"The beginning of the end was not a week ago. It was when the US government entered into direct negotiations with the Taliban without including the Afghan government," says fmr. Rep. Will Hurd.


Former "View" co-host Meghan McCain continued blasting President Biden for his handling of the turbulent military withdrawal from Afghanistan

"I have been physically ill, more depressed than I have been since the beginning stages of the pandemic and filled nothing short of pure rage and anger since the calamity of a ‘pull out’ which will be seen as one of the greatest foreign policy catastrophes of my lifetime," McCain began her Instagram post on Thursday. 

"I am furious our President was so incompetent not to see what every expert on the planet could have seen coming. I am furious for my friends and family who have been fighting in these wars since I was 16 (many who have lost limbs, had their life terrorized by PTSD from their experiences in war and deployments, or worse). I am furious seeing our allies and innocent Afghan citizens who trusted us are being left to be slaughtered or so desperate to escape the pure evil the Taliban will bring in that they are falling out of f---ing planes," McCain continued. "This is not who America is, this is not the values this country was founded in. Our veterans deserve better, the innocent Afghan people and our allies and translators who have stood by us for the past 20 years deserve better. The shame, dishonor and embarrassment the Biden administration has brought to our country will take generations to undo. Not to mention our standing in the world and the cruel reality that the likelihood of another significant domestic terror attack has no risen to the highest levels since 9/11 and will usher in Isis 3.0." 

It was an extraordinary condemnation of Biden coming from a very public media personality with ties to the current president. Meghan McCain had backed then-candidate Biden in last year's campaign against former President Donald Trump. Her late father, Sen. John McCain, was known to be longtime friends with Biden, and her mother, Cindy, was a member of the Biden transition team's advisory board. Biden also nominated Cindy McCain for U.S. representative to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture this past June.

McCain urged her 480,000 Instagram followers to reach out to veterans and their families, writing "everyone I know is struggling."

"May God have mercy for what we have done to these people abandoning them," McCain wrote. "Biden is unfit to lead and I am nothing short of disgusted he and his staff can’t seem to be bothered to leave their vacation during an international crisis of our own creation. There should be an emergency congressional hearing before more innocent lives are lost. My heart is broken, this tragedy will absolutely haunt our country." 

She added, "Also - every single Afghan refugee fleeing must be granted a safe haven in America!"

The former "View" co-host blasted Biden earlier in the day, comparing him to "Jimmy Carter on acid," predicting the current administration "will be remembered in history worse than him." Last week, before the fall of Kabul, McCain predicted "ISIS 3.0" due to the president's handling of Afghanistan. 

"Democrats like to wax poetic a lot about what my dad would have done and said (most of the time reinventing some weird fantasy of who he was). Let me tell you one god damn thing - he would be raging in public and to President Biden about this withdrawal in Afghanistan. Raging," McCain wrote. 

"This is an absolutely shameful moment for our country. Shame on this administration. God be with our allies and the women and children in Afghanistan," she added.

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