Dr. Anthony Fauci calls President Joe Biden’s COVID mandates ‘moderate’

 President Biden was "trying to be moderate" with his newly-announced COVID-19 vaccine rules, Dr. Anthony Fauci says. 

Fauci, Biden's chief medical adviser, spoke with CNN about Biden's speech Thursday announcing that the Labor Department will require businesses with more than 100 employees to require proof of vaccination or weekly negative COVID-19 test results. Additionally, all government workers will be required to be vaccinated. The president is "clearly frustrated" with Americans not getting vaccinated, Fauci told CNN, adding that he is "equally frustrated" himself. 

Fauci also defended the vaccine rules announced by Biden, which Republican governors have promised to challenge, arguing they're "moderate" because of the option for weekly testing. 

"I think the president is being somewhat moderate in his demand, if you want to call it that, in that there are some people who really don't want to get vaccinated, but they don't want to lose their job," Fauci said. "You've got to give them an off lane. … So it really is somewhat of a compromise there."

Now you know where Biden got his mandate ideas.

Fauci claims that the ‘compromise’ is Biden telling employers they need to test every week instead of just outright firing people for not getting the jab. As if he has the authority to even do that. He doesn’t have the authority to do what he’s trying to do now.

And you know that some employers will use this mandate as an excuse to fire people, perhaps to fix their financial problems or get rid of people they couldn’t legally fire before, and it will become everything that Darth Biden wants it to be in order to punish the unvaccinated.

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