“What Senator [Mitch] McConnell is refusing to do is to pay the debts of what were rung up under his leadership.” — WH Press Sec. Jen Psaki shows a chart of the difference in debt incurred under Trump and Biden's presidencies.

 BREAKING: Press Secretary Jen Psaki slams Mitch McConnell for refusing to raise the debt ceiling after he did so numerous times for Trump. She says he's "refusing" to pay the debts that "were rung up under his leadership.” RT IF YOU'RE SICK OF REPUBLICAN HYPOCRISY!


Q    And circling back to one thing he did say on the debt ceiling — that he can’t guarantee that the U.S. won’t reach this debt ceiling: Given the dire economic consequences that have been laid out if indeed the U.S. defaults, can you elaborate on what he was saying in terms of what the American people should be preparing for as the worst-case scenario?  Does he see this as potentially inevitable where we are today? 

MS. PSAKI:  No.  He also said in the same set of remarks that he — or in comments — that he couldn’t imagine it going to that point, because Congress has raised the debt limit 80 times; they’ve done it in a bipartisan fashion. 

And it is imperative that we move forward, given the impact this could have on the American people, whether it is people’s bank accounts, their Social Security accounts, their economic security — there is a great deal — retirement savings, salaries for service members.  There’s a great deal that is at risk for Americans who are going to be waiting at home, watching how this might impact them.

Now, the moment we’re in, as the President talked about earlier today, is: Despite the fact that under the last administration, nearly $8 trillion in bills was compiled — I think I have a little chart here just to give you a little visual — almost $8 trillion during the Trump administration, $676 billion during the Biden administration. 

So what Senator McConnell is refusing to do is to pay the debts of what were rung up under his leadership when he was in the Senate — still continues to be, of course — and when Trump was President.  The debt limit is about paying for bills we have already spent.  It is not about — it is not about initiatives that we’re talking about and debating now.

And this tells you exactly where that — those costs came from.

Go ahead.

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