Nguyen Thuong Hien High school

Nguyen Thuong Hien High school
2010 – 2011
GRADE 12  - Time allotted: 60 minutes

Mã đề 246

I. Pick out the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words
A. appoint
B. swallow
C. explore
D. neglect
A. spectacular
B. biologist
C. optimistic
D. ambassador
A. encounter
B. dedicate
C. stimulate
D. attitude
A. secure
B. stagnant
C. sorrow
D. childish
A. acquaintance
B. profession
C. supportive
D. sacrifice
II. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting.  
6.  I’m going out now. If anyone phones while I shall be out, can you take a message?
          A                                   B                 C                    D
7.  In some countries, octopuses and snails are considered being delicacies to eat.
       A                                                        B                     C                         D
8.  Men and women in that organization work with people in developing countries to help
  A                                           B                  C
them improving their living conditions.
9.  The cost of living has gone up considerably the last few years.
      A                  B              C                                    D
10. I think your garden needs to weed and you had better do it right now.
     A                                       B                            C                     D
III. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the blanks.
Another side effect of the human population explosion will be the conversion of more land to food production or cities. This habitat (11)________ will cause progressive extinction of many more species. Globally, 45 species of birds and 40 species of mammals went (12)________ between 1650 and 1969, more have disappeared since then, and many more are in the endangered species list. It has been estimated that half of all the species on Earth reside in the Amazon rain forest, (13)________ most of them in Brazil. Brazil’s plans to colonize and cut down the rain forests and similar changes in Congo and Indonesia may very well (14)________ a major episode of extinction. Recent efforts to estimate the projected rate of extinction suggest (15)________ half of all the species of mammals and birds become extinct within the next 200 to 300 years.
A. endanger
B. variety
C. destruction
D. extinction
A. extinction
B. exhausted
C. extinct
D. exhaust
A. as to
B. as with
C. as for
D. with
A. lead to
B. influence
C. cause to
D. result from
A. those
B. that
C. these
D. this
IV. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.
            All around the world, there are many endangered animals, largely because of human progress. As the world’s population grows, humans move into new areas, create more pollution, and use more natural resources. This all puts pressure on animals, which cannot really compete with humans. An excellent example of this would be the case of the leatherback sea turtle.
            At 6.5 metres long, and up to 600 kilograms, the leatherback is the largest turtle on Earth. It is also one of the most endangered. Scientists do not know the exact number of leatherbacks because they spend their entire lives at sea. This makes them very difficult to count. But female leatherbacks come on land to lay their eggs. From the number of nests that scientists find, they can estimate the number of turtles. The numbers do not show a good future for the leatherback. At one beach, scientists counted over 10,000 egg nests in 1954. In 1993, there were only 50 nests at the same beach. Scientists think that the leatherback population is perhaps only 1% of what it was just 50 years ago. Human development over the last 50 years is undoubtedly the reason for this.
            Humans affect leatherbacks in many ways. Many of the beaches leatherbacks used to lay their eggs at are now covered with hotels and resorts, so there are few places for the turtles to make their nests. In addition, in many parts of the world, people eat the turtle eggs. At one beach in Mexico, almost 100% of all the leatherback nests were dug up and the eggs eaten by humans. The turtles also get caught in fishing nets and die. In the 1950s, there were 5,000 fishing boats in the Gulf of Mexico, a common spot for the leatherbacks. Now there are over 55,000 fishing boats in the same area. If the situation does not change soon, the leatherback may disappear forever.
16. According to paragraph 1, humans put pressure on animals in all of the following ways EXCEPT _____.
          A. by moving into new areas           B. by killing the animals
          C. by adding to pollution                D. by using natural resources
17. According to paragraph 2, why is it difficult to count the numbers of leatherback turtles?
          A. They swim very fast.
          B. They are scared of humans.
          C. They live most of their lives in the sea.
          D. Their nests are hard to find.
18. According to the passage, how do hotels and resorts hurt leatherback turtles?
          A. They occupy the beaches where the turtles lay their eggs.
          B. People at the hotels go fishing and eat the turtle eggs.
          C. They bring more people to the beaches to see the animal.
          D. They pollute the beaches and kill the leatherbacks.
19. The author mentions “fishing boats” in order to ______.
          A. suggest that the Gulf of Mexico is a good place to catch leatherback turtle eggs
          B. suggest a connection between the rise in fishing and the fall in leatherback turtles
          C. explain why there are no leatherback turtles in the Gulf of Mexico
          D. show that fishing is becoming more popular in the Gulf of Mexico
20. As used in the passage, the term “endangered animals” can best be explained as _______.
          A. a kind of turtle
          B. animals with very low numbers
          C. animals in areas where humans live
          D. animals caught in fishing nets
V. Sentence Completion: Complete the following sentences, using one of the four phrases given. 
21. What measures would you take _____?
          A. if you go to my place                  B. if you give me some advice
          C. if you were in my place               D. whether you like or not
22. It took the director two hours ______.
          A. explaining us the new plan         B. explaining the new plan to us
          C. to explain the new plan to us      D. to explain with us the new plan
23. There are nine planets ______ and get light from it.
          A. which move round the sun         B. that moving round the sun
          C. which the sun is moved around  D. being moved around the sun
24. Most rodents eat grain, seeds and nuts, _______.
          A. but some eat almost anything     B. instead a few doesn’t eat grain
          C. while some eat those things        D. contrary few eat anything
25. ______ was flat was believed by most people in the 19th century.
          A. The earth                                     B. That the earth
          C. Whether the earth                       D. As the earth

