Tiếng anh 12 - An Giang

SÔÛ GD-ÑT AN GIANG                                   ÑEÀ KIEÅM TRA 1 TIEÁT – LAÀN 3 (2012-2013)
TRÖÔØNG THPT CHAÂU PHUÙ                                          MOÂN: ANH VAÊN 12
MAÕ ÑEÀ: 301                                                                        THỜI GIAN: 45 PHÚT
QUESTIONS 1-2: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently
1. A. please                             B. pleasure                    C. reading                  D. easy
2. A. reduced                           B. caused                      C. damaged                D. preserved
QUESTIONS 3-4: Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others
3. A. endangered                     B. industry                    C. commercial                        D. survival
4. A. diving                              B. panda                      C. species                   D. award         
QUESTIONS 5- 26: Choose the best option A, B, C or D to complete the sentence
5. - Maria: “________” - Dylan: “Certainly!”
  A.  May I borrow a pencil, please?                              B.  What are you doing there?
  C.  Welcome back!                                                      D.  I’m sorry I am late.
6. - Tom: “____________detective stories?”     - Jerry: “In my opinion, they are very good for teenagers”.
  A. How about                                                              B. Are you fond of                    
  C. What do you think about                                         D. What do people feel about
7. Before eating, _____________________thoroughly with soap and clean water.
  A. your hands need washed                                        B. you need washing your hands
  C. your hands should be washing                                D. you should wash your hands
8. John is not at home. He _______________ go somewhere with Daisy. I am not sure.
   A. will                                   B. must                            C. might                   D. should
9. We’ve got much time. We ______ hurry.
   A. must                                 B. needn’t                    C. need                       D. mustn’t
10. You _______ take your umbrella along with you today. It  _______ rain later on this afternoon.
   A. ought to / mustn't              B. needn't / will            C. will / must               D. should / might
11. John failed again. He _______  harder.
    A. can tried                          B. must have tried        C. should have tried     D. may have tried
12. Tomatoes __________ before they are completely ripe.
    A. needn't pick                    B. can be picked          C. should be picking    D.  can pick
13. In water polo, no player except the   _______can hold the ball with both hands.
     A. goalie                             B. defender                 C. attacker                   D. referee
14. After a tie, there are two overtime periods of three minutes each.
    A. penalty                            B. draw                        C. score                       D. goal
15. A ________ is the story of a person's life written by somebody else.
A. romance                        B. fiction                     C. biography                D. science
16. Deforestation is destroying large areas of tropical rain forest.
   A. damaging                         B. becoming                C. raising                     D. changing
17. Plant and animal   _______  leads to a loss of  biodiversity .
   A. extinct                              B. extinctly                   C. extinction               D. extinguish
18. Up to now, we __________ enough information about the project.
   A. have been collected         B. collected                  C. have collected         D. was collected
19. If Charlie _______ into the street, he could have been injured.
   A. had run                           B. runs                                     C. had been run            D. ran
20. She sends me the book________ she________  two years ago.
   A. which / wrote                   B. whose /wrote                       C. which/ writes           D. whom / writes
21. Water polo is played in            pool 1.8 meters deep.
   A. a                                                                           B. an                            C. the   D. X
22. _____ the start of each period, both teams line up on their own goal line.
  A. In                                      B. For                          C. From                       D. At
23. I walked to the theater, but Janice rode her bicycle.
   A. intransitive / transitive                                          B. intransitive / intransitive
   C. transitive / transitive                                             D. transitive / intransitive
24. They will buy that house soon.
   A. House will be buy that soon.                                            B. That house  will be bought soon.
   C. That house  will be buy soon.                              D. That house will be bought soon by they.    
25. You shouldn’t tell her the news. It might kill her.
   A.  She shouldn’t be told by the news. She might be killed.                                         
   B.  The news shouldn’t be told her. She might be killed.    
   C.  She shouldn’t be told the news. She might be killed.
   D.  She shouldn’t been told the news. It might be killed.
26. You are not allowed to take photographs here.
  A. You needn’t take photographs here.                                 B. You don’t have to take photographs here.
  C. You shouldn’t take photographs here.                   D. You mustn’t take photographs here.
QUESTIONS 27 - 30: Choose the underlined word or phrase in each sentence that needs correcting.
27. Can you to go to the supermarket for me, Jane ?
                      A                    B                      C    D
28. Have you ever read any novels writing by Jack London?
            A               B                          C                            D
29. People do not know much about the need  to protect  rare and dangerous animals.
   A                  B          C                             D
30. The bus will be leaving on five minutes, so you’d better hurry up.
                                  A        B                         C                             D
QUESTIONS 31 - 35: Choose the best option A, B, C or D to complete the passage
Some books are for reading slowly and carefully. If it is a book on a subject that you are interested in, you ____ (31) ____ to "chew and digest it". That does not mean reading it too slowly. When you pick up a book for the first time, check that it is not too ___ (32) ____. Do not start a book unless you can see from the first few pages that it is one you can easily read and understand.
Some people think that as more and more people have television in their homes, fewer and fewer people will buy books to read. Why read when television can bring you all the information and stories __ (33) ____ color, picture and action? But, in fact, television has not killed reading. Today, more books of every kind __ (34) __ than ever before. Books are still a cheap way to get __ (35) ___ and entertainment, and you can keep a book forever and read it many times. Books in the home are wonderful source of knowledge and pleasure.
31. A. want                              B. wanted                    C. have wanted                        D. will want
32. A. difficulties                    B. difficult                   C. difficulty                 D. difficultly
33. A. give                               B. have                                    C. with                                     D. of
34. A. are sold                         B. sell                          C. sold                         D. is sold
35. A. population                     B. information             C. environment                        D. importance
QUESTIONS 36-40: Read the passage and choose the best option A, B, C or D to answer the question
       There are thousands of species of the animal in the Amazon rainforest, each colored differently. Most rainforest animals use their colors for survival.
       Some animals use color to protect themselves from their predators. An example is the green iguana. Young iguanas are bright green and hide among the bright green lower leaves of the trees where they live. As they get older, their color becomes duller. Older iguanas live higher in the trees, where the colors all around are less bright.
       Other animals are predators and use color to hide from their prey. The boa constrictor snake is a good example. Some boas are gray or brown, and the colors help them hide in a tree and waits for a bird to fly by. When one does, the boa grabs the bird from the air and squeezes it to death before eating it.
       Poisons arrow frogs don't try to hide; they want everyone to see them. The colorful frogs can be orange, red, or green. Their bright colors let everybody know where they are. The bright color warns other animals that the frog is poisonous, so they stay away. The tiny frogs are very poisonous! One frog has enough poison to kill 100 people. The colors of the rainforest are beautiful to us, but to the animals they are very important. They help the animals survive.
 36. What is this message mainly about?
    A. How colors protect rainforest animals.                    B. How rainforest animals live.
    C. Predators of the rainforest.                                                                               D. Poisonous rainforest animals.
 37. What color are young iguanas?
    A. Orange, red and green.      B. Bright green.               C. Dull green.                  D. Green and white.
 38. What do boa constrictors eat?
    A. Older iguanas.                   B. Birds.                         C. Poison arrow frogs.     D. Leaves.
 39. What is TRUE about poison arrow frogs?
    A. They are predators.                                                  B. They aren't very poisonous.
    C. They have bright colors.                                          D. They like to hide.
 40. Why might a bird fly near a boa constrictor?
    A. Because it wants to eat the boa constrictor.              B. Because it moves faster than the boa constrictor.          
    C. Because it isn't afraid of the boa constrictor.           D. Because it can't see the boa constrictor.
--  THE END  --

