Nancy Pelosi praises Joe Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal: "I commend the President for the action that he took. It was strong. It was decisive."


I’ve heard many say over the years that regardless of her politics, Nancy Pelosi is a cunning and smart politician. But all of that must be questioned now because she’s literally praising Biden for his ‘strong’ and ‘decisive’ pullout from Afghanistan. Totally not kidding:

On the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, Speaker Pelosi said she commends President Biden’s decision and noted the U.S. should’ve been out of Afghanistan a while ago.

On the topic of U.S. military equipment that was now in the hands of the Taliban, Speaker Pelosi said this: “Some equipment was left there. It was thought that would be used — it was hoped that it would be used — by the Afghan military to defend its own country. The fact that it did not and could not was all the more reason for us to leave.”

On the streets of San Francisco, people had varying concerns on state and international issues.

George Johnson of Burlingame backs Pelosi’s stance.

“We sent the military over there for how many – 20 years – and they had a chance to success and do what they were trying to do. And they couldn’t do it. So I think 20 years is long enough,” he said.

“I personally believe it was not handled correctly. I believe that the people in Afghanistan, especially the women, are going to definitely pay for that. But I do not believe that it was solely Biden’s fault,” said Keith Brown of Fairfield.

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