Melania Trump is "less than interested" in returning to the White House, and thinks chatter of Trump's 2024 run is "just talk"


The chief of garbage news, CNN, is running a report today claiming Melania Trump doesn’t want to return to the White House:

If this is true by any stretch, then you can bet it’s because of how nasty the media was to her and President Trump, always running fake news stories to try and undermine them when they weren’t scandalizing President Trump for Russia or Ukrainian phone calls.

I mean look at the contrast. Have you seen one negative story about the fraudulent ‘Dr. Biden’?

But Richard Grenell isn’t buying this at all, saying the CNN reporter is making it up because she doesn’t have any real sources in Trump world:

Melania Trump's disinterest in public political life runs deep enough that she has gone so far as to tell several friends that not only does she not intend to bolster her husband's inflated political ambitions, she has zero desire for a White House redux, according to several people who spoke with CNN about her mindset. "Being first lady again is not what she wants," said one of the people, who had a close relationship with Trump during her White House tenure. "For her, it was a chapter -- and it's over, and that's that."

She views her husband's continued impact on the GOP landscape as his job, not hers. "You're not going to see her at rallies or campaign events, even if he 'officially' says he's running again," said another person aware of the disinterest Trump has shown in supporting the former President. "Instead it's going to be Lara (Trump, the wife of Trump's son, Eric) or (Kimberly) Guilfoyle (the girlfriend of Trump's eldest son, Don). They have that same urge Trump has to (run) again; Melania absolutely does not."
The office of Melania Trump did not respond to CNN's request for comment.
That Trump isn't going to be a presence on the campaign trail -- should there be one -- is not unusual, given her track record as a reluctant political spouse. While most presidential candidates barnstorm with their partners, or ask them to do so on their own, oftentimes relying on them to corral female voters, the idea of whipping up a constituency "was never her thing," said the person who was close with her during the White House years. Appearances on the trail in 2016 were scarce, at best.
In fact, so often was the answer "no" when Trump was asked by then-candidate Donald Trump's staff to appear at events that eventually, "We just stopped asking altogether," said a political operative who worked on team Trump in the early days. Notoriously weary of public scrutiny and press coverage, Trump participated in fewer than five on-camera interviews and no print media interviews when she was first lady, an unheard of scarcity.

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