Critics slam Jim Acosta using previously maligned 'thoughts and prayers' call in Afghanistan report


CNN anchor Jim Acosta encouraged CNN viewers on Saturday to set aside politics and offer "thoughts and prayers" for tragedies that are unfolding in Afghanistan. But the CNN anchor was quickly reminded of the times he criticized others for offering "thoughts and prayers" and didn't set aside politics. 

On Twitter, Acosta shared his report from "CNN Newsroom" where he slammed Republicans for "exploiting" the Kabul airport attack.

"My thoughts on Afghanistan this week... now is not the time to score political points. Just imagine just this once if we simply offered our thoughts and prayers. Give it some thought. Pray on it," he said. 

Critics were quick to point out that Acosta frequently criticized the notion of "thoughts and prayers" or promoted people calling it "empty words" rather than meaningful actions.

Commentary associate editor Noah Rothman reminded Acosta of his tweet on April 8 post where he quoted President Joe Biden downplaying "thoughts and prayers." 

"Biden, on gun safety, responds to the calls for ‘thoughts and prayers’ that come after mass shootings: ‘Enough prayers. Time for some action,'" Acosta tweeted at the time. 

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