Joe Biden actually said today that Governor Cuomo has Done a Helluva Job

 President Biden praised Gov. Cuomo for his achievements Tuesday even as he lauded his decision to resign over sexual harassment allegations.

Asked about his close partnership with Cuomo, Biden sought to distinguish the governor’s personal failings from his record as a leader.

“He’s done a helluva job,” Biden told reporters at a press conference. “On everything from access to voting to infrastructure. That’s why it’s so sad.”

Biden bristled at a follow-up question about whether it’s possible to separate Cuomo’s flaws from his successes.

“The question is: Did he do a good job on infrastructure,” Biden said. “That was the question. He did.”

The president earlier replied brusquely when asked for his reaction to Cuomo’s decision to throw in the detail.

“I respect his decision,” Biden said.

Biden made sure to separate out Cuomo’s ‘personal behavior’ as opposed to what he did as governor. But how can he really do that when it was sexual harassment in the WORKPLACE, meaning Cuomo’s office. Cuomo wasn’t just accused of sexual harassment, but also created a toxic workplace where this stuff could thrive.

And remember, Biden said this after the huge scandal over Cuomo’s policies killing thousands and thousands of nursing home residents and then covering it up so that it wouldn’t be reflected in the COVID number from his health department.

Biden is truly a clown if he believes Cuomo was a hellavu governor.
Biden gets a little annoyed and claimed he was asked about how Cuomo did on ‘infrastructure’. The CNN reporter said no, the question was about how he did as governor. Biden claims it was about ‘infrastructure’ again.

Biden is wrong here and the CNN reporter is right. The question was about the totality of Cuomo’s job as governor, excluding his ‘personal behavior’, which was ludicrous as we pointed out. But the CNN reporter will only go so far in correcting the absent-minded Biden. If this was Trump she’d have made a scene trying to make her point.

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