa Claus.

         A. to receive                          B. to accept                      C. to take                             D. to give




Unit 9                                   THE POST OFFICE



Exercise 1: Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

1. A. comment                     B. coward                         C. clock                             D. celebration

2. A. longevity                    B. recipient                      C. express                         D. secure

3. A. population                  B. commune                     C. punctuality                   D. stimulate

4. A. disatisfaction              B. facsimile                      C. spacious                       D. telegram

5. A. shrine                          B. service                         C. distribution                  D. digit

Exercise 2: Choose one word whose stress pattern is different.  Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

6. A. subsriber                     B. represent                      C. parade                          D. proportion

7. A. influence                    B. notify                           C. increase                       D. celebrate

8. A. eradicate                    B. expand                         C. announce                      D. satisfy

9. A. distribute                    B. stimulate                      C. subscribe                      D. affect

10. A. enthusiastic              B. anniversary                  C. universal                      D. population


Choose from the four given options marked A, B, C and D one best answer to complete each sentence by circling the correcponding letter A, B, C or D:

        11. A--------------------------is someone who sells meat.

         A. baker                                  B. butcher                         C. chemist                           D. shopkeeper

        12. A person who sells flowers is called a-------------------------.

         A. florist                                 B. farmer                          C. vegetarian                      D. biologist

        13. We call a man who delivers th mail a-------------------------.

         A. newsman                           B. mailbox                        C. mailman                         D. officer

        14. We'd like to buy the house------------------------overlooks West Lake.

         A. who                                    B. whose                           C. where                              D. which

        15. The woman,---------------------------daughter Jack loves, is very kind.

         A. whose                                 B. who                              C. whom                              D. which

        16. The letter--------------------------she received this morning is from the USA.

         A. who                                    B. whose                           C. whom                              D. which

        17. I don't know girl-------------------------is wearing a long blue dress.

         A. whom                                 B. whose                           C. which                              D. who

        18. The police are asking the man-------------------------car has beeen stolen.

         A. whom                                 B. whose                           C. which                              D. that

        19. The man--------------------------she respects is her teacher.

         A. whom                                 B. whose                           C. which                              D. who

        20. Our house,---------------------------was destroyed in the storm, is now being rebuilt.

         A. whom                                 B. whose                           C. which                              D. who

        21. The police are looking for the paintings--------------------------stolen last nigh.

         A. which                                 B. were                             C. which were                     D. who were

        22. The girl,-------------------------injured in the accident yesterday, is my friend.

         A. which                                 B. were                             C. which were                     D. who was

        23.  He went to the sport club--------------------------he first met his wife.

         A. which                                 B. who                              C. where                              D. whose

        24. Never in my life shall I forget the day-----------------------------my mother died.

         A. which                                 B. who                              C. where                              D. when

        25. The boy,------------------------------bike I borrowed, speaks English well.

         A. which                                 B. who                              C. where                              D. whose

        26. Have you found the wallet---------------------------you lost yet?

         A. who                                    B. where                           C. which                              D. when

        27. Spring is the time---------------------------many kinds of flowers blossom.

         A. who                                    B. where                           C. which                              D. when

        28. The books-----------------------------written by Jack London are very interesting.

         A. which were                        B. were                             C. whose                              D. which

        29. The man------------------------------my sister loves is very intelligent.

         A. which                                 B. whom                           C. whose                              D. when

        30. I am going to visit the town-----------------------------I was born and grew up.

         A. where                                 B. which                           C. when                               D. whom

        31. September 2nd 1945 was the date---------------------------President Ho Chi Minh declared the Independence of Vietnam.

        A. where                                  B. who                              C. when                               D. which

        32. Are there any--------------------------services in the area?

        A. post                                     B. post office                    C. postal                              D. posting

        33. "Urban" is the antonym of"---------------------------".

        A. city                                      B. country                         C. suburb                             D. rural

       34. I want to have this sum of money sent to Sydney by-------------------------Money Transfer Service.

       A. Press                                    B. Express                        C. Speedy                            D. Quickly

       35. Messenger Call Service helps you to notify the----------------------------of the time and place to receive

       the call.

       A. receipt                                 B. receiving                      C. recipient                         D. caller

       36. There have been no more---------------------------of bird flu cases in the area this week.

       A. notify                                   B. notifications                C. notified                           D. notifies

       37. Would you mind-------------------------this parcel to Mr. Brown, please?

       A. send                                      B. sending                         C. to send                             D. sent

       38. Languages are used for------------------------purposes.

       A. communicative                   B. communicate               C. communication               D. commune

       39. The newspapers------------------------is made once a day.

       A. deliver                                 B. delivery                       C. delivered                        D. to deliver

       40. I would like to have my mails and newspapers---------------------------early in the morning.

       A. deliver                                 B. delivery                       C. delivered                        D. to deliver

       41. I'd like--------------------------a five-minute call to Sydney.

       A. making                                 B. phoning                        C. to phone                          D. to make

       42. He phones----------------------his girlfriend every day.

       A. to                                          B. x                                   C. for                                   D. on

       43. Are you---------------------------the phone?

       A. to                                          B. with                              C. for                                   D. on

       44.------------------------make a transferred charge call to London, please?

