MARK LEVIN: Joe Biden needs to be impeached from office, that discussion needs to begin NOW

 Mark Levin criticized President Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal strategy on Tuesday during a lengthy interview with "Fox & Friends," calling out the administration for failing to evacuate Americans before the Taliban took over the country. 

MARK LEVIN: When you elect disastrous presidents you have disastrous consequences…

What do you think Theodore Roosevelt would do? What do you think Franklin Roosevelt would do? What do you think Ronald Reagan would do? What do you think Donald Trump would do? You think they’d sit back and negotiate with the State Department or they’d take steps now and say ‘you’re gonna give us our people or we’re gonna crush you militarily. You’ve got 24 hours. Open that damn airport, we’re getting our people and the clock is ticking now!’ That’s what a leader does. 


This is really one of Levin’s great interviews, in which he points out the reality on the ground in Afghanistan before Biden gave it up and how it wasn’t a ’20-year war’ like Biden is claiming. No, Levin says the country was stabilized and we’d kept it stabilized until Biden decided to pull everyone out, leaving civilians behind.

Levin also calls out Biden’s damnable lies about Trump and the suggestion that this is what he would have done too, noting that even when Trump pulled out of Iraq, he still left troops behind because a complete pullout would have destabilized the country. To suggest Trump would have done this is flat out wrong.

He also said Republicans must begin calling for impeachment NOW, not just because of the catastrophe in Afghanistan, but also the catastrophe at the border in which enemies like China could easily gain entrance into this country in order to attack us or take advantage of us. Levin says emphatically that Biden needs to be impeached from office and Republicans should all be saying it.

There’s a lot more in the interview above so be sure and watch it…

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