Mark Levin torches Senate Republicans who voted with Democrats on trillion dollar ‘infrastructure’ bill

MARK LEVINWe choose liberty, but the 19 Republicans in the Senate chose tyranny, Biden chooses tyranny, and every single Democrat lockstep is for tyranny. How many people know what's in that 2,700-page document that just passed today with 19 Republicans? We have more media than ever before in this country with more Internet, social media, independent journalists. And you really have to dig to find out. Government by omnibus, massive bills, massive spending, massive deficits, massive expansion of the welfare state is tyranny. 

This isn't a representative republic anymore. You want to go in and see your congressman and senator. Good luck. You want to call them about this bill? What are you going to say since it wasn't released to you? We had 19 Republicans who supported it before the Democrat staffers even finished writing it. The Congressional Budget Office that works for Congress, said there's at least a quarter of a trillion dollars in this that's not paid for. If you were in the private sector running a company and you conducted your accounting business this way you’d go to prison for life. 

This wouldn't be a joke no matter how righteous you sounded. These Republican senators, I blame them. They are the Madoffs of the Republican Party. These are McConnell Republicans. They think they're doing something for the people. They are destroying our currency. They are destroying our finances. They are destroying our economy. Twenty three percent of this bill was for hard infrastructure. There's all kinds of junk in this bill.

Levin highlights the ridiculous items in the current bill and previews the next one which he maintains is far more expensive than the 3.5 trillion they claim.

I remember when Trump suggested a trillion dollar infrastructure bill in the last couple years. I thought that was ridiculous, and I’m sure it wouldn’t have included all the garbage in this current Dem bill. But it seems like some Senate Republicans have just given up the fight in the name of ‘what could be worse’ and have caved on a bill that is still a travesty.

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