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                                           LẦN 3 - NĂM HỌC 2012-2013    
Mã đề: 301               Mã đề: 302                  Mã đề: 303                Mã đề: 304  
Câu Đáp án Câu Đáp án Câu Đáp án Câu Đáp án
Câu 1 B Câu 1 A Câu 1 B Câu 1 A
Câu 2 A Câu 2 C Câu 2 D Câu 2 C
Câu 3 B Câu 3 D Câu 3 A Câu 3 B
Câu 4 D Câu 4 A Câu 4 C Câu 4 A
Câu 5 A Câu 5 B Câu 5 A Câu 5 D
Câu 6 C Câu 6 A Câu 6 C Câu 6 A
Câu 7 D Câu 7 B Câu 7 A Câu 7 C
Câu 8 C Câu 8 D Câu 8 D Câu 8 A
Câu 9 B Câu 9 D Câu 9 B Câu 9 C
Câu 10 D Câu 10 C Câu 10 A Câu 10 D
Câu 11 C Câu 11 C Câu 11 C Câu 11 D
Câu 12 B Câu 12 B Câu 12 A Câu 12 D
Câu 13 A Câu 13 B Câu 13 D Câu 13 A
Câu 14 B Câu 14 D Câu 14 C Câu 14 C
Câu 15 C Câu 15 B Câu 15 D Câu 15 A
Câu 16 A Câu 16 C Câu 16 A Câu 16 A
Câu 17 C Câu 17 C Câu 17 A Câu 17 B
Câu 18 C Câu 18 A Câu 18 A Câu 18 C
Câu 19 A Câu 19 C Câu 19 C Câu 19 A
Câu 20 A Câu 20 A Câu 20 C Câu 20 D
Câu 21 A Câu 21 A Câu 21 B Câu 21 C
Câu 22 D Câu 22 A Câu 22 A Câu 22 B
Câu 23 A Câu 23 D Câu 23 A Câu 23 B
Câu 24 B Câu 24 A Câu 24 C Câu 24 D
Câu 25 C Câu 25 A Câu 25 B Câu 25 B
Câu 26 D Câu 26 C Câu 26 C Câu 26 D
Câu 27 A Câu 27 A Câu 27 D Câu 27 C
Câu 28 C Câu 28 C Câu 28 B Câu 28 C
Câu 29 D Câu 29 B Câu 29 B Câu 29 A
Câu 30 B Câu 30 C Câu 30 D Câu 30 C
Câu 31 D Câu 31 D Câu 31 A Câu 31 A
Câu 32 B Câu 32 B Câu 32 C Câu 32 C
Câu 33 C Câu 33 A Câu 33 C Câu 33 D
Câu 34 A Câu 34 C Câu 34 D Câu 34 A
Câu 35 B Câu 35 D Câu 35 B Câu 35 C
Câu 36 A Câu 36 C Câu 36 B Câu 36 B
Câu 37 B Câu 37 D Câu 37 B Câu 37 C
Câu 38 B Câu 38 C Câu 38 A Câu 38 A
Câu 39 C Câu 39 B Câu 39 A Câu 39 B
Câu 40 D Câu 40 A Câu 40 C Câu 40 D

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