Tiếng Anh Lớp 12 - Lê Hồng Phong

Student’s full name: ____________
                        Class: ……..

CODE 121

Pick out the word whose stress pattern is different
1. A. concentrate            B. energy
C. mechanize                 D. demeanor
2. A. responsible            B. equipment
C. environment              D. individual
3. A. profound                B. witness
C. career                       D. pursue
4. A. economics             B. peninsula
C. advisory                    D. economy
5. A. access                   B. asset
C. attribute                    D. address
Identify the mistake in each of the following sentences:
6. I have never met him before we were put in one group during a field trip for high school seniors
A. have never                B. put in
C. field trip                    D. seniors
7. This brochure, that I received from your agency, gives wrong information about the tour.
A. that                           B. gives
C. information                D. the
8. Susan, my best friend, has been chosen being the only representative of this non-benefit organization.
A. has been                   B. being
C. of                             D. non-benefit
9. Have you given me back the guidebook which I lent it to you the month before last?
A. Have you given          B. back
C. lent it                        D. before last
10. Unless you know the truth, things would be easier for you, at least for now.
A. know                                    B. things
C. for                            D. for now
Choose the best answer to fill in each blank:
About 35% of all high school graduates in America continue their education in an institution of higher learning. The word ‘college’ is used to (I)______ to either a college or a university. These institutions offer four-year programs that lead to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science (II)______ . Some students attend a junior college before entering a four-year college as a sophomore or junior.
It is generally easier to be (III)______ at a state university than a private one. Most private schools require strict entrance examinations and a high grade point average (GPA), as well as specific college preparation classes in high schools. Private schools cost considerably more than colleges, and famous private schools are very expensive. Poorer students can sometimes attend, (IV)_______ , by earning scholarships. Some college graduates go on to get master or doctoral degrees. Since college costs are very high, most students work at part-time jobs. (V)______ college and work demands take up the great part of a student’s time, most still enjoy social activities.
11.  (I)
A. list                            B. refer
C. aim                           D. name
12.  (II)
A. qualification               B. degree
C. certificate                  D. diploma
13.  (III)
A. appointed                  B. submitted
C. admitted                    D. graduated
14.  (IV)
A. of course                   B. however
C. thus                          D. therefore
15.  (V)
A. As                             B. When
C. Because                    D. Although
Choose the best word or phrase to complete the following sentences:
16. You can always rely _____us. We are ready to help.
A. by     B. with              C. on                 D. in
17. Deforestation has resulted _______ floods in many provinces.
A. in      B. for                C. by                 D. from
18. The people living in the countryside should be stopped _______ burning forests for cultivation.
A. by                 B. off    C. at     D. from
19. She _______ a small business and _______ a good living. 
A. put up-made              B. got – had
C. did – made                D. set up - earned
20. In order to get a scholarship, you have to submit your school _______ at the admissions office.
A. procedure                  B. description
C. transcript                   D. certificate
21. We will try to make different TV programs to _______ the needs of viewers.
A. answer                      B. satisfy
C. fill in                         D. attend to
22. Youths are the _______ force behind many social and technological advances.
A. pushing                     B. driving
C. encouraging               D. processing
23. The interviewer asked me ________ for any other job.
A. if I have applied         B. had I applied
C. that I applied             D. whether I had applied
24. Linda insisted ______ making a trip to the Great District, but nobody agreed ______ her.
A. on-with                     B. in-with
C. in-about                    D. on-about
25. ______ yourself in the job and see how well you can do it.
A. make            B. do       C. put              D. perform
26. If you ________ the teacher’s advice, things would have been different.
A. take                          B. had taken
C. took                          D. have taken
27. After _______ Second World War, ______ United Nations was formed.
A. O- the                       B. The-the
C. A – the                      D. The- O
