Jen Psaki on Biden's infrastructure bill: "I'm not going to make a prediction on whether there will or won't be a vote."

 Q    Does he expect to walk out of there with agreement, consensus for a vote today on the infrastructure package?

MS. PSAKI:  I’m not going to make a prediction of whether there will or won’t be a vote.  I’ll leave that to Speaker Pelosi to determine when she will call a vote. 

But he’s making the case — he believes it’s the right time for him to go up there.  This is hi- — these are his proposals.  These are his bold ideas.  This is his plan that he’s outlined to not just rebuild our roads, our railways, and bridges and put millions of people back to work, but also to make childcare, eldercare, pre-K more cost effective; to address the climate crisis.  And he wants to make the case directly to members.

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