1.    3.      Firstly, the owners take too much money from those who come / coming to sing.

2.    4.      Secondly, they cause too much noise to the neighbourhood.

3.    5.      Thirdly, there are a number of pupils who play / playing truant just to go to those places to sing.

4.    6.      Last but not least, these bars do harm to the appearance of the / this city because of their too ugly flashing lights.

5.    7.      I want to say I am not an old-fashioned person.

6.    8.      I hope the authority will taker the / this matter into careful consideration.

7.    9.      I do not mean to ban them but there should be an effective way to control this kind of entertainment places.

8.    10. I look forward to seeing the city council do something about this matter.

Yours truly, Thomas Cruise




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