VI. Choose the option which best fits each gap of the sentence.
26. Women in developing countries have spent time looking for ________ and encouragement from the society.
A. realization                B. modernization          C. development            D. recognition
27. The Red Cross is ________ to giving medical aid and other help to victims of disasters.
          A. aimed                       B. promoted                  C. dedicated                 D. designed
28. Because of the intensive farming, it’s now hard to find certain wild birds in the region. Actually, they have become ________ birds.
          A. unknown                  B. frightened                C. hungry                      D. rare
29. I could tell from the frightened look on her face that something terrible ______.
          A. has happened                                                 B. happening
          C. had happened                                                D. would be happening
30. They stayed and chatted for hours, _____ annoyed me a lot.
          A. which                       B. that                           C. what                         D. it
31. While some areas are suffering from ________, others are experiencing heavy rains and floods.
          A. the weather              B. the climate                C. drought                    D. problems
32. “That’s a nice shirt you’re wearing.” “_________”
          A. Don’t mention it.                                           B. I like it.
          C. I’m glad you like it.                                       D. That’s all right.
33. It will certainly enhance your _______ of reading when you are aware of very slight differences in the writer’s expression.
          A. condition                  B. recommendation      C. material                    D. enjoyment
34. You should read this novel. It has been ________ recommended by all the critics.
          A. deeply                      B. fully                          C. highly                       D. truly
35. If a water polo game is tied, there are two ________ periods of three minutes each.
A. overdue                    B. overlong                   C. overwork                  D. overtime
36. We have made careful preparations to welcome the _______ from 40 countries.
A. acquaintances           B. attendants                C. delegates                  D. hosts
37. Our basketball team successfully _______ the championship.
A. protected                  B. held                          C. assured                     D. defended
38. _________ you give the answer, __________.
          A. The quicker – the better you can get marks
          B. The more quickly – the better marks you can get
          C. More quickly – better marks you can get
          D. The quickest – the best marks you can get
39. All of us agree that a woman should ____ her social relations after marriage.
          A. preserve                    B. maintain                   C. protect                      D. prevent
40. The vice director is ______ with the applicant’s enthusiasm.
          A. delighted                  B. delighting                 C. delightful                 D. delight
41. Jane ___________ her mother in appearance, but she has her father’s characters.
          A. looks after                B. takes after                C. takes off                   D. looks up
42. I hope we can _____ the difficulty without too much effort.
          A. get over                    B. get off                      C. get away                   D. get through to
43. “What kind of boy is Tom?” “_________”
          A. He is smiling.                                                 B. He’s ambitious.
          C. He’s bought a red car.                                   D. He has brown eyes.
44. “What do you think about Jane?” “________”
          A. I forgot all about her.                                    B. She’s sweet and gentle.
          C. She went to Paris.                                          D. No, I don’t.
45. The problem with him is that he suffers from constant ______.
          A. sleepy                       B. sleepless                   C. sleeplessness             D. asleep
46. I disapprove ______ people throwing rubbish on the streets and in public places.
          A. with                          B. on                             C. at                              D. of
47. As you get _______, your memory gets ________.
          A. old – worse              B. older – worse           C. oldest – worst          D. older – bad
48. In 1864, twelve nations signed the first Geneva Convention, _______ down rules for the treatment and protection of the wounded.
A. laying                       B. lying                         C. lied                           D. laid
49. ________ they are native to tropical regions, some species of bamboo have adapted to temperate zones.
          A. Despite                     B. Nevertheless             C. Although                  D. For
50. The institute was ________ by a famous scientist.
          A. put up                       B. set out                      C. found                       D. founded


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