MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle : Inflated prices unlikely to drop while consumer demand is 'booming'

 On "Meet The Press Daily," Ruhle discussed the recent report that prices had climbed 6.2% in October which is the highest inflation rise since December 1991. Host Chuck Todd acknowledged that Democrats bear the brunt of the criticism during this "short inflation."

"So, bottom line is, this is something that it, this has got to just work itself out, and, you know, the Democrats are the ones in charge so they're going to pay the price of this sort of short term economic frustration," Todd said.

However, Ruhle argued that Democrats and President Biden are actually sitting on a "great economic story" beyond the inflation issues.

"And it's unfortunate, but the Democrats don't do a great job of telling their economic story. Yes, this inflation number is not a good one. But they've got a great economic story to tell, right? Five million jobs created, 200 million people vaccinated. Those vaccine numbers tie directly to the economy. You couldn't open the economy without getting America healthy again. We are seeing economic recovery. What the Biden administration isn't doing is selling that, and they can," Ruhle said.

Although inflation woes continue to plague Americans, Democrats and some in the media have sought to downplay the issue. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein retweeted a comment that claimed inflation and supply chain issues were "high class problems."

The Atlantic similarly suggested that "affluent Americans" buying things they didn’t need were also behind the inflation issues. On Monday, an MSNBC opinion columnist argued that inflation could actually be a "good thing" for the economy.

"When you have high demand, and relatively low supply, prices go up. The inflation we’re seeing is not, then, some mysterious affliction that’s descended on the economy. It’s the predictable product of the economy’s rapid recovery, and its costs have been offset, to a large degree, by robust wage growth and government policies," the column read.

Economic experts have predicted that inflation issues are expected to persist into 2022.

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