Anh Văn Lớp 10 HKII - Nguyễn Thượng Hiền

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Trường THPT Nguyễn Thượng hiền
Tổ Ngoại Ngữ

        Đề Thi Học Kì II
ANH Văn Khối 10           mã đề 579
        Thời gian 60 phút

A. Phần tự chọn theo chương trình chuẩn                                                                 
Language Focus
Choose the word that has the underlined letter(s) pronounced differently from the rest.
1.   a. school                            b. character                            c. champion              d. scholarship
2.   a. solemn                          b. classical                              c. music                    d. sight
3.   a. orphan                           b. physics                                c. photo                     d. Stephen
Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence; best substitutes the underlined part; or has the same meaning to the sentence above.
4.   _________ are used to catch fish and other sea creatures.
         a. explodes                  b. explosion                  c. explosive                d. explosives
5.  Music is very much a/an _________ part of our life.
         a. integral                    b. necessarily                  c. integrally              d. joyfulness
6.  Our team was _________ in the first round.
         a. eliminated               b. beat                           c. defend                     d. defeat
7.  Our team competed _____ other teams _____ the gold medal.
         a.  against/ about         b. with/ for                   c. against / on             d. in/ for
8That film is only 90 minutes _______ length.
         a. for                            b. in                               c. with                         d. on
9.   The film is _______ beautiful friendship.
         a. in                              b. about                         c. on                            d. for
10.  A Nobel Prize was awarded ________ Waksman in 1952.
         a. to                              b. against                      c. with                         d. from
11.  She was ____ first woman to cross ____ Atlantic in ____ canoe.
         a. the/an/a                   b. the/the/the                c. the/x/a                     d. the/the/a
12.  I think Brazil __________ the World Cup trophy.
         a. will win                    b. is winning                 c. is going to win        d. wins
13.  I listen to music __________ feel relaxed.
         a. so as for                   b. in order for               c. so as to                    d. as so to
14.  A version of the game for Mac computers __________ last month.
         a. was finally released                                     b. finally have released
         c. finally released                                             d. was released finally
15.  Do you know when __________?
         a. telephone was invented                                b. was telephone invented
         c. did telephone invent                                     d. telephone invented
16. The play is _______. We are all _______ to see it.
        a. entertaining/exciting                                     b. entertaining/excited
        c. entertained/ exciting                                     d. entertained/excited
17.  It was _______1998 that my brother set up his own business.
        a. not until                      b. not when                 c. until in                    d. until when
18. If there is too much rain, the camping ___________.
        a. was cancelled             b. will be cancelled    c. would cancel          d. has been cancelled
19.  If he _______ with us, he _______ the beauty of nature of the national park.
          a. goes/ could enjoy   b. went/will enjoy   c. went/could enjoy   d. went /could have enjoy
 20. Our school football club __________  a friendly match with New Stars club on April 20th .
          a. is going to play         b. will be play                        c. play                         d. will play
A. Phần Tự chọn theo chương trình nâng cao
Language Focus
Choose the word that has the underlined letter(s) pronounced differently from the rest.
1.   a. easy                               b. treat                                    c. hearing                     d. please
2.   a. conservation                 b. economic                            c. species                     d. consider
3.   a. parks                             b. caretakers                           c. conditions                d. temperatures
Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the rest.
4.   a. soccer                            b. forward                               c. nation                    d. severe
5.   a. habitat                          b. impairment                        c. medical                  d. quality
Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence; best substitutes the underlined part; or has the same meaning to the sentence above.
6. The forest rangers are trying their best to prevent the forests _____ fires during the dry season.
          a. in                               b. of                             c. with                                   d. from
7. Thanks to the ______ of national parks, many rare species are protected.
            a. establish                b. establishment         c. establisher                      d. established
8We are worried about the damage ______ by fires.
           a. that caused              b. causing                     c. caused                       d. was caused
9There is great public concern about some of the chemicals used in fruit ______.
           a. preserve                  b. preservation             c. preservative              d. preservationist
10. I will ask my mother ______ permission and I’ll tell you later.
          a. of                              b. with                            c. for                             d. by
11. Classical music is not very popular ______ young listeners.
          a. to                               b. with                         c. for                           d. in
12. Music plays an indispensable part in human life.
          a. important                  b. interesting              c. exciting                    d. various
13. ______ to the concert? – Only once or twice a year.
          a. How did you go                                b. How long have you gone
c. How far are you going                   d. How often do you go
14. Jazz was rooted in the musical traditions of African – Americans.
         a. consisted of               b. invented                  c. came from             d. composed
15. Your taste of music is quite different ______ mine.
          a. with                           b. for                           c. as                           d. from
16. Do you think she is qualified ______ the job?
          a. for                             b. by                            c. as                           d. with
 17. We are not sure which restaurant ______.
          a. for eating                  b. to eat on                  c. to eat in                 d. eating at
 18. People can pay to watch movies at ______ home, through cable television or streamed from ______ Internet.
          a. a / an                      b. the / an            c. the / no article                 d. no article / the
19. He’s one of the most ______ people I’ve ever met. He never stops talking and he never says anything ______.
           a. bored / interesting                                      b. boring / interesting                        
           c. bored / interested                                        d. boring / interested  
 20. This will be my second attempt ______ the ball.
           a. to mend                                                        b. which I mend         
c. because of my mending                             d. so that I mend
1. Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answers
One of the most urgent environmental problems in the world today is the shortage of clean water. However, acid rain, industrial pollution and garbage have made many sources of water undrinkable. Lake Baikal in Russia is one of the largest lakes in the world. It contains a rich variety of animals and plants, including 1,300 rare species that do not exist anywhere else in the world. But they are being destroyed by the massive number of industrial wastes which pour into the lake every day. Clean water is now scarce, and we should do something now.
21. One environment problem in the world today is _____________
a. acid rain     b. industrial pollution                 c. safe water shortage    d. population explosion
22. Many sources of water are not drinkable due to ____________
a. industrial pollution                        b. garbage                   c. acid rain                  d. All are correct
23. What is a serious problem of Lake of Baikal in Russia?
a. It contains a variety of plants and animals
b. It is polluted by massive number of industrial wastes
c. It has 1,300 rare species that do not exist anywhere else in the world
d. It is one of the largest lakes in the world
24. The word massive is closest in meaning to _____.
a. small                                   b. toxic                        c. large                        d. dangerous
25. What is the message to the reader?
a. We should take action to protect our water resources
b. We should stop the use of clean water resources
c. We should encourage people to use safe water
d. We should build more lakes
2. Read the passage, then choose a suitable word in the box to complete the passage

