CNN' Clarissa Ward to Pentagon: I'm the one who has to look our allies in the eyes


CNN's Clarissa Ward, reporting live from Kabul, presses Pentagon press secretary John Kirby on whether the US allies still on the ground in Afghanistan can trust that they "will not be abandoned" following the Taliban's takeover.

In other words, it’s up to these Americans to get to the airport themselves and if they can’t, good luck living under Taliban rule. What a fiasco.

Do you know when it would have been ideal to get these Americans out of Kabul? BEFORE BIDEN PULLED OUR TROOPS OUT OF THE COUNTRY. Hell, even last week before the Taliban made it to Kabul would have been better than trying to do it now.

Biden said yesterday they planned for every contingency, but this was clearly a bold-faced lie to the entire country. What a catastrophe.

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