The Biden administration has admitted at least 100 Americans were left behind in Afghanistan

 "According to the State Department there's a minimum of 100 Americans that did not get out," Hemmer said. "Why?"

The spokesman said there were "a lot of efforts to contact" the Americans left in Afghanistan and he couldn't account for every specific case.

"I don't know the case with each and every one of these 100 or so that are left," Kirby said. "But what I can tell you is that, as a government, we're going to continue to make every effort we can to help them find safe passage." 

The Pentagon press secretary added that while the military mission is over, they are now shifting to diplomatic efforts to get Americans to safety.

"The military mission is over, Bill, we are no longer on the ground in Afghanistan to facilitate that kind of safe passage," he continued. "But that doesn't mean the administration or the government is going to turn a blind eye to try to help them get home." 

"Are we less safe than we were now 20 years ago?" Hemmer asked, pointing out the alarming terror presence in the country which consists of not just the Taliban but ISIS, ISIS-K and al Qaeda.

"We are going to stay vigilant about what any terrorism threat that may emanate from Afghanistan," Kirby said.

"You did not say yes or no on that in the first part of your answer there," Hemmer noted. "How do you gauge the level of security we have now?"

Let me just remind you what the Taliban now have ‘access to’, to use Kirby’s words:

It’s not like all of these are just cars and trucks. These are military vehicles, helicopters and airplanes with at least some armament capability. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of assault rifles and machine guns, as well as the nearly 200 artillery pieces. Sure, they may not be able to mount a full invasion of a bigger country with these assets, but they can sure as hell terrorize their own people and make a lot of problems for neighboring countries if they want.

So why haven’t we blown them up yet? Oh let me guess, we have to be nice to the Taliban so hopefully they’ll give us back the Americans BIDEN LEFT BEHIND.

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