DHS Sec Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas visits Texas/Mexico border Thursday


Both Biden and Kamala have repeatedly played down or outright lied about the massive crisis at the border, but DHS Secretary Mayorkas is now caught on leaked video telling border patrol agents that the current border situation “cannot continue” and that he’s well aware that with the historic influx of illegals, the border is very close to ‘breaking’:

That’s how Trump dealt with it and they are exactly right to point that out. But Mayorkas and Biden would never do that, and I’m sure Mayorkas’ words didn’t amount to a hill of beans to many of these officers who see this administration as refusing to do what is necessary to protect Americans in this country.

I wish I had the actual audio of this but unfortunately Fox News didn’t provide it, nor did Melugin post it on his Twitter account. I suspect they are trying to protect the agent who recorded it and leaked it.

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