How might reconciliation bill be dangerous for American businesses, jobs?

 Here’s what Banks says:

This is one of those ideas that when AOC started talking about it a few years ago, the beginnings of the Green New Deal, we all kinda laughed at it because it was so outrageous we thought this would never happen. But it’s a key part of this reconciliation bill to create a climate police department or climate militia from the federal government.

So the federal government will go hire a bunch of climate change activists and give them a badge and tell them to go out and enforce the Green New Deal mandates. Can you imagine how dangerous that would be? The American people already don’t trust federal law enforcement. When they come knocking on your door and go after you for not incorporating the key tenets of the Green New Deal in your family home, you family business, on the family farm, this is really going to get out of control.

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