       A. Can I                                    B. Do you                         C. I'd like to                        D. Will I

       45. Have they notified you--------------------------the delivery date?

       A. about                                    B. on                                 C. of                                     D. with

       46. Before 1961 people's flying into outer-------------------------was a real impossibility

       A. spacious                               B. space                            C. spaceship                        D. spaceful

       47. This hotel has got a very------------------------kitchen.

       A. spacious                               B. space                            C. spaceship                        D. spacing

       48. Are you going to the post office?--------------------------buy me some stamps, please?

       A. Can I                                    B. Will you                       C. Would you like               D. Shall I

       49. I'd like to fax this document to my office in Hanoi. Do you provide------------------------service here?

       A. transmit                               B. transmission                C. facsimile                         D. fax

       50. There are about 50 telephone-----------------------in our street.

       A. subscribe                              B. subscribers                   C. communicatitors            D. box




Unit 10                  NATURE IN DANGER



Exercise 1: Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

1. A. pesticide                     B. city                               C. centre                           D. campaign

2. A. represent                    B. receive                         C. respect                         D. repeat

3. A. prohibition                  B. hand                             C. honor                            D. house

4. A. discharge                    B. characterize                 C. change                          D. choose

5. A. survice                        B. service                         C. notify                           D. stimulate

Exercise 2: Choose one word whose stress pattern is different.  Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

6. A. capture                        B. endanger                      C. coexist                          D. devastate

7. A. extinct                         B. decrease                       C. affect                           D. influence

8. A. prohibit                       B. increase                       C. transfer                        D. announce

9. A. fertilizer                     B. survival                        C. maintenance                D. scenic

10. A. off-spring                 B. spirit                             C. devastation                  D. telegram


               Choose from the four given options marked A, B, C and D one best answer to complete each sentence by circling the correcponding letter A, B, C or D:

       11. Has she bought the dress--------------------------?

       A. that she is fond in                B. which she is fond of   

       C. who she wants to give to    D. which you made of

       12. English is the subject which she is good-------------------------.

       A. at                                                                                    B. of                                     C. about          D. in

       13. Has she got the job------------------------?

       A. which she applied to           B. which she applied about

       C. which she applied for         D. which she applied on

       14. That is the van--------------------------.

       A. which his car crashed into  B. which his car crashed with                                     

       C. which his car carshed to     D. in which his car crashed.

       15. My father is the man------------------------.

       A. who I believe of                  B. whom I believe in       C. whom I believe into       D. that I believe at

       16. That is the woman---------------------------.

       A. who daughter I fall in love to                                      B. whose daughter I fall in love for

       C. whose daughter I fall in love with                               D. to whose daughter I fall in love

       17. The restaurant----------------------------overlooks a beautiful lake.

       A. we often go to which          B. which we often go to 

       C. where we often go there    D. which

       18. The man------------------------is my teacher.

       A. who she is speaking            B. whom she is speaking with

       C. to whom she is speaking     D. to whom she is speaking with

       19. Football is the sport---------------------------.

       A. which many people are keen on                                  B. which many people are bored of

       C. many people are tired with                                                                                       D. many people are interested about

       20. The man----------------------------is the headmaster of that school.

       A. who I am introduced                                                     B. to whom I introduced

       C. whom you are introduced about                                   D. to whom I am introduced

      21. Dogs are the animal--------------------------.

      A. which I am terrified for      B. that I am terrifying     C. that I am terrified          D. who I am terrified

      22. The girl--------------------------is very nice.

           A. whose letter I gave                                                   B. to whom I gave your letter

           C. who gave your letter to                                            D. whom the letter given to

23. Tom is the poor boy--------------------

      A. whom she feels sorry with                                      B. whom she feels sorry at

      C. whom she feels sorry for                                         D. whom she feels sorry about

24. The hotel -------------------has 24 floors

      A. that we stayed last year                                                                                       B. at where we stayed last year

      C. inthere we stayed last year                                     D. at which we stayed last year

25. Hanoi is the city-----------------

      A. in which I was born       B. which I was born         C. where I was born in it    D. that I was born

26. There is a lot of---------------in the big city.

      A. polluants                         B. pollution                      C. contaminate                    D. pollute

27. What is the difference between human-------------------and animals?

      A. is                                     B. are                                C. beings                              D. be

28. The golden eagle is (a)n----------------species

      A. dangerously                    B. danger                          C. endanger                         D. endangered

29. -------------from this chemical factory are very dangerous.

      A. Pollution                         B. Pollutants                     C. Polluting                         D. Pollute

30. Many strange customs have-------------from earlier time.

      A. survice                            B. survival                        C. survived                          D. surviving

31. Because of the vastness of the Grand Canyon, it is difficult to------------it in a single photograph.

      A. exist                                B. capture                         C. bring                                D. develop

32. Chilren should be--------------violent treatment.

      A. protect again                  B. protecting out of          C. protected from               D. protection away

33. The---------------of too much salt in the soil makes it impossible for plants to grow.

      A. extinct                             B. existence                      C. polluants                         D. coexist

34. With people's interference many precious animals are threatened with----------

      A. extinct                             B. extinction                     C. extinguish                       D. death

35. I do not want anyone----------------in my business.

      A. interfere                         B. interference                 C. to interfere                     D. interfering

36. Why don't we-------------------in peace?

      A. existence                        B. coexist                          C. survival                           D. survive

37. Not only---------------------among the largest animals that ever lived, but they are also among the most intelligent.

      A. are whales                      B. they are whales           C. some whales                   D. whales

38.--------------------350 species of sharks, and although they are all carnivorous, only a few species attack people.

     A. About                               B. Where about                C. There are about              D. About the

39. Deserts are arid land areas where--------------------through evaporation than gained through precipitation.

     A. the loss of more water    B. loses more water         C. is more water lost          D. more water is lost

40. The first explorer---------------------California by land was Jedediah Strong Smith, a trapper who crossed the sounthwestern deserts of the United States in 1826.

