Democrats vote AGAINST amendment protecting Americans by deporting illegals with COVID


Cruz has been blocking dozens of nominees from the confirmation process in protest of Biden’s sanction reversal on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline last month.   

"I have made clear to every State Department official, to every State Department nominee, that I will place holds on these nominees unless and until the Biden administration follows the law and stops this pipeline and imposes the sanctions," Cruz said Wednesday morning.

In the middle of the night, Ted Cruz reported that Democrats all voted against his amendment to protect Americans by deporting illegals coming over the border with COVID:

Cruz cited the thousands of illegals with COVID being dropped off in McAllen, Texas by the Biden administration and urged Democrats to vote to continue to allow the Biden administration the authority to deport these illegals to protect Americans from the spread of COVID.

Seems reasonable, especially when you consider the massive crisis at the border caused by Biden and his irresponsible rhetoric that is still going strong.

But every Democrat voted against it while every Republican (minus one who wasn’t there) voted for it. You wouldn’t think protecting Americans from the spread of COVID during a pandemic would be a controversial or partisan item, especially with a raging crisis at the border.

But it just shows that Democrats care more about potential votes than they do the safety of Americans, in particular those in Texas, which they hope will become blue in future elections. These are the same people pushing mask mandates and lockdowns on Americans. Superspreader at the border? Nothing to see here.

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