Press Secretary Jen Psaki defends Fauci lying about funding gain-of-function research in China: It was a “different” Coronavirus; “what he said was correct”


"You said from that podium that under no circumstance would President Biden ever fire Dr. Fauci," Doocy said. "Is that still the case since Fauci told Congress the NIH never funded gain of function research for coronaviruses in Wuhan but documents published by The Intercept suggest that it’s not true, which would mean he mislead Congress?"

The press secretary quickly defended Fauci and dismissed any wrongdoing. 

"Well, first, I would say that NIH has refuted that reporting and I would point you to that," Psaki said before offering to provide some highlights. 

"NIH has never approved any research that would make a coronavirus more dangerous to humans, a reminder that there are previous and different coronaviruses than the existing one we're battling," Psaki continued. "And the body of science produced by this research demonstrates that the bat coronavirus sequences published from that work NIH supported were not the COVID-2 strain, so what he said was correct." 

Today it was announced that Biden would sign a vaccine mandate ordering that all federal government employees and contractors must be vaccinated.

Today, a reporter asked Psaki if that meant people would be fired if they refused to get vaccinated:

Psaki said:

There are limited exceptions, but yes, the expectation is that if you want to work for the federal government or be a contractor, you need to be vaccinated, unless you are eligible for one of the exemptions.

Issuing a mask mandate is one thing. But forcing people to put a ‘vaccine’ in their bodies that they may be skeptical about, especially when it comes to long-term consequences which are still unknown, and then firing them if they refuse is completely unAmerican.

The Biden administration is a disaster from top to bottom. I can’t think of a single thing they’ve done with any measure of competence. And now they are threatening people’s livelihoods over a vaccine.

Our founders must be rolling over in their graves.

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