Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Erik Prince offering to fly people out of Kabul for $6,500 each: "I don't think any human being who has a heart and soul would support efforts to profit off of peoples' agony and pain as they're trying to depart a country."

 White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was caught flat-footed during the daily press briefing when she was asked about a group of California students who are trapped in Afghanistan. 

Psaki was asked Wednesday if she knew about an LA Times report that a group of students and their parents from California's El Cajon Valley School District are currently stranded in Afghanistan.

The reporter asked, "The LA Times has a story saying that a group of students and their parents are in Afghanistan. Do you have any more information on that or is that?--"

"I do not. Who have recently traveled into Afghanistan?" Psaki stated in response, appearing confused about the report.

The reporter noted that the students and their families are "apparently stranded in Afghanistan, having traveled there? I don't I don't know for certain." 

Psaki then replied, "I certainly don't have additional information on that. I know, as our secretary of state just noted, when he went through a a thorough summary of American citizens and our contacts and our focus over the last several days, he gave an update. I am happy to take their information if there is something more detailed to have."

Psaki's response during the briefing came as a surprise to congressional advocates for the American citizens trapped in Kabul.

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