Rep. Tom Reed : “We voted for this bill because it was the right thing to do for America’s future,”

“We voted for this bill because it was the right thing to do for America’s future,” says GOP Rep. Tom Reed about criticism from members of his party over his vote for Pres. Biden’s infrastructure bill.

SEN. TED CRUZ: "Well, I think it is a bad bill. I think it is really unfortunate that we saw House Republicans assist the White House. They were getting their clocks cleaned. It’s another $1.2 trillion in spending; it’s on top of the trillions in spending we have already seen. As you noted, that is already driving inflation across the economy. The price of food is going up; the price of milk is going up; the price of gasoline is going up…the price of rent, of homes, of lumber…everything is going up and the Biden administration is causing it. Unfortunately, we saw a handful of House Republicans decide to rescue [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi from the bill crashing on its own. I think that did two things that I think were problematic. Number one: it did what the Biden White House wanted to do and changed the subject from the shellacking they took in Virginia. Virginia was a terrific victory. I was there on election night with Glenn Youngkin. It was a tremendous example of the parents of Virginia saying hell no to this radical, left-wing approach that said parents have no role in their children’s education. But the House Republicans—or a handful of them decided to change the subject from that and I think it also increased momentum for the really terrible bill…the next one…the Bernie Sanders’ socialist budget. I pray to God the Bernie Sanders socialist budget doesn’t pass but these Republicans, sadly, made it more likely."

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 Joe Scarborough : “I don't want those people that are fighting against illiberal forces and who are fighting to hold up western democracy, I don't want them to get routed in 2022… Because I believe American democracy is on the line.”

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