"I don't think Glenn Youngkin believes any of this but it shows where the party is," says Republican strategist Stuart Stevens, as the school cultural wars take center stage in Virginia's tight gubernatorial race.

Chis Cuomo has a jam-packed segment on Tuesday in which he managed to attack the intelligence of a concerned parent, question what critical race theory is and sound the alarm for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe— all in roughly 90 seconds. 

"The messaging present in a new ad, Terry McAuliffe – Democrat – doesn’t want parents to have a say in what their kids learn in school. It features a mom expressing outrage saying her child was exposed to explicit material in the classroom," Cuomo said in a condescending tone before playing a clip of an ad from Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin.

The Youngkin ad features a Virginia mother expressing frustration that McAuliffe, who was governor of the state from 2014 to 2018 and is running again, twice vetoed a bipartisan bill that required school to notify parents when explicit content would be assigned. 

"He doesn’t think parents should have a say," the concerned mother said before Cuomo ended the ad. 

CNN’s "Cuomo Prime Time" host then made a cartoonish look of concern and said, "The mom in the ad? She made headlines in 2013 for campaigning against Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved.’"

Cuomo then said "Beloved," a controversial-yet-award-winning novel that contains graphic depictions of sex, violence and bestiality while describing the horrors of slavery, is considered "one of the greatest novels in American history" before condemning the concerned mom. 

"Her son was assigned to read it in an advanced placement English course, it's college level. Smart kid. The parent? Maybe not so much," Cuomo said. 

Cuomo, who has been plagued by multiple scandals in recent memory including getting caught helping his brother, former Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, combat sexual harassment allegations, sounded the alarm that the messaging in the ad might actually work. The CNN host comes from a family of prominent Democrats and uses his platform to bash conservative ideology on a regular basis but seemed concerned that Youngkin could win the Virginia gubernatorial race. 

"You can dismiss the absurdity of this, right? What is this, like ‘Fahrenheit 451?’ No. This is modern day, and it is messaging that may work," Cuomo said before pivoting to a Biden-style whisper for dramatic effect.

"You will likely see these kinds of scare tactics – government, the Democrats, they’re the same thing, and they want to ruin the way you live. Testing, masks, vaccine, now your kids in school, critical race theory, whatever that is," Cuomo said. 

Yet desite playing dumb on the issue, Cuomo was criticized in June for attacking parents who oppose the divisive curriculum. 

During his nightly handoff with Don Lemon, the left-wing hosts questioned why parents wouldn't want the controversial subject taught to their children and inferred that they were showing their "privilege" by not wanting their "pleasure" interrupted by the change.

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