scenes           until                 added              emerge
result              supply             afford              longer

Up to about 1915, movies were short and programmes were made up of several works. After that, DW Griffith and others began to make longer films with more interesting (26) ________ which people could not enjoy in a play. Consequently, after World War I, more and more people were interested in films. They went to see a film and did not enjoy a play any (27) _________. Many theatres had to close. Increasing number of audiences left the theatre for the movies. In the late 1920s, there had been more and more film fans as a (28) ________ of two new elements. In 1927, sound was (29) _________to the previously silent film. That fascinated much more people. In 1929, there was an economic crisis, the living standards of many people were low and they had difficulties in finance. Meanwhile, movie tickets were much cheaper than theatre ones. Theatre going became a luxury which very few people could (30) _________. By the end of World War II, several theatres in US closed because there were few audiences. There were only about 30 theatres in New York.  

WRITING: Transformation
Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one.
31.    The boys didn’t stop singing until their teacher came.
          It was not until_________________________________________________
32.    When did you start playing for our school football team?
         How long ____________________________________________________
33.    My teacher gave us information about biodiversity.
         Information __________________________________________________
34.     Calligraphy is one of my main interests.
         I find _______________________________________________________
35.     My uncle was not injured in the crash because he was wearing a helmet
         If my uncle __________________________________________________
Sentence building
Complete each of the following sentences, using the words given
36.     If / you / get / my advice/ yesterday, you / not be / in this mess / right now.
37.     Van Cao / consider / as / one / greatest / Vietnamese musicians.
38.     Dolphin populations / be / risk / due / pollution / habitat.
39.     They/ set up/ committee/ investigate/ matter/ for a month.
40.     The World Cup/ which/ international football tournament/ hold / every four years.
LISTENING  Hoïc sinh nghe 3 laàn vaø laøm baøi ôû khoaûng nghæ giöõa caùc laàn nghe treân phieáu traû lôøi.


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