28. I usually take a walk after dinner, but today I _______ TV.
A. am watching              B. watch
C. will be watch             D. have watched
29. Don’t keep nagging the child _______ his forgetfulness.
A. about            B. at     C. on     D. over
30. The applicants ________ are clear and well-focused are likely to be chosen.
A. whose answers          B. who’s answers
C. of whom answers       D. of which answers
31. Though Helen is much younger than Rita, she is much more _______.
A. mature                      B. respectful
C. attentive                    D. sympathetic
32. The final test was _______ easy; all of the students had been very worried.
A. decidedly                   B. repeatedly    
C. unexpectedly             D. supposedly
33. Different cultures ________ dreams in different ways.
A. interfere                    B. express
C. associate                   D. interpret
34. It is time we ______ the shopping for Xmas.
A. did                            B. took
C. made                        D. had
35. Yolanda just walked into the race ______ what her parents might think of it.
A. because of                 B. as for
C. apart from                 D. regardless of
36. The boss always _______ us formally using our surnames.
A. recalls                       B. presents
C. addresses                  D. speaks
37. The meeting will start ______ at 9am. Please be on time.
A. correctly                    B. specifically
C. precisely                   D. accurately
38. My grandparents are those who have the most influences ________ me.
A. on     B. for                C. in      D. with
39. Talking loudly and staring at someone older than you may mean _______ for him or her.
A. informality                 B. astonishment
C. attention                    D. disrespect
40. Carla is believed _______through the next round of the interview easily.
A. going                        B. to go
C. having gone               D. to have gone
41. The boss blamed me _______ the loss of the contract.
A. over              B. for    C. about            D. on
42. Fiona _______ me a favor when she lent me her car yesterday.
A. did                            B. brought
C. made                        D. took
43. Who will pay _______ the camping trip? The school or the parents?
A. at                 B. in      C. for                D. to
44. Unless there is a change in the agenda, we _______ difficulty ________ meetings.
A. have – arranging       
B. would have – to arrange
C. may  have – to arrange         
D. will have- arranging
45. If you _______ such an important appointment tomorrow, we ______ fishing together.
A. haven’t had – will go             
B. hadn’t had- would have gone
C. didn’t have- could go             
D. don’t have – could go
Read the following passage and choose the correct answers:
Dateline is the computer dating service that takes the chance element out of man-woman relations. In a single flash of electronic brilliance it provides a supply of partners who are absolutely right for you – partners whose looks and conversation appeal to you from the first and with whom you feel quite at ease, friends who are likely to grow closer with every meeting.
How’s it done? Simple. By taking careful note of what you are like and following your guidance on the kind of man or woman you get along best with, we select, from the tens of thousands of profiles in our store exactly those who are destined to be your kindred spirits.
There is nothing magic about it. It’s a matter of applying science to nature. By the laws of probability there are certainly people in the world who are physically and mentally right for you, just as there are stars in the universe similar to ours. All one has to do is to find them. Dateline has the unique power – thanks to modern computer science – of finding the few-in-thousands who can communicate with you at a deep level of understanding.
46. What is the purpose of the passage?
A. To apply science in dating service
B. To help to communicate well
C. To explain the success of a business
D. To advertise a dating service
47. What is wrong about Dateline?
A. It grows closer to clients
B. It helps to supply partners
C. It applies science in its business
D. It uses computers
48. What law is Dateline’s work based on?
A. Computer science                   B. Laws of nature
C. Laws of probability                 D. Astronomy
49. Dateline compares you and the people who are suitable for you in the world as
A. stars in the universe               B. magic
C. unique power             D. science
50. What does it mean ‘absolutely’?
A. finally                        B. certainly
C. completely                 D. luckily

MÃ ĐỀ 121

1.      D
2.      D
3.      B
4.      A
5.      D
6.      A
7.      A
8.      B
9.      C
10. A
11. B
12. B
13. C
14. B
15. D
16. C
17. A
18. D
19. D
20. C
21. B
22. B
23. D
24. A
25. C
26. B
27. B
28. A
29. A
30. A
31. A
32. C
33. D
34. A
35. D
36. C
37. C
38. A
39. D
40. B
41. B
42. A
43. C
44. D
45. C
46. D
47. A
48. C
49. A
50. C

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