BREAKING: WFOR is reporting that 4 teachers from Broward county have died of covid in a single day.

 CNN is a virtual clearinghouse for all the wrong information about Covid. They don’t fact check, they demonize debate, and over and over they distribute as gospel that which is later retracted.

Keeping up the tradition – one she helped establish – Brianna Keilar spread flat-out FALSE information on Friday about teachers and new Covid deaths. The alarmist report is wrong, and she won’t have to correct it, nor will Twitter punish her or take it down.

That’s how it works for libs. Especially in an alarmist report about THE TEACHERS! dying from COVID because of not being VACCINATED and most of all it happening IN FLORIDA.

They got the number of teachers wrong, they got the context wrong, and they implied a connection with going back to school. All wrong.

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