UK’s Chief of Defence won’t call the Taliban the enemy, says they have changed and will be inclusive toward women

 This interview with the UK’s Chief of Defence, Sir Nick Carter, proves that there are plenty of morons in the world running countries, not just Joe Biden:

In the interview, Gen. Carter went on to refer to the Taliban as a group of “country boys” who were bound by a “code of honor.”

“I think we have to be patient, we have to give them the space to show how they are going to step up to the plate,” he said. “Whether or not we can work with them will very much depend on how they treat all Afghans.”

“All I’m saying is, let’s see how this evolves because we may well be surprised by it,” he also said. “Yes, we should do it very carefully, yes we should be fundamentally suspicious because we know where they came from.”

His remarks were echoed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was debating the situation in Afghanistan in the UK House of Commons on Wednesday. Johnson told Parliament, “We must face the reality of a change of regime in Afghanistan.”

Johnson said it would be a mistake "to recognize any new regime in Kabul prematurely or bilaterally" before adding, “we will judge this regime based on the choices it makes and by its actions rather than by its words."

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