Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holding bipartisan US$1.2 trillion infrastructure bill 'to hostage’

 I would have thought that because the Democratic Senate passed the infrastructure bill, that it’d be on Biden’s desk faster than he could sniff a kid. But that’s clearly not the case because Pelosi wants the other, even more irresponsible infrastructure bill passed in the Senate:

Boy wouldn’t that be terrific if Pelosi’s obstinance was the reason the 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill died and never made it to Joementia’s desk!

I know Sinema has put her foot down about the even more reckless infrastructure bill, but honestly, I don’t believe even Manchin is dumb enough to vote for the 3.5 trillion version and I think that’s exactly why he went all in on this less expensive one. So if the larger bill is Pelosi’s sticking point, more power to her!

Ultimately, however, I really don’t think Pelosi will keep the already-passed Senate bill from passing the House. I think she’s just bluffing to try and get her way, and once she figures out it ain’t gonna happen, she’ll get this one through the House and on to President Sniffy’s desk. But hey, I’d love to be wrong.

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