     A. that he reached               B. reached                        C. to reach                           D. reaching it

41. By tracking the eye of a hurricane, forecasters can determine the speed---------------------.

     A. at which is a storm moving                                      B. at which a storm is moving      

     C. which is moving a storm at                                      D. which a moving storm at

42. With the-----------------equipment we cannot increase our production.

     A. exist                                 B. existing                        C. existence                         D. existed

43. Of all the factors affecting agricultural yields, weather is the one------------------the most.

     A.it influences farmers                                                 B. that influences farmers

     C. farmers that it influences                                                                                      D. why farmers influence it

44. Potential dehydration is-------------------that a land animal faces.

     A. the often greatest hazard                                         B. the greatest often hazard

     C. often the greatest hazard                                          D. often the hazard greatest

45. Some snakes lay eggs, but others give birth to live-------------------.

     A. pesticide                          B. offspring                      C. species                            D. survival

46. Some chemical----------------which farmers use to make the soil richer can pollute our environment.

     A. medicines                        B. elements                      C. fertilizers                        D. proportion

47. Farmers use---------------------to kill insects that devastate their crops.

     A. pesticides                         B. toothpaste                    C. cheese                             D. plums

48. To be rank as a masterpiece, a work of art must transcend the ideals of the period-----------------it was created.

     A. which                               B. in which                       C. whom                              D. who

49. In bacteria and in other organisms---------------------is the nucleic acid DNA that provides the genetic information.

    A. both                                   B. which                           C. and                                  D. it

50. The first people to live in------------------Hawaii were the Polynesians, who sailed there in large canoes from other pacific islands about 2,000 years ago.

    A. now where is                    B. what is now                 C. it is now                          D. now this is




Unit 11                              SOURCES OF ENERGY



Exercise 1: Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

1. A. comment                     B. solar                             C. ecologist                      D. fossil

2. A. heat                             B. release                         C. repeat                           D. bread

3. A. wind                            B. wine                             C. behind                          D. night

4. A. moon                           B. food                              C. flood                             D. pool

5. A. tooth                            B. with                              C. both                              D. tenth

Exercise 2: Choose one word whose stress pattern is different.  Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

6. A. renewable                  B. infinite                         C. alternative                   D. potential

7. A. consumtion                 B. resource                       C. recipient                      D. pesticide

8. A. maintenance               B. geothermal                  C. satisfaction                  D. prohibition

9. A. activity                       B. society                          C. loyalty                          D. longevity

10. A. represent                  B. influence                      C. universal                      D. anniversary


               Choose from the four given options marked A, B, C and D one best answer to complete each sentence by circling the correcponding letter A, B, C or D:

11. Do you know the girl---------------------a long white dress?

     A. wears                               B. to wear                         C. wear                                D. wearing

12. The house---------------------40 year ago is still in good condition.

     A. which built                      B. to build                         C. built                                 D. building

13. I like the food-------------------by my mother.

     A. was cooked                      B. cooked                          C. which cooked                  D. cooking

14. The song "Happy New Year"------------------by ABBA has become popular all over the world.

     A. sang                                  B. singing                         C. sings                                D. sung

15. The man-------------------at the blackboard is our teacher.

     A. stood                                B. stands                           C. standing                          D. to stand

16. Armstrong was the first astronaut---------------------onto the moon.

     A. to step                              B. stepping                       C. stepped                            D. steps

17. Most house---------------------in the suburbs have gardens.

     A. situating                           B. to situate                      C. were situated                  D. situated

18. The car---------------------toward us looks modern.

     A. comes                               B. coming                         C. came                               D. to come

19. The bank managar was the second person--------------------by the robbers.

     A. to be killed                      B. who killed                    C. killing                             D. kills

20. The strees------------------our village are bamboo ones.

     A. to surround                      B. surrounding                  C. surrounded                      D. surround

21. The people------------------in the accidents have been taken to Bach Mai hospital.

     A. injured                             B. injuring                        C. to injure                          D. injure

22. The pictures------------------by Picasso are expensive.

     A. painting                           B. to be painting              C. painted                            D. to paint

23. I like living in a house--------------------the sea.

     A. overlooked                      B. overlooking                 C. overlooks                        D. looks to

24. There are a lot of problems--------------------immediately.

     A. to be solved                     B. to solve                        C. that solve                        D. solve

25. I am the last one--------------------of the news.

     A. informing                        B. to inform                      C. to be informed                D. inform

26. Tom was the last--------------------the classroom yesterday.

     A. to leave                            B. leaving                         C. left                                  D. leaves

27. Linda was the last student----------------------at the oral exam.

     A. to be asked                      B. asking                           C. asks                                 D. to ask

28. The man-------------------the bank is amillionaire.

     A. is entering                       B. entering                       C. to be entered                  D. enters

29. He was the first------------------the fire.

     A. to be seen                        B. seen                              C. to see                               D. seeing

30. My brother was the first------------------from the distance.

     A. to be seen                        B. seen                              C. to see                               D. seeing

31. We are waiting for the storm-------------------.

     A. comes                               B. to come                        C. will come                        D. come

32. The student---------------------near the window on the right speaks English well.

     A. to sit                                 B. sits                                C. sitting                              D. sat

33. The bridge-------------------by the French architects is very nice.

     A. was designed                   B. designing                     C. to design                         D. designed

34. She is playing a piece of music-----------------by Beethoven.

     A. composed                         B. composing                    C. to compose                      D. composes

35. The flight--------------------at Noi Bai airport at 7p.m. will be 10 minutes late.

     A. arrived                             B. arriving                        C. arrive                              D. arrives

36. the street was empty. There was nobody else-----------------her carry the cases.

