Gen. Jack Keane on Afghan crisis: 'We pulled the plug on them, and they collapsed'


Jack Keane was on with Neil Cavuto right after Joe Biden wrapped up his self-serving, buck-passing, useless, fake, disinterested crapfest of a speech (also a good way to describe his policies in general.)

Keane addressed all the lies and misrepresentations Biden spewed about what happened, why it happened, what was being considered and by who, and most importantly, about Biden TRASHING the Afghan citizens who have fought and died, and who we are now abandoning on the tarmac.

It’s a long clip and they get into a lot of areas. Obviously Keane believed in continuing the mission in Afghanistan, which consisted mainly of support forces and intel. Many Right Scoopers disagree with that military assessment, but it doesn’t change Biden’s disaster.

Really brutal and great.

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