     A. to help                              B. help                              C. helps                                D. helped

37. The children----------------------football on the schoolyard are my students.

     A. played                              B. playing                         C. to play                             D. play

38. Water----------------------in this tank isd used for fire extinguishment.

     A. storing                              B. stores                            C. stored                              D. to store

39. The photographs---------------------during his vooyare are very impressive.

     A. took                                  B. being took                    C. to take                             D. taken

40. The policeman--------------------the robber last night was very brave.

     A. caught                              B. catching                       C. being caught                   D. catches

41. The first climber-----------------------the top of the mountain will be the winner.

     A. reached                            B. to be reached               C. to reach                           D. reaches

42. When vwood, natural gas, oil, or any other fuel burns,----------------------with oxygen in the air to produce heat.

     A. combining substances in the fuel                             B. substances in the fuel that combine

     C. substances in the fuel combine                                D. a combination of substances in the fuel

43. Because it was so closely related to communication,---------------------art form to develop.

     A. drawing was probably earliest                                B. to draw early was probably

     C. early drawing probably                                            D. the earliest draw

44. Fossil fuels (coal, gas, and oil) are limited so we have to find out other-------------------sources.

     A. alternation                       B. alternative                   C. alternate                         D. renewably

45.-------------------are interested in the quality and price of out products.

     A. Consume                          B. Consumption               C. Consumers                      D. Consuming

46. He studies------------------at university.

     A. ecologist                          B. ecological                    C. ecologics                         D. ecology

47. We try to make full use of our local---------------------.

     A. ecology                            B. potential                      C. economics                       D. geothermal

48. Scientists have done researches on--------------------activities of the world's volcanoes.

    A. sport                                  B. ecological                    C. geothermal                     D. geodetic

49. Vietnam is rich in------------------, such as coal, apatite, bauxite, etc.

    A. natural resources             B. seas                              C. land                                 D. fish

50. Some people think nuclear powear is the only real------------------------.

    A. alternation                        B. energetic                      C. alternative                      D. fossil fuel





Unit 12                  THE ASIAN GAMES



Exercise 1: Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

1. A. come                           B. capture                         C. coexist                          D. appreciate

2. A. nature                         B. Asian                            C. squash                          D. spacious

3. A. agriculture                  B. variety                         C. solidarity                     D. charity

4. A. happens                       B. understands                  C. stops                             D. gives

5. A. mountain                    B. obtain                           C. contain                         D. remain

Exercise 2: Choose one word whose stress pattern is different.  Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

6. A. advance                      B. aquatic                         C. discharge                     D. deepen

7. A. intercultural               B. official                         C. extinct                          D. alternative

8. A. gymnast                      B. gymnasium                  C. knowledge                   D. maintenance

9. A. consumption               B. ecologist                      C. pesticide                      D. endangered

10. A. anniversary              B. universal                      C. disappointed                D. messenger


               Choose from the four given options marked A, B, C and D one best answer to complete each sentence by circling the correcponding letter A, B, C or D:

11. The film we have just seen---------------------.

     A. is the one to interest       B. is very interested        C. is very interesting          D. which interests us

12. My mother is the one-------------------.

     A. I love best                        B. she loves me                C. I used to living               D. loves me

13. The student-----------------------is from Korea.

     A. Nam shares the room                                               B. whom Nam shares the room to

     C. Nam shares the room with                                       D. Nam was sharing the room with

14. The experiments------------------whow that bird flu can be cured

     A. which have conducted by scientists                         B. which conducted by scientists

     C. were conducted by scientists                                    D. scientists have conducted

15. Those are the gloves-------------------.

     A. the robber was wearing when I saw him                B. which made of leather

     C. making in our factory                                               D. he buy for me on my birthday

16. The house---------------------is situated in the city centre.

     A. which                               B. we have just bought    C. in where we live            D. he show me

17. The painting-----------------------was stolen 3 days ago.

     A. was painted by Picasso                                             B. which are in our art gallery

     C. the police is looking for                                            D. the police are looking for

18. I like the car---------------------.

     A. which imported from Japan                                     B. he is driving

     C. which have air conditioner                                       D. which he is driving it

19. The ring---------------------is made of gold and diamond.

     A. she is wearing it              B. he gave it to her          C. she is wearing                D. Linda like

20. The job----------------is very dangerous.

     A. he applied                                                                  B. for it he applied            

     C. he applied for it                                                        D. which the coal miners does

21. The man------------------must be intelligent and handsome.

     A. whom loves her               B. who loving her            C. she is loving                    D. she loves

22. Lterature is the subject---------------------.

    A. I am good in                     B. I am terrifying of        C. I am bored at                  D. I am bad at

23. Uncle Ho was the president------------------.

    A. we adore him                   B. we adore                      C. whom adores                  D. whom we adore him

24. the film----------------------was made in Hollywood last year.

    A. we are going to see tonight                                       B. which we went to see tonight

    C. which about star wars                                                D. which

25. Mr. Ba is the teacher------------------.

    A. who taught me English at school                              B. whom I respect him

    C. who often help me                                                     D. I told you about him

26. The problems-------------------at the meeting are very important.

    A. they are discussed                                                      B. they are discussing about

    C. about which they are discussing                                D. they are discussing

27. Vietnam is situated in the southeast------------------.

    A. Asian                                B. Asia                              C. Africa                             D. Orient

28. Mr. Hung is the teacher who teacher us--------------------.

    A. gymnast                            B. gymnasium                  C. gymnastic                       D. gymnastics

29. Olga is a good---------------------.

    A. gymnast                            B. gymnasium                  C. gymnastic                       D. gymnastics

30. Every day she practises in the-------------------.

    A. gymnast                            B. gymnasium                  C. gymnastic                       D. gymnastics

31.-----------------------from all over the world take part in the Olympic Games.

    A. Athlete                             B. Athletic                        C. Athletes                          d. Gymnast

32. You look  very------------------in your white shorts.

    A. athlete                              B. athletic                         C. athletes                           D. athletiics

33. In spite of the bad weather the plane-------------------safely at Noi Bai airport.

    A. land                                   B. landed                          C. landing                            D. to land

34. We are making our great------------------to finish the work on schedule.

    A. love                                   B. knowledge                   C. effort                               D. appreciation

35. We highly------------------your help.

    A. appreciation                     B. appreciate                    C. understand                      D. advance

36. People who couldn't get tickets for the 2006 final international football match------------------in the bars with TV sets to watch  it.

    A. gathered                           B. went                             C. came                               D. arrived

37. The----------------------show we went to last night was very interesting.

    A. vary                                   B. variety                         C. various                            D. varying

38. There are----------------------ways to learn a foreign language.

    A. vary                                   B. variety                         C. various                            D. varying

39. Did Vietnamese athletes take---------------------the 14th Asian Games?

    A. action on                           B. parts of                         C. part in                             D. nedals in

40. How many gold medals---------------------at the 14th Asian Games?

    A. were the Vietnamese athletes winning                   B. do the Vietnamese athletes win

    C. Did the Vietnamese athletes win                             D. had the Vietnamese athletes won

41. Thailand was the-------------------country of the 13th Asian Games.

    A. organized                          B. host                               C. successfully                    D. hostile

42. Tennis was one of the sports---------------------at the 3rd Asian Games.

    A. add                                    B. adding                          C. added                              D. that added

43. He is interested in---------------------sports such as swimming, and surfing.

    A. watering                           B. team                             C. aquatic                            D. competing

44. Many people like football because it is a very----------------sport.

    A. strong                                B. aquqtic                         C. unfair                              D. cocmpetitive

45. Ly Duc, a Vietnamese athlete, has won several gold medals in--------------------.

    A. swimming                         B. karatedp                       C. bodybuilding                   D. weightlifting

46. I'm sure we win because we have some advantages over our------------------.

    A. competition                      B. competitors                  C. competitive                    D. compete

47. Some new sports were introduced at the 13th Asian Games------------------in Thailand.

    A. made                                 B. which held                   C. taking                              D. held

48. Usually people who are good at math can-------------------well.

    A. play chess                         B. do karate                      C. swim                               D. fly a kite

49. The runner who comes to the finish first will win the-------------------.

    A. games                               B. goid medal                   C. match                              D. racing

50. He agreed to help me---------------------.

    A. enthusiastically                B. enthusiastic                  C. enthusiasm                      D. immediate




Unit 13                           HOBBIES



Exercise 1: Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

1. A. boat                             B. road                              C. broad                            D. coat

2. A. athlete                        B. thoughtful                    C. thin                               D. their

3. A. most                            B. host                               C. lost                               D. frost

4. A. sun                               B. sure                              C. success                         D. sort

5. A. new                             B. sew                               C. few                               D. nephew

Exercise 2: Choose one word whose stress pattern is different.  Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

6. A. accomplished             B. accompany                   C. continual                      D. fascinating

7. A. gigantic                       B. ignorant                       C. avid                              D. profitable

8. A. indulge                        B. discard                         C. devastste                      D. release

9. A. infinite                        B. renewable                    C. indeed                          D. official

10. A. arrive                        B. advance                        C. comment                      D. respect


               Choose from the four given options marked A, B, C and D one best answer to complete each sentence by circling the correcponding letter A, B, C or D:

11. It was the doctor who was yto blame--------------------Tom's wife's death.

    A. for                                     B. on                                 C. about                               D. at

12. It---------------------Lan who always helps him in his trouble.

    A. was                                    B. is                                   C. has been                          D. will be

13. It was the red car------------------crashed into mine yesterday.

    A. who                                   B. that                               C. what                                D. whose

14. It--------------------Lan and Hoa who have to be gesponsible for this work.

    A. is                                       B. was                               C. are                                   D. were

15. It was-------------------who broke my glass window.

    A. he                                      B. him                               C. his                                    C. he's

16. It---------------------Linda who will contact you.

    A. will be                              B. was                               C. his                                    D. he's

17. it---------------------the secretary who has informed

    A. has been                            B. will be                          C. is                                      D. was

18. It---------------------the gloves that the robber wore.

    A. was                                    B. were                             C. is                                      D. are

19. It--------------------the patients that I have to look after.

    A. was                                    B. were                             C. is                                      D. are

20. It is this book that I have been looking------------------------.

    A. for                                     B. after                             C. up                                    D. at

21. It is Mr. Brown that this nurse cares------------------------

    A. of                                       B. for                                C. about                               D. with

22. It-------------------------this letter that Linda gave me yesterday.

    A.is                                        B. was                               C. are                                   D. were

23. It-------------------------who saw the ghost.

    A. is us                                   B. was us                          C. was we                            D. were we

24 It-------------------------in 1972 that we liberated Sai Gon which is called Ho Chi Minh City now.

    A. is                                       B. are                                C. was                                  D. was

25. It------------------------tomorrow that they are going to open the new hospital.

    A. will be                              B. is                                   C. was                                  D. were

26. It-----------------------Hanoi that I was born and grew up.

    A. was in                               B. was                               C. is in                                 D. is

27. It----------------------September 2nd, 1945 that President Ho Chi Minh declared the independence of Vietnam to the world people.

    A. is in                                   B. wasin                            C. is on                                 D. was on

28. It in 2 days that my boss-------------------------home from his business trip.

    A. returns                              B. will return                   C. returned                          D. to return

29. It was the director who I--------------------permission to suspend our work.

    A. required                            B. asked for                      C. made                               D. needed

30. It is the Queen who----------------------a new school in our town soon.

    A. opened                              B. opens                            C. will open                         D. open

31. It was at this shop----------------------I bought my watch.

    A. from which                       B. which                           C. that                                  D. who

32. It was in Vietnam that the 22nd SEA Games-------------------------.

    A. is held                               B. were held                     C. held                                 D. holded

33. It is my teacher that I am grateful------------------------.

    A. for                                     B. at                                  C. about                               D. to

34. It is his whole-hearted support that we are grateful----------------------.

    A. for                                     B. on                                 C. to                                     C. with

35. The boy likes computer games. He can spend all day------------------them.

    A. to play                               B. play                              C. playing                            D. plays

36. I am fed up---------------------being told what to do every day by my parents.

    A. about                                 B. in                                  C. for                                   D. with

37. "There is an international football match at My Dinh stadium, let's go and see it.""I'm sorry. I'd rather---------------------at home and watch it on television."

    A. stay                                   B. to stay                          C. staying                            D. stayed

38. I like music. I'd rather you------------------me to play the guitar.

    A. teach                                 B. to teach                        C. taught                              D. teaching

39. He-------------------the world record on his second attempt in men's high jump at the 13th Asian Games.

    A. had won                            B. broke                            C. took                                 D. was held

40. We think our new profit will be-----------------.

    A. make profit                      B. profitably                     C. profitable                        D. avid

41. If I had a lot of money I would travel around the world to see all-----------------of the world.

    A. wonderful                         B. wonderfully                 C. wondering                       D. wonders

42. He------------------why she hasn't come yet.

    A. asked                                 B. wonders                       C. worries                            D. didn't know

43. It is collecting stamps that he is-----------------on.

    A. concerned                         B. interested                     C. fond                                 D. keen

44. Big cities are always-----------------to young people.

    A. interested                         B. fascinating                   C. fascinated                       D. attractively

45. She------------------complains about her houseword.

    A. continual                           B. continually                   C. continues                         D. continuing

46. I am in complete---------------------of music.

    A. ignorance                          B. ignorant                       C. ignorantly                       D. ignore

47. He is ignorant------------------Vietnamese history.

    A. of                                       B. with                              C. about                               D. in

48. A friend in ned is a friend----------------------.

    A. really                                B. in fact                           C. indeed                             D. in truth

49.---------------------by some other musicians, she made a successful world concert tour in 2002.

    A. Discarded                         B. Accomplished              C. Given                              D. Accompanied

50. She is busy-----------------after her six children all day.

    A. looking                              B. with looking                C. to look                             D. looks







Unit 14                 NATURE IN DANGER



Exercise 1: Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

1. A. rear                             B. dear                              C. bear                              D. fear

2. A. nicest                          B. largest                          C. hottest                          D. best

3. A. athletic                       B. average                        C. aquatic                         D. avid

4. A. camp                           B. cell                               C. cook                              D. car

5. A. brother                        B. breathing                     C. either                           D. death

Exercise 2: Choose one word whose stress pattern is different.  Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

6. A. sophisticated              B. interested                     C. satisfied                       D. frightened

7. A. improvement              B. engraving                     C. maintenance                D. spectacular

8. A. undertake                   B. disappear                     C. represent                      D. stimulate

9. A. wilderness                  B. society                          C. solitude                        D. waterfall

10. A. facsimile                  B. influence                      C. constancy                     D. messenger


               Choose from the four given options marked A, B, C and D one best answer to complete each sentence by circling the correcponding letter A, B, C or D:

11.-------------------my father and my brother are football fans.

    A. So                                      B. Either                           C. Both                                D. Neither

12. Either I so my mother------------------to prepare our meals.

    A. has                                     B. have                             C. am                                   D. having

13. Either he or I--------------------wrong.

    A. are                                     B. is                                   C. am                                   D. were

14. He is neither a teacher----------------a doctor.

    A. and                                    B. nor                                C. or                                     D. not

15. Her father is English and her mother is French. So you can speak------------------English--------------------French to her.

    A. neither/nor                       B. either/nor                     C. neither/or                        D. either/or

16. Neither I nor Linda-----------------the answer.

    A. know                                 B. knows                           C. knew                               D. have known

17. Neither Linda nor I-----------------classical music.

    A. liking                                B. liked                             C. like                                  D. likes

18. The baby is only two months old. It can--------------------speak--------------------walk.

    A. neither/nor                       B. either/ or                      C. both/and                          D. not/nor

19. The library opens six days a week. You can go there-------------------on Monday-------------------Friday.

    A. both/and                            B. either/or                       C. neither/ nor                     D. either/and

20. She is-----------------beautiful------------------intelligent so I can't help admiring her.

    A. noy only/ but also             B. neither/nor                   C. either/or                          D. either/nor

21. My parents want me----------------to study------------------to behave well.

    A. either/or                           B. neither/nor                   C. either/both                      D. not only/but also

22. Mr. Brown and his wife are vegetarians. --------------------of them eats meat.

    A. All                                     B. Neither                        C. Both                                D. None

23. All of the students have passed the exam. ------------------of them has failed.

    A. Either                                B. Neither                        C. Both                                D. None

24. My mother together with my aunts-------------------going shopping at the moment.

    A. is                                       B. are                                C. was                                  D. were

25. Tom as well as his friends--------------------the new teacher very much.

    A. love                                   B. loves                             C. will love                         D. to love

26. I bought this watch at your shop yesterday but it doesn't work. You should----------------change the new one------------------refund me.

    A. neither/nor                       B. both/and                       C. either/or                          D. either/nor

27. My parents as well as my teacher-------------------very interested in me.

    A. is                                       B. are                                C. does                                 D. have

28. My uncles together with my father------------------going to visit our grandparents next Sunday.

    A. is                                       B. are                                C. will                                  D. were

29. Nobody in my class likes him. He is-----------------mean-----------------selfish.

    A. neither/nor                       B. either/or                       C. both/and                          D. either/and

30. Both Tom and Linda--------------------my friends.

    A. are                                     B. is                                   C. be                                    D. likes

31. It is the people that-------------------in the yesterday accident.

    A. injured                              B. was injured                  C. were injured                   D. injure

32. It was the letter that-------------------yesterday.

    A. was arrived                      B. arrived                         C. were arrived                   D. arriving

33. It is the flower vase that------------------to Linda for her birthday tomorrow.

    A. is given                             B. gave                             C. will be given                  D. was given

34. It is English that----------------------in many parts of the world.

    A. speaks                               B. was spoken                  C. is speaking                      D. is spoken

35. It is a new school that---------------------in our village next week.

    A. is going to be built           B. is going to build           C. is built                             D. was built

36. It was a small box that---------------------by my mother.

    A. is kept                               B. was used to keep         C. was used to be kept        D. used to be kept

37. It is the drug smugglers that---------------------strictly.

    A. must punish                      B. must be punishing       C. must be punished            D. punish

38. It was in 1975 that Sai Gon-------------------.

    A. liberates                           B. liberated                      C. was libarated                  D. was liberating

39. Our sales increase by 2% per month-------------------average.

    A. at                                       B. to                                  C. for                                   D. on

40. It is the kitchen that needs an------------------.

    A. improving                         B. improvement               C. improved                        D. improves

41. It is the door that needs-------------------.

    A. replacing                          B. replacement                C. to replace                        D. replaced

42. This work must be undertaken by a--------------------person.

    A. good-qualified                 B. good qualification       C. well-qualifying              D. well-qualified

43. The performance of the dolphins was very------------------.

    A. bored                                 B. spectacular                  C. avid                                 D. artificial

44. It was before 8 p.m last night that the painting------------------.

    A. was stolen                         B. was stealing                 C. had stolen                       D. had been stolen

45. It is technology that will play a key role in------------------future lifestyles.

    A. to shape                            B. shaping                         C. shape of                          D. shaped

46. the computer has dramatically affected---------------------- photographic lenses are constructed.

    A. is the way                         B. that the way                 C. which way do                 D. the way

47. We cannot increase our production because we are lack of--------------------instruments and techniques.

    A. exact                                 B. sophisticated                C. gigantic                           D. speedy

48. It is his parents that make him-------------------hard for his coming exam.

    A. studies                               B. to study                        C. studying                          D. study

49. It is dogs that I am-----------------of.

    A. frightening                       B. frighten                        C. frightened                       D. to frighten

50. It is rice that--------------------from Vietnam in the recent years.

    A. is exporting                      B. is exported                   C. was exported                  D. has been exported




Unit 15                    SPACE CONQUEST



Exercise 1: Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

1. A. aspiration                   B. appointment                C. astronaut                      D. gravity

2. A. biography                   B. pioneer                         C. mission                         D. reminder

3. A. challenge                    B. chemist                        C. psychology                   D. mechanic

4. A. rugby                           B. gather                           C. forget                           D. gymnast

5. A. feat                             B. leap                              C. head                             D. bean

Exercise 2: Choose one word whose stress pattern is different.  Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

6. A. conquest                      B. cosmonaut                    C. pressure                       D. minority

7. A. psychological             B. representative             C. qualification                D. popularity

8. A. scenic                          B. extreme                       C. offical                          D. renewable

9. A. goodbye                      B. hostess                          C. martyr                          D. survey

10. A. expand                      B. decrease                       C. notify                           D. appoint


               Choose from the four given options marked A, B, C and D one best answer to complete each sentence by circling the correcponding letter A, B, C or D:

11. Her name is Linda Martin, -----------------?

     A. isn't she                           B. is she                            C. is it                                  D. isn't it

12. You have seen this film, -----------------?

     A. haven't you                     B. have you                      C. do you                             D. don't you

13. You often have bread and milk for breakfast, --------------?

     A. haven't you                     B. have you                      C. do you                             D. don't you

14. You won't leave me, ------------------?

     A. will you                           B. won't you                     C. am I                                 D. do you

15. There are many flowers in the garden, -----------------?

     A. aren't they                       B. isn't it                          C. aren't there                    D. is it

16. There is nothing in the fridge, ----------------?

     A. is there                             B. isn't there                    C. is it                                  D. isn't it

17. I am right, -----------------I?

     A. am not                              B. aren't                           C. wasn't                             D. am

18. Everybody has gone home, ------------------?

     A. haven't they                    B. has he                           C. hasn't she                        D. hasn't he

19. He never drink wine, ------------------?

     A. doesn't he                        B. does he                         C. hasn't he                         D. won't he

20. Let's have a drink, -------------------?

     A. don't we                          B. do we                           C. shall we                          D. shan't we

21. Nobody knows her name, -------------?

     A. do they                             B. don't they                    C. isn't it                             D. is it

22. You used to go to school on foot, -------------?

     A. weren't you                     B. were you                      C. did you                            D. didn't you

23. He can speak three languages, -------------?

     A. can he                              B.can't he                         C. isn't he                            D. is he

24. You don't think I will succeed, ---------------?

     A. do you                              B. don't you                      C.will I                                D. won't I

25. I think she is a good teacher, -----------------?

     A. don't I                              B. do I                               C. is she                               D. isn't she

26. Tom rarely does his homework, --------------?

     A. doesn't he                        B. does he                         C. is she                               D. isn't he

27. No salt is needed, ------------------?

     A. is it                                   B. isn't it                          C. did it                                D. didn't it

28. Neither of them complained, ----------------?

     A. do they                             B. don't they                    C. did they                           D. didn't they

29. Your mother hardly ever goes to the cinema, ------------------?

     A. does she                           B. doesn't she                   C. is she                               D. did she

30. My nephew is very good at drawind. He----------------draw when he was three.

     A. can                                   B. could                            C. was able to                     D. was unable to

31. Although the exam was difficult we----------------pass it.

     A. can                                   B. could                            C. were able to                   D. were unable to

32. Cats------------------see in the dark.

     A. can                                   B. could                            C. was able to                     D. cannot

33. Her son is weak. He is 2 year old but he-----------------walk.

     A. cannot                              B. couldn't                        C. wasn't able to                 D. can

34. He left school 2 year ago but so far he-------------------a job yet.

     A. cannot find                      B. could't find                  C. hasn't been able to find D. wasn't able to find

35. You--------------------drive a car soon.

     A. can                                   B. could                            C. is able to                         D. will be able to

36. If I had known English well last year I-----------------a good job.

     A. can find                            B. could find                     C. could have found            D. would be able to find

37. Someone broke my glass window yesterday. It------------------the children. They often play football in front of my house.

     A. can be                              B. could be                       C. could have been             D. cant's have been

38. john didn't go to work yesterday. He----------------ill. He has been working hard these days.

     A. can have been                 B. could have been          C. can't have been              D. may be

39. If Tom had been there last night, he-----------------that difficult problem.

     A. would solve                     B. could solve                   C. could have solved           D. can have solved

40. My mother always reminds me-----------------my hands before meals.

     A. to wash                            B. washing                        C. wash                                D. washed

41. She reminds me-------------------her mother.

     A. to                                      B. of                                  C. on                                    D. for

42. The teacher has appointed Tom------------------our team leader.

     A. being                                B. is                                   C. x                                      D. to be

43. I think the invention of computer is the greatest scientific-------------------of the 20th century.

     A. breakdown                       B. break                            C. breakable                        D. breakthrough

44. Hamlet is a--------------------play written by Shakespeare.

     A. traitional                         B. comic                           C. tragic                               D. horror

45. This problem is improtant-------------------the extreme.

     A. in                                      B. at                                  C. to                                     D. for

46. If I--------------------too much coffee I could have slept well last night.

     A. don't drink                       B. didn't drink                  C. hadn't had                       D. won't drink

47. The house was expensive but they----------------buy it.

     A. can                                   B. could                            C. was able to                     D. were able to

48. Tom, turn on the television, ------------------?

     A. doesn't he                        B. don't you                      C. will be                             D. will you

49. I think the food in this restaurant is good, --------------------?

     A. don't I                              B. do I                               C. isn't it                             D. Is it

50. Mr and Mrs Black were delighted when they-----------------to sell their house so quickly.

     A. succeeded                        B. could                            C. were able                        D. risked




Unit 16             THE WONDERS OF THE WORLD



Exercise 1: Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

1. A. name                           B. flame                           C. hammer                       D. same

2. A. count                           B. sound                            C. found                            D. could

3. A. ramp                           B. rank                              C. father                           D. bamboo

4. A. throne                         B. there                             C. theory                           D. three

5. A. brother                        B. ocean                            C. mother                         D. onion

Exercise 2: Choose one word whose stress pattern is different.  Identify your answer by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D:

6. A. dedicate                      B. belong                          C. enlist                            D. impress

7. A. chamber                      B. treasure                        C. pesticide                      D. recipient

8. A. arrive                          B. embrace                       C. celebrate                      D. expand

9. A. performance               B. anniversary                  C. refreshment                 D. longevity

10. A. hotel                          B. museum                       C. commune                     D. apartment


               Choose from the four given options marked A, B, C and D one best answer to complete each sentence by circling the correcponding letter A, B, C or D:

11. The robbers made him--------------------them all his money.

      A. to give                             B. give                              C. gives                                D. giving

12. Nowadays children are made------------------a lot of homework.

      A. do                                    B. to do                             C. doing                               D. to doing

13. He is said-------------------English as well as an Englishman.

      A. to speak                          B. speaking                       C. speaks                             D. speak

14. Millions of year ago, it--------------------that the earth was square.

      A. is said                              B. thought                         C. is believed                      D. was believed

15. It is said that he takes--------------------his father.

      A. up                                    B. into                               C. off                                   D. after

16. He was said--------------------the best student when he was at university.

      A. to be                                B. to have been                C. being                               D. was

17. My uncle----------------------manager of the firm.

      A. is just made                    B. has just made               C. has just been made         D. has just been making

18. He was last seen-------------------a red car on Regant street yesterday morning.

      A. to drive                           B. drove                            C. driving                            D. drive

19. The students sat quietly in the classroom-----------------to their teacher.

      A. listening                          B. listen                            C. listened                           D. listens

20. Just keep--------------------on the baby while I cook the supper, will you?

      A. a look                              B. glance                          B. an eye                             D. a care

21. It is said that petrol price will---------------------again next month.

      A. raise                                B. be risen                        C. raising                             D. rise

22. He says he has been to----------------------restaurant in town.

      A. many                               B. every                            C. all                                    D. most

23. Spectators are reminded that it is------------------to take photographa during the match.

      A. prevented                       B. restricted                     C. forbidden